Dodge Charger Pursuit: Uconnect System Integrated for Law Enforcement

In a first ever designed by police officers for police officers, Dodge will be upgrading and integrating their Charger Pursuit's Uconnect System to aid law enforcement computer system. The Uconnect system is accessed via an on board computer which stays tucked away in the trunk of the police officer’s vehicle.

The information is displayed on the segment’s largest 12” touchscreen located on the center instrument panel. The result is a clear interface that reports all information from the instrument panel which is cleaned up and distraction free.  

Distraction Free Zone

About the same size as a laptop screen, the Uconnect touchscreen will eliminate the need for the officer’s laptop in the car which also eliminates the need for oversized bulky components that can be unsafe and contribute to disorganization.

This segment-exclusive integration will further ensure that Dodge will have be able to provide our police officers with the proper tools and most secure vehicles to succeed in their job. Your Dodge dealer in Miami has seen how important it is to provide security for our officers so they in turn can provide safety for us.  

Taking Over the Market

In a market that has been previously dominated by Ford, first the Crown Victoria then the Taurus, Dodge has been making a significant dent in the police vehicle segment. Dodge had only about 2% of the police vehicle market in 2006. That percentage has now jumped to 43% in 2014.

Police officers and Dodge alike believe that this percentage will continue to grow as more officers and stations see how efficient the Uconnect System is. By making the officer’s job run smoothly, they believe more stations will want to adopt the Dodge Pursuit with the Uconnect System.

Uconnect Integrated Interface System

“As America’s high-performance police vehicle, Dodge Charger Pursuit is going big for 2016, offering a massive, Uconnect touchscreen system that streamlines a law enforcement officer’s system with our easy-to-use Uconnect system - on an all-new laptop size 12.1” touchscreen display.”  Tim Kuniskis, President and CEO of Dodge and SRT Brands attested, “Designed and tested to Charger Pursuit’s stringent test requirements, our all-new Uconnect 12.1 system is the latest piece of tactical hardware that is neatly integrated into the instrument panel for a mobile command center that could only be delivered from Dodge.”

Cleaned Up Instrument Panel

Engineered exclusively to improve command capabilities between vehicle and officer, the Uconnect system is designed for ease of integration and operation. Featuring a ‘plug-and-play’ solution which will connect an officer’s mobile computer through the trunk of the Charger and allow for the ability to be displayed on the 12.1 touchscreen. Borrowing the idea of stowing away all the unnecessary buttons, controls and wires, this connection that now happens via the trunk keeps everything hidden away, promoting organization and easier function.  

Ergonomically located in the center of the instrument panel, this screen is now more than double the size of its previous 5-inch display screen and provides large pixel display as well as clear display of Uconnect radio and vehicle controls. Because crime doesn’t cease to exist even in cold weather, the Uconnect touchscreen was engineers and tested to work with an officer wearing gloves and to operate in both extreme hot and cold temperatures.  

Officer Inclusion

Design of the Uconnect 12.1 was a team effort. Addressing the issues of today’s enforcement were FCA’s law enforcement vehicle design team, engineers, fleet and Uconnect team, along with a 19 member Police Advisory Board. The issue: find a solution for use of a mobile integrated command center.  

Joni Christensen, Head of Uconnect Marketing, “This is a great opportunity to adapt our easy-to-use system to benefit law enforcement officers, making it even easier to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.”  

In 2012, the Law Enforcement team of specialists introduced the Uconnect 12.1 to a Los Angeles Police Department’s Dodge Charger Pursuit test vehicle.

Integrate All Systems

Modern technology including laptops and data protection protocols have replaced old systems like two-way radios that are now old and outdated. Sensitive information, like crime scene details and suspect identities require the newest and most updated systems.

As it is, police vehicles are full of additional displays, mounting brackets and keyboards all which compromise comfort, organization and potential safety in the event of a collision. Police officers and engineers were tasked with the how to dispose of the bulk, but combine all systems into a working on board computer which wouldn’t compromise security or safety.

Safety First

Safety and security take top priority when designing tactical equipment for America’s high performance law enforcement vehicle. Because it was found that a traditional center console-mounted laptop or screen positioned between driver and front passenger have added more dangerous impact points or could possibly interfere with airbag deployment during a crash, a more tolerable and safe solution had to be designed.

In an attempt to avoid visual distraction and disruption of display, as well as dispense with antiquated devices that made for a bulky and unsafe center console, the upgraded Uconnect system had to be better than all the previous equipment, improve safety and also be the inclusion all those things.

As tactical equipment for our law enforcement, the Uconnect 12.1 underwent Dodge Charger Pursuit’s rigorous field testing and engineering requirements. This Uconnect system is backed with a 3 year/36,000 mile factory warranty.  

The Dodge Charger Pursuit

As America’s high performance police vehicle, the Dodge Charger Pursuit is offering our brave men and women in blue the best in protection, technology and top rated performance. The 2016 model gets the factory installed Mopar upfit packages. Adding to the segment’s most advanced all-wheel-drive system for premium tactical performance as well as all-weather traction and fuel efficiency, is the even more powerful best in class 370 horsepower.  

Dodge understands the importance of a vehicle to its owner. They know what a Dodge owner wants and needs. When that owner is a police officer who risks their lives everyday and spends more time driving around, this vehicle becomes their office, their safety. Dodge has taken it upon themselves to create the best environment for our officers. Departments can start ordering this Uconnect system in January 2016. Production is slated to begin in March of that year.  



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