Chevy Updates It's 2016 Car Lineup

A brand new year calls for brand new improvements, right? Well, not always, but for the upcoming 2016 model year, Chevy has updated and improved their car lineup with five of their models receiving full redesigns. Acknowledging all of the improvements they’ve put into their trucks and SUVs, it was time Chevy turned their attention to their car and sedan lineup. Recognizing that today’s buyers are more knowledgeable and expectant of what they deserve in a vehicle, consumers are also more technologically savvy than ever before. The improvements reflect these ideas.

Today’s car consumer is looking for improved fuel economy, top-of-the-line technology and unwavering attention to quality. Unwilling to compromise style for any of these, Chevy’s car lineup must be attractive and make a bold statement that today’s drivers are smart, informed and driven by value. Luckily for us, Chevy has it covered, starting with the 2016 Chevy Cruze….


2016 Cruze

As GM’s top-selling global car, production is slated to start in February and will be ready to roll out by spring of 2016. This updated Chevy Cruze has lost a lot of weight, which means an improvement to its fuel efficiency and quality of drive. The passengers will appreciate the extra room that comes from an elongated body. A hatchback version of the Cruz is also set to materialize in fall of 2016.  

Favorite New Update: New Turbocharged Powertrains

With every new generation or update, there’s always something that gets critics and fans alike excited. This time around it’s the all-new 1.4L turbocharged engine that is coming standard on all Cruze trims. Brand new to the Chevy cars lineup GM’s new family of small gas engines. This turbocharged Cruze engine features direct injection, stop/start technology and is matched with either a six-speed manual that comes standard or the same speed automatic.


2016 Impala

When Chevy recently decided to switch platforms, they went almost straight across the board, updating most of their models. The 2016 Chevy Impala was no exception. Now sharing the same platform as the Buick LaCrosse and Cadillac XCS and even Motor Trend’s Car of the Year, 2016 Camaro, Chevy’s done well to distinguish the Impala’s updates with more than just its platform. Though the base can carry a 4 cylinder well, it’s best suited with a V6 under the hood just to show it’s true prowess. Along with many upgrades in safety technology (the Impala earned five-star ratings in safety from both government tests), Chevy has added Apple’s CarPlay as well as an option for wireless charging to its interior and infotainment.


2016 Malibu

Debuting as Chevy’s premier family size sedan, it will now have a longer wheelbase than previous years which will make for happier family members and passengers alike. A hybrid version is projected to be ready for spring of 2016 which they’re promising will produce a combined fuel economy of 47 mpg. The 2016 Malibu gets a dramatic design update that adds a lot of extra style on the interior as well as exterior.

Favorite New Feature: Teen Driver

The 2016 Chevy Malibu includes a feature developed for teen drivers and is aptly called Teen Driver. Through entering a special PIN code in the onboard computer system, the parents will be able to track distance, speed and any safety features that may have been activated while the teen was driving, ie; airbags, anti-lock brakes. Teen Driver also helps to increase safety with features set to remind the driver of seatbelts, warn of speeding when the predetermined speed is set. In the very competitive segment of family sedans, this system is putting the Malibu above the rest.


2016 Camaro

Having already won Motor Trend’s Car of the Year Award, it’s clear to see that the updates done to the 2016 Camaro have paid off. The sixth generation Camaro began production in October moving from its Canadian plant back to America in Lansing, Michigan. We’re most excited to get our mitts on the updated SS that comes standard with a 6.2 V8 and will deliver 455 horsepower. What’s more is that the 2016 Camaro will offer some of the best power and stealth and yet will remain the best priced high-performance vehicle on the road today.


2016 Volt

Completely reengineered for the 2016 year, this new generation Volt has an edge and aggressive appeal. The exterior and interior have been made over in a sleek style with modern amenities that reflect a young, bold attitude. An updated hybrid drive system delivers 53 miles of pure electric energy. New transmission and battery capacity allows the 2016 Volt to travel a 420-mile range on a full charge and full tank of gas which translates to 1000 miles between filling your tank. Entering its second generation, the improvements are noticeable everywhere. Everything from powertrains to cleaned up dash. Offering the latest updated in technology, the Volt is a reminder that Chevy cares about the progress of energy efficient driving.


2016 Sonic

As a sister to the Spark, the Sonic is just a tad larger in size than the Spark. Sticking true to Chevy format, it offers limited trims and comes in at a very low cost to the customer, because where it shines is in its performance and fuel economy. Updates include an EPA estimate of 40 mpg on the highway, the Sonic isn’t going to cost you more than $15K. And while it's smaller, if not compact body makes it “infectiously fun to drive”, it’ll make the perfect commuter car that you won’t want to escape.



2016 Spark

As Chevy’s fuel efficient compact car, the 2015 Spark won KBB’s 5 Year Cost-to-Own Award. The 2016 model has recently been upgraded with all the latest technology that its young, urban drivers have come to expect, including wifi hotspot, OnStar and a 7” on board screen. The Spark continues to impress not only with pricing but also in fuel economy and design. Originally reaching combined 39 mpg, the Spark has a sister EV which can get up to 77 mpg. Offering a taller roofline will provide the extra headroom passengers want in a compact car. Even the back seats fold down to reveal more available cargo space this compact Chevy has a lot of bangs for its buck. A lower and longer version will be announced during the fourth quarter of 2016.


Today’s buyers know what they want. They are unwilling to compromise on quality and style because they know the competition is fierce. Chevy has been working hard to improve its product which in turn improves its consumer relations. Chevy fans are loyal and they aim to keep it that way.




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