Chevy Tahoe or Chevy Traverse: Which is Better?

When consumers are considering a fullsize SUV or fullsize crossover, the demands aren’t that different: passenger and cargo space are both a must, while power and safety are equally as important. Given Chevy produces the largest lineup of the most decorated, reliable, powerful and affordable vehicles in all segments, you’re a sure to win in any Chevy you choose. For this comparison, we’ll look at Chevy’s full size SUV and compare it their full size crossover. Will it be a Chevy Tahoe or a Chevy Traverse in Miami that will stand out as the better vehicle?


Since its inception in 1992, the Chevy Tahoe has been impressing everyone from soccer moms to dad’s on the go. Having been around to see the rise in popularity of SUVs, the Tahoe has grown with the competition, met the demands of the changing markets and provided the blueprint for many SUVs to come. In 2015 it received a full update and redesign, addressing the needs and wants of this new market.
Upon completion the Tahoe offered a much smoother ride, luxurious interior while technological improvements provided the updates that families can all get on board with. The 2015 Tahoe has been fully revamped and is ready to stand up to the competition.


The Traverse can trace its roots back to 2007 before crossovers were taking over the segment. Chevy was on the forefront of new technology and the full size crossover was the perfect answer for Mom’s who didn’t want to be seen driving a minivan but also didn’t want to commit to the fuel economy of a large SUV. Chevy’s birth of the Traverse was right on time and gave families the room they needed but with the smooth control of driving a car.



Chevy has been providing their Tahoe with uncompromised power for as long as people have needed to trail their boats to lakes, snowmobiles to the mountains and little league teams to their playoffs. The 2015 model is fully charged boasting a 5.3L V8 that delivers 355 horsepower. It’s decent with fuel economy, 16/23 mpg, but is most impressive with how much it can tow: up to 8300 lbs. Favorite power feature here is the magnetic
Favorite new advancement: Magnetic Ride Control (MRC). This technology senses the change in road conditions and immediately adjusts the stiffness of the shock absorbers. MRC becomes especially applicable to the Tahoe as it leaves normal gravel and heads off road onto more rocky or mountainous terrain. The Magnetic Ride Control has so greatly improved the ride that you forget you’re riding in a large SUV.


As a fullsize crossover, the Traverse offers suitable power you would expect from this segment. A 3.6L V6 with 281 horsepower is certainly powerful enough to carry you and your passengers any distance. Efficient fuel economy offered, 17/24 mpg with plenty of towing capacity, 5200 lbs, the Traverse is equally as impressive on family trips as it is packing for a move to college.
Front wheel drive comes standard on the Traverse and all wheel drive can be added and is recommended for enhanced traction and more control.

Interior Passenger and Cargo Room


The interior of the Tahoe received a makeover for the 2015 model year, and won a lot of skeptics over with the luxurious feel that now accompanies it. A noticeably quieter cabin has improved the smoothness and quality of ride.
Offering more than enough passenger and cargo space to pack, carry and lug everyone and their neighbor to your weekend get-away, the Tahoe can seat 9 possible passengers thanks to the third row seating.
There is an extra 15.3 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third row. With both second and third row folded, a total of 94.7 cubic feet of room available.

In a fullsize SUV, quiet doesn’t just happen but it has been achieved due to tweaks in suspension. Luxury was also of importance in the redesign and Chevy nailed it. From the seats to the infotainments systems and extra amenities, the interior feels more like a Buick or Cadillac than a Chevy.


While the Tahoe can potentially hold 9 passengers, the Traverse evens out at comfortably seating 8 adult passengers. However, it wins with extra cargo space. The Traverse offers a full 116.3 cubic feet of cargo space when all seats are folded down. A remote powered lift gate for easy access into cargo space.

A feature to check out is the Smart Slide technology in which the second row seats individually slide forward allowing more room to access the third row seating. Like the Tahoe, available instead of a second row of seats are two individual captain’s chairs, making it a 7 passenger instead, but a bit more spacious.
Functionality and cargo room are apparent in the Traverse which it seems to have not only over the Tahoe, but most others in its class.



Offering the driver a host of assisting technologies, passengers feel just as safe in the 2015 Tahoe. Having received four out of five stars by the NHTSA, it’s also won 3 and a half circles by JD Power and Associates.

OnStar comes standard on every Tahoe and also includes automatic crash notification, on-demand roadside assistance, remote door unlocking, stolen vehicle assistance and turn-by-turn navigation. Rear parking sensors and a rearview camera are also part of Tahoe’s standard equipment.


The 2015 Traverse has offered an industry first Front Center airbag that when deployed positions itself between the front two passengers. Awarded five stars from the NHTSA and the receiving a top rating of “Good” from the IIHS, JD Power and Associates gave the 2015 Traverse 4 full circles in safety.

OnStar is also standard on every base Traverse and includes automatic crash notification, on-demand roadside assistance, remote door unlocking, stolen vehicle assistance and turn-by-turn navigation.
The 2015 Traverse also features a unique center airbag between the front seats which is designed to protect passengers from colliding with one another in the event of a side impact.

The Tahoe is not only made for adventure and fun, some of its best qualities are consistent power delivery, comfortable cabin, and easily maneuverable given its size.

No matter which selection you make, either will be a great choice for your family. Both provide efficient passenger and cargo space, while updated powertrains improve fuel economy and enhance performance. Chevy is ready for the road ahead.