Check Out All of the 2016 Chevy Traverse's Accessory Offerings




You're probably already aware, but the 2016 Chevy Traverse is one impressive vehicle. The SUV offers all of the power drivers could possibly want, and the interior is crammed full with a whole lot of comfort and technological amenities. Meanwhile, the stylish exterior commands attention from other drivers.

Still, there are several ways that owners can spruce up their new purchase via the brand's available accessories. Chevy offers a whole lot of ways you can transform your Traverse, whether it be via the installation of roof racks, the addition of noise-cancelling headphones, or the inclusion of the much-appreciated Roadside Assistance Package.

These accessories may stretch your budget, but they'll also make for a better overall driving experience. Below, we've broken down the available amenities into smaller groups. This way, when it's time to purchase that new 2016 Chevy Traverse, drivers will already know their options...


Cargo Management



The 2016 Chevy Traverse already offers a wealth of cargo room, as drivers can take advantage of the 24.4-cubic-feet of space behind the third row or the class-leading 116.3-cubic-feet of maximum storage space. Still, even for the most conservative packer, this might not be enough room to fit all of their luggage or equipment. Fortunately, Chevy offers several accessories that will make lugging and storing this cargo even easier.

The Canyon Roof Basket is one of the most popular options, as the amenity allows drivers to secure the cargo they couldn't fit inside to the top of their ride. The heavy-duty stretch cargo net helps keep this equipment even more secure, assuring that you won't lose a single part during your journey. The hitch-mounted/roof-mounted bicycle and ski carrier allows you to store some of your more cumbersome equipment elsewhere, and customers are also granted the option of choosing how many bikes/skis they want to store on their vehicle.

There's even a roof-mounted luggage carrier and watersport carriers. While you'd normally be hard-pressed to find a roof-mounted carrier that caters to this kind of specific cargo, it's more than possible in your new Chevy Traverse.

These cargo-management accessories aren't exclusive to the exterior, as Chevy also offers several amenities that can be installed inside your 2016 Traverse. The collapsible cargo organizer offers a number of compartments where drivers can sort their lightweight equipment. The cargo net will prevent this equipment from rolling all over your interior, while the cargo security shade will allow the driver to hide their most valuable supplies.





The 2016 Chevy Traverse is already regarded as one of the most modern SUV options on the market, and that sentiment can partially be attributed to the innovative technological offerings. Well, Chevy provides drivers with an opportunity to take this technology to a whole new level.

Bongiovi's premium two-channel IR wireless noise-cancelling headphones provide "studio-quality" sound, meaning drivers can focus in on their favorite tunes or talk shows. Plus, if the passengers are utilizing these headphones, the driver won't be distracted by whatever media they're appreciating. Alternatively, customers could also opt for the more affordable RSE headphones.

Perhaps the most appreciate technological accessory is the remote starter, which allows drivers to operate their engine from the comfort of their own home. On those cold winter mornings or hot summer days, drivers can access the heat or air conditioning from the comfort of their home or office.





If customers are looking to spruce up their exterior, there are several accessories that will certainly do the job. For starters, the brand offers a number of eye-catching license plate frames, providing some additional style to the outside of your 2016 Traverse. Meanwhile, the molded hood protector will add some extravagance to your exterior, while also protecting your paint from any grime, bugs, or rocks. The chrome fuel door doesn't really play much of a role outside of aesthetics, but it's still a welcomed addition to the Traverse's exterior.

Meanwhile, the side window weather deflector will allow drivers to enjoy the fresh air even in bad weather. The air will easily stream into your cabin when the windows are down, and the accessory will also prevent any precipitation from getting on the Traverse's occupants. Finally, the chrome six-inch assist steps allow for easy in-and-out access to your 2016 Traverse. If you often find that you're shuttling around older or younger occupants, this inclusion will make it easier to enter your hulking SUV.





The one interior accessory available on the 2016 Traverse caters solely to smokers. The Smoker's Package includes an easy-to-remove ashtray that locks right into your SUV's cup holder. This way, you can prevent ash and embers from getting all over your high-end upholsteries.

Security and Protection

The 2016 Traverse already offers a number of preventative and protective safety features, as well as a number of security functions. However, there's no reason why a driver can't improve this function.

For starters, the reflective triangle can be used during those random roadside stops, alerting other drivers of your presence. When drivers have resolved their issue, they can easily fold up the triangles and store them until next time.

In these situations, the available Roadside Assistance Package will be more than appreciated. This option provides a number of helpful features that will come in handy when you're stranded on the side of the road, including bungee cords, gloves, a flashlight, and many other applicable tools. The package even includes a rain poncho, a tire pressure gauge, and a distinctive "Need Help" banner, amenities that a driver would probably leave home without.





The 281/288-horsepower 3.6-liter engine is capable of hauling 5,200 pounds, but that's only possible if the Traverse is equipped with the proper accessories.

The hitch ball assembly and the hitch ball mount assembly will combine to provide a worry-free hauling experience, while the hitch receiver cover will hide the desirable opening when the Ball Mount Assembly has been removed. Finally, the locking hitch pin will reduce the common 'rattling' noise, while the trailer wiring adapter will allow you to seamlessly connect your flashers and brake lights.


There are plenty of ways that drivers can personalize and modify their vehicles, but why not stick to the brand-endorsed offerings? These accessories not only provide style to your new Traverse, they may actually transform the entire driving experience.