2017 Chevy Bolt, more range than Tesla Model 3

The all-new 2017 Chevy Bolt is Chevy’s newest electric vehicle (EV) and it is changing the auto industry and EV standards. Not only is the 2017 Chevy Bolt one of the most affordable all-electric sedans, but its all electric driving range is 238 miles, beating out competitors like Tesla.

The term EV or electric vehicle means the car runs completely on battery power. Forget the fuel, oil changes and engine maintenance. While drivers still need to take care of tire and brake maintenance, maintenance associated with engines is no more in an EV.  In addition, consumers are eligible for a federal tax credit up to $7,500 and various states and cities offer other tax credits as well. All in all EVs increase the green in your wallet and the environment.

The all-new 2017 Chevy Bolt  will be making its debut this winter (winter 2016) and according to experts, it is worth the wait.




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2017 Chevy Bolt

Battery and Electric Range

Powerful Battery

So how exactly does this thing work? A lot of careful design and engineering and event chemistry went in to the creation of the EV. The 2017 Chevy Bolt will be powered by a nickel-rich lithium-ion battery and on a full charge, that battery has an EPA-estimated range of 238 miles. Between the 60 kWh battery pack and the ability for the battery to keep cool and resistant from the heat, it is now able to last longer.

Fuel Economy

Aside from the battery, the Chevy Bolt’s electric range gets a help from regenerative braking and unique one-pedal driving system. In different ways, both the regenerative braking system and one-pedal driving system convert the car’s energy as a car slows down without braking into battery energy.


The 240-volt charging unit can charge the Bolt to its full range in 9.5 hours, while you are recharging your batteries as you sleep. Or if you don’t have time to fully charge, that is okay, the charging unit will charge 25 miles an hour. There is also location based charging available which uses the car GPS to track when it is home. And there is available DC fast charging, which can charge up to 90 miles in just 30 minutes.

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2017 Chevy Bolt

Exterior Design

Standard Equipment

Electric vehicles tend to have a reputation for being not so great looking cars, but this is not the case with the all new Chevy Bolt. The Bolt is light and aerodynamic, but is also stylish. The Bolt has it’s own unique look which sets it apart from other vehicles, particularly electric vehicles.


Upgraded Equipment

Exterior features of the Bolt like flowing and intelligently sculpted body shape, eight different color options, aggressive stance, strong wheel arches, and flat under body all allow for a sleek appearance and a great ride.

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2017 Chevy Corvette

Interior, Tech and Entertainment

Comfortable Cabin

The interior of the Bolt is full of head, leg, and shoulder room for up to five adults to sit comfortably. The flat floor allows for passengers to easily enter and exit the vehicle, as well as flat storage room for when extra cargo space is needed. Some other interior features include massive storage bins, large cup holders, a sliding armrest, and an available wireless charger.

Tech and Entertainment

The technology in the Bolt goes above and beyond what most cars do when it comes to standard entertainment features. A huge 10.2-inch center display screen, and a 8-inch instrument display cluster both come standard. In addition to the screens, other features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto come standard with an available 4G LTE WiFi hotspot.  

Safety, Warranty and Pricing

Above Standard Safety

Entertainment technology isn’t all that this Chevy has to offer. Chevy keeps the safety of it’s drivers and their passengers in mind when designing each one of their vehicles, and because of that, standard safety technology is more than you would expect. Safety features like ten airbags and a high tech steel frame for the utmost protection of passengers. Available features that take the safety technology to the next level include front pedestrian braking, forward collision alert, side blind zone alert, rear cross traffic alert, and OnStar response and advisors.


Warranty and Pricing

The price of the Chevy Bolt is expected to start around $37,000, and it will be eligible for the federal tax credit of $7,500. Additional tax credits or deductions may be available in your state, county or city.  

Warranties include a three year or 36,000 miles basic warranty and an eight-year warranty on the battery.



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