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Imagine this: you can get a stylish, luxurious subcompact car that offers a commendable fuel economy, a surprising amount of power, and a five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for less than $16,000.

Then consider this: you can purchase that new vehicle from one of the most reliable dealerships in the Miami area, taking advantage of their fair prices, knowledgable staff, and financing department!

This is the case if you combine the upcoming 2016 Kia Soul with Miami Lakes Automall. To learn why you should be making this big purchase from the Miami-based dealership, continue reading after the break...

History of the Soul

The idea for the Kia Soul started in South Korea when designer Mike Torpey was sent on a business trip to the country in 2005. Tasked to come up with an idea for a new vehicle, Torpey, then a new member of the brand's Design Team, was inspired by a documentary on wild boars. The designer started sketching caricatures of the animal, and those drawings ended up transforming into the sloping roof/rectangular shape of the subcompact crossover SUV we know today.

It may seem sort of random, but the company ended up noticing a common connection between their prototype and the wild animal.

"[T]he boar’s attitude of strength and capability — it can’t be taken advantage of despite its relatively small size — was exactly the image [Torpey] wanted for a new model aimed at hip urban youths," said Clifford Ghetti of the New York Times.

The Kia Soul first debuted at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, and it hit the market for the 2009 model year. The engineers wanted to highlight the brand's versatility, explaining the variety of potential design options for the original Soul. These upgrades included 18-inch alloy wheels, cruise control, "dragon" and "houndstooth" graphics, and LED turn indicators. Standard features included Sirius Satellite Radio, which was supplemented by the six-speaker stereo system.  

Among the changes to the vehicle during the first generation included a revised exterior and interior styling (an indication that the brand heard complaints regarding the "plasticky" design), revised grille, more conventional door handles, and LED amber front turn signals.

The original engine options included a pair of inline four-cylinder gasoline engines: the base 1.6-liter unit (122 horsepower ) with a six-speed manual transmission or the 2.0-liter (142 horsepower) with five-speed manual transmission (or the optional four-speed automatic).

The vehicle gained popularity immediately following its released, as the Soul's commercials immediately went viral. Featuring animated hamsters, the advertisement ended up winning the "Automotive Ad of the Year" at the Nielsen Automotive Advertising Awards.

The second generation (and current) Soul was initially released for the 2014 model year. Based on the Track'ster concept, the engineers essentially designed an entirely new SUV. There was a dramatic (28.7-percent) increase in torsional rigidity, and the wheelbase, width, and height were all increased. This didn't only lead to a bigger vehicle, but it also lead to a better handling SUV.

Why You Should Buy a 2016 Kia Soul

The engineers packed everything they could into the 2016 model, and there's no doubt that the upcoming Soul will be the best in the nameplate's history. Every aspect of the vehicle has been upgraded, presenting you with a comfortable, entertaining, and issue-free drive.

It starts with the exterior, where the SUV has been redesigned to be "sleeker and more sophisticated." To achieve this, Kia added High-Intensity Discharge headlights, allowing the driver to see on even the darkest roads. Furthermore, engineers included eye-catching LED lights elsewhere on the exterior.

Head to the interior, and you'll be greeted by one of the most comfortable cabins on the market. Soft-touch materials have been included throughout, and these seats feature ventilated (for the summer) and heated (for the winter) capabilities. To set the "Soul" mood, passengers can manipulate the LED mood lighting, which can even respond to your audio by changing color and intensity. Finally, a huge Panoramic Sunroof can be utilized by those in the front, those in the back, or both!

To top it all off, there's plenty of technologies included in the upcoming Soul. The 4.3-inch thin film transistor LCD display shows you your speed, gas, vehicle diagnostics and so much more, while the eight-inch UVO system allows you to access a variety of apps (like navigation) and radio stations. Furthermore, the Rear-Camera Display is an essential tool, as it prevents the driver from accidently hitting an object or running over a curb.

The standard engine is the 1.6-liter Inline 4, which can pump out 130 horsepower and 118 ft-lbs of torque. Regardless of the transmission, the vehicle delivers a 26 mile per gallon combined fuel economy. Customers can also opt for the 2.0-liter engine, offering 164 horsepower, 151 ft-lbs of torque and 27 mpg.

The best part of the 2016 Kia Soul may be the price. The vehicle starts at $15,690, making it one of the most affordable vehicles in the class. The Kia Soul+ starts around $20,015, while the Kia Soul! comes in at $21,915. These two trims add a long list of amenities that makes the already-great Soul even better!

Why You Should Buy From Miami Lakes Automall

Miami Lakes Automall offers all of your favorite brands, which of course includes Kia. While some dealerships often try to entice potential buyers by offering gimmick sales or "extraordinary" discounts, the Automall has instead focused on offering low and fair pricing. To out it over the top, Miami Lakes provides customers with a professional and trustworthy financing department. Whether you need assistance figuring out the value of your trade-in car, the amount of money you'll need to budget each month for your inevitable purchase, or how much money you'll need to put aside for fuel and repairs, the financiers at Miami Lakes will assure that you'll be getting the best (and most logical) possible deal.

Furthermore, Miami Lakes Automall knows that the car-buying process can be a bit overwhelming and stressful. This dealership understands the financial obligation you'll be taking, so they want to make sure that their customers are comfortable when they're heading into their business. The salespeople establish this comfort by getting to know each individual customer, as well as their corresponding needs and wants.

Finally, their sales department is practically open all day. You can get instant service help via their call-in number, and you can also visit their sales or parts department during normal business hours. Whenever you need McCluskey, they'll be there to help.

Although it's unlikely that you still need any convincing, head over to the dealership's website to see for yourself, and you can even take a virtual tour of their facility. You'll see that their selection is practically endless, and a virtual walk around their office will provide you some ease when it's finally time to visit.

What did we tell you? You're truly getting everything you could possibly want when you combine the upcoming 2016 Kia Soul with Miami Lakes Automall. You'll not only be shopping for a well-known, reliable nameplate that features several updates, but you'll be making your purchase at a trustworthy dealership.

So what are you waiting for? Head down to Miami Lakes Automall and get started the buying process today!



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