Shopping For The 2016 Kia Rio

2016 Kia Rio Sedan

The 2016 Kia Rio will soon be hitting dealerships' lots, and consumers are going to appreciate all of the changes coming to this year's version of the popular model. Whether you're thrilled with the restyled exterior or the inclusion of new technology, you'll enjoy all the amenities that accompany this newest Kia.

However, if you live down South, where do you make that purchase? If you're looking for the best deals and a helpful staff, the only logical choice is at Miami Lakes Automall.

When you're finished browsing their vast selection of vehicles, you can target a particular model and take it for a test drive. When you're finished, the salespeople will get you started on the car-buying process (we're convinced that you'll love the cars you're checking out).

To learn more about the upcoming Kia and why you should be making the purchase at Miami Lakes Automall, continue reading below...

Why You Should Pursue A Kia Rio

The Kia Rio was already a highly regarded vehicle, especially due to the combination of luxury, impressive specs, and dependability. Believe it or not, there will be an assortment of features coming to the newest model that should put the car over the top!

You might not immediately recognize the newest version of the Kia Rio, and that's because the vehicle underwent a minor facelift. Sure, the car kept many of its familiar attributes, but it also features several new styling changes.

It starts with an upgraded headlight and foglight design, as the inward placement certainly presents a more stylish and head-turning look. The addition of surrounding satin bezels truly completes the minor transformation.

Accompanying the lights is an updated front grille, which appears to be thinner, shorter, and placed higher up.

Other changes include the addition of horizontal style lines to the lower valance, as well as a revamped design of the taillamp's location. While the two lights were previously more towards the center of the body, they'll now sit in the far corners of the exterior.

2016 Kia Rio - Interior

As explains, the redesign was an attempt by the brand to give their vehicle a "more governing existence."

"The manufacturer of the 2016 Kia Rio vehicle played with the plan of its front and back bodywork to offer the vehicle a visual width through the application of a more horizontally fashioned front lower bumper and an innovative grille more in proportion to the rest of the Kia array," the website explained, justifying their minor changes.

The interior materials have also seen some minor changes, including the addition of new interior materials. The temperature vents have been surrounded by "an innovative trim bezel," making for a more stylish look.

Perhaps the most important change to the interior is the inclusion of sound-reducing technology. The equipment won't only help with noise canceling, but the standard "shaking and harness" that accompanies a new vehicle will also be improved. Now, when you're zooming on the highway, you can be assured that you won't only have a comfortable (and controllable) ride, but it will also be silent.

Finally, the brand's UVO system now comes standard in all cars, including the 2016 Kia Rio. The subscription-free service uses voice-recognition technology to help you make phone calls and browse your music catalog. You can also access navigation, some diagnostics information, and various "convenience features," including the rear-camera display (which will help you see any vehicles that may have snuck up behind you) and the Parking Minder (which helps you find your hidden vehicle in a crowded, large garage).

Clearly, the upcoming Kia Rio will be the most innovative and stylish model in the nameplate's history. So you've established that this is the right vehicle for you, but where should you be making your purchase? That answer is actually significantly easier than determining which Kia model you want to pursue.

Why You Should Shop at Miami Lakes Automall

2016 Kia Rio on road

Miami Lakes Automall is stocked with all of your favorite brand's vehicles, including Kia. While some dealerships often try to capitalize on gimmick sales or "extraordinary" discounts, the Automall has instead prioritized low and fair pricing. To make it even better, Miami Lakes provides customers with a professional financing department. Whether you need help calculating the value of your trade-in car, how much money you'll need to budget each month for your inevitable purchase, or how much money you'll need to put aside for fuel and repairs, the financiers at Miami Lakes will assure that you'll be getting the best possible deal.

Furthermore, Miami Lakes Automall knows that the car-buying process can be stressful. This dealership understands the financial decision you're making, so they assure that their customers are comfortable when they're heading into their business. The salespeople establish this comfort by getting to know each customer and their corresponding needs and wants.

To top it all off, their sales department is practically open all day. You can get instant service help via their call-in number, and you can also visit their sales or parts department during normal business hours.

Although it's unlikely, if we still need to convince you, visit the dealership's website, where you can take a virtual tour of their facility. You'll see that their selection is practically endless, and a virtual walk around their office will provide you some ease when it's finally time to visit.

"This was the first place I came to in the intent of buying my first car," said a 2013 testimonial on the dealership's website. "Less than an hour or two later, I had everything I wanted, in the right price, with great service and honesty thrown in there as a plus. Got some great financing too, everyone from the sales staff to the finance guys were fair and flexible and everything worked out great. I walked out of the first dealership I entered into with a great first car. They even let me waste their time while I struggled to pick a color. Good stop to go to."

Another reviewer was thrilled with his purchase of a Kia, even though he was initially skeptical regarding some reported issues.

"After seeing several sporty Kia Optimas pass me by on the roadway, I decided to check it out," the review read. "After some research, I had a few concerns about steering issues. I saw that the reviews for Miami Lakes Auto Mall were stellar, and there were several reviews for Antonius Kyne which were excellent. I called the store and emailed him also, and he immediately called me back. We discussed my concern about the car, and Toni was very honest in explaining the issue. He is the most honest car salesman that I have ever dealt with. There was no haggling or pressure involved. In the end, I left the dealer with the car that I wanted and I am very satisfied.”

What did we tell you? You're truly getting the perfect storm when you combine the upcoming 2016 Kia Rio with Miami Lakes Automall. You'll not only be pursuing a popular, dependable nameplate that features several appreciated updates, but you'll be making your purchase at a trustworthy dealership.

So what are you waiting for? Head down to Miami Lakes Automall and get started the buying process today!



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