Miami Lakes RAM is the best place in South Florida to purchase a new Dodge RAM, America’s leading brand of pickup trucks and vans. It doesn’t matter if you live in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale or even out of state, we want you to have the best Dodge RAM dealership experience with exemplary customer service and affordable rates to get on the road with your Dodge RAM in no time!

Miami Lakes Dodge understands purchasing a car can be an exciting process and we are more than happy to guide you through it. Here’s a few reasons why we’re the go-to destination to purchase one of many Dodge RAM vehicles at our dealership. 

We Have The Newest Models

Miami Lakes RAM is proud to offer the widest selection of the newest RAM vehicles. We understand the thrill of purchasing a brand new car, and our diverse inventory can meet any of your needs. The latest Dodge RAM pickup trucks, pickup crew cabs, cargo vans, and passenger vans are all available for purchase at our dealership. You also receive the opportunity to test drive any of our new models to experience the latest advancements in RAM technology.

But We Also Carry Used Trucks

In addition to selling the latest Dodge RAM, we also offer pre-owned vehicles for an affordable price. Miami Lakes RAM strives to house all models of Dodge RAM vehicle, past or present. When purchasing a pre-owned pickup truck, we give you chance to view each vehicle’s Carfax to further you in purchasing process and help you land the best pre-owned Dodge RAM possible.

And, of course, you receive to test drive our pre-owned vehicles as well. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our Miami Lakes Dodge RAM dealers and schedule a test drive! 

All at Affordable Rates

The financial department at Miami Lakes RAM are happy to help you land low rates on car loans to ensure you don’t experience the least amount of stress and hassle of finding affordable car loans. We get bids from different loan companies and help you get the loan that’s best for you!

And We Can Fix Them Too

At Miami Lakes RAM, we not only want you to buy the Dodge RAM best suited for your need, but also want to make sure your vehicle works to the best of its abilities. You deserve a quality car, and our team of well-trained Services & Parts Center technicians are more than willing to help you with any problem you may come across with your pickup truck.

As always, customer service is our top priority and to ensure your satisfaction, we also provide a waiting room to keep comforted and relaxed as your Dodge RAM is under repair. Our service team uses OEM auto parts for all vehicles unless specified otherwise. 

Feel free to come down to Miami Lakes RAM now! With a dedicated staff and a strong desire to give affordable rates, you’ll discover why we’re simply the best dealership to purchase a Dodge RAM!


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