What We Won’t Miss About Staying Home for the Holidays

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Miami Lakes Auto Holiday Travel

Miami Lakes Auto Holiday Travel

The holidays are coming up, and everyone is going to have a food baby by the New Year. Some of us are going out of town, some of us are staying in. Those of us hosting don’t have it easy. We make all the food, including the sides, invited others to make it a potluck, but you can’t rely on that, so we also made some deserts. Yeah, those of us spending the holidays at home have it tough, but you know what we’ll never miss? Being on the road during the holiday rush.


Hahaha, oh those traveling for the holidays will surely hit traffic anywhere and everywhere. Flying a few days early? That airport terminal is going to be busier than usual. Flying the night before? Better get some sleep on the plane, because the next day will be busy for at least twelve hours.

Then there’s everyone on the road. The traffic is jam packed with everyone traveling to their final destination. Unless leaving early morning, it’s gonna be a heck of a drive to make it there in time for dinner. And come nightfall, we need a driver that hasn’t had too much to drink.

The After Party

Some of us have a little too much fun on the holidays. Family and friends are over, maybe we’re meeting up for drinks, but unless underage or straight-edge, not too many people end the night without a little alcohol. As the host, it’s responsible to keep those that have had a drink off the streets until they’ve sobered up and had some coffee. However, being the host also means we have a place to crash. We don’t need to worry about driving home at night, especially with how early it gets dark out these days.

Travelling. Period.

Unless always hosting a holiday dinner, most of us out there have at least traveled for the holidays once. What a hassle. The host may say they have it covered, but it’s just rude to show up empty-handed. Grab some pie or wine at least. And when it comes to fancy deserts, travel is tricky. One quick turn, and that pie is now upside down cake.

Then there’s the kids. Unless they’re old enough to get lost in a smartphone or tablet, and assuming a data plan is in effect (oh, hello roaming charges), then keeping passengers entertained for more than an hour becomes a challenge. When celebrating the holidays at home, that is no longer an issue. The little ones will be out cold after getting a belly full of food.

* So what do you think, snow birds? Being at home for the holidays isn’t all that bad, especially with all these obstacles in the way. What about you? Would you prefer to stay home or travel for the holidays? Let us know on our Miami Lakes Automall Facebook page . *

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