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The Dodge Journey might have been moved from the United States, but the vehicle isn’t done with Stellantis just yet. The 2022 Dodge Journey has returned to be sold in North America, but this vehicle will only be sold in Mexico and China as well. The vehicle has made its way out to China to be produced for future entries. Back in 2008, when the Dodge Journey was first released, the production growth for the vehicle swelled. By 2020, the Journey was on the way out, but only in the United States. These Journey vehicles are to be made in Hangzhou, China. They will be made by a Chinese automaker known as GAC.

More On the Future of the Dodge Journey

The joint-venture between China and the Stellantis brand will help grow the Dodge brand elsewhere, specifically China. The SUV is going to carry a 1.5-Liter turbocharged engine that offers 169 horsepower and 188 lb-ft of torque. The powertrain is paired to a six-speed automatic four-wheel-drive vehicle. Three trims will be offered including the SXT, Sport, and GT trims. The GT will supply larger 19? wheels, a 360-degree camera and 12.3? digital gauge cluster, plus hands-free trunk release. There’s still a focus on the Dodge Journey as it stays around for a new market. This is news to the board at hand spending the money to make this venture work between the Dodge brand and GAC.

“(This is) a new way for us to ship our vehicles to the overseas market by cooperating with international automobile giants,” said General Manager of GAC Motor Zeng Hebin.

Production Continues Through 2021

GAC is aiming to sell about 4,000 of these Dodge Journey vehicles. GAC is responsible for providing vehicles to 26 countries with over 35,000 vehicles sold overseas and exported in just 2020 alone. Considering this kind of expansion, the Journey will continue to make its name known. The nameplate will exist for at least the 2022 model year and perhaps beyond. Dodge is used to making vehicles that can last the test of time, look at how well the Dodge Charger has fared with plenty of classic Dodge muscle cars still around and the newest Dodge muscle cars have never been better. Come check out what we have to offer our costumes and learn about the next steps Dodge is making towards offering a brand new Dodge electric muscle car by 2024. The automotive landscape will look very different by then. At Miami Lakes Automall, we could even have a brand new Dodge SUV ready for our customers soon. For now, shop with us to find the Dodge vehicle that works best.

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