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Internet Is a Frenzy on Yellow Splitter Guards on Dodge Muscle Cars

Friday, June 14th, 2019
Splitter Miami Lakes Automall

Splitter Miami Lakes Automall

Every now and then, certain vehicles catch the attention of the public and gain serious traction. We’ve noticed one particular item of interest for buyers and readers when it comes to our Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger models. For those who are buying a new Dodge muscle car, we want to inform our customers we do, in fact, leave the yellow splitter guards on. An eyesore to true motorheads, but something appealing to quite a few car buyers, we have all the facts on both sides. For the pros and cons of the splitter guards, let’s go over them and share the truth behind a subject that has become a trending topic lately.

Dodge Splitter Guards?

First off, what is a splitter guard? Dodge places protective yellow splitter guards on vehicles that are shipped out directly from the factory onto large 18-wheelers to be delivered at dealerships across the United States. At Miami Lakes Automall, we actually leave the splitter guards on as they are protecting the splitter and help keep the vehicle safe when being loaded and transported. We believe the customer has the choice to take them off or leave them on, based on their preference. The Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger will have them, for those curious.

Is It Safe to Keep a Splitter Guard On?

100% safe. Splitter guards are made to help protect the vehicle they are attached to. Removing them is easy, but keep in mind, while some see them as a decorative fashion piece, others don’t. However, one thing that is agreed upon from both sides is they are protective and help keep from any scrapes hitting on the side. Safety is not the question when it comes to splitter guards. It’s purely a matter of automotive taste.

Do Splitter Guards Come In Other Colors?

No. Unfortunately, there is only one color for the splitter guards. Yellow is the color of caution as the splitter guards take care of our vehicles when they are brought onto our lot. We would want to have the vehicle look as polished and protected as possible. Maybe one day there might be other colors, but for now, the answer is no. Splitter guards are sold on eBay for close to $100, which is something to keep in mind.

Why Leave the Splitter Guard On?

This is how we aim to present the vehicle and allow the customer to enjoy their experience of getting some of the fastest and most powerful cars with no alterations by us. For those who want to keep them on for a while, as a customer might do with a sticker on a new hat, we let the owner decide when to remove the plastic yellow splitters. It’s also not illegal to keep them on and drive with them, either. Protecting the low-mounted splitter of a vehicle is important to many drivers. Having a splitter guard will help to ensure there are no marks on the vehicle when parking or driving up or down steep parking ramps.

The Choice Is Yours

Want to know what it’s like to drive with a new Dodge muscle car? We have them at Miami Lakes Automall. Come check out the new Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger muscle cars available today. From our new to our pre-owned vehicles, there’s a wide selection. If you’re looking for pricing options, our financing team can support you for any buying or leasing needs.

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