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Dodge Showing Off More Details Involving Electric Vehicle Plans

Friday, August 27th, 2021
Fratzog Miami Lakes Automall

Fratzog Miami Lakes Automall

Photo credit: Dodge

With the future of the Dodge brand moving towards electric vehicles, we have a tight window of time before the fastest Dodge options may actually be electrified! While we are excited for the changes, we are also tempted to tell our customers to snag up the Dodge collection as it currently exists. The high-octane Dodge muscle cars like the Dodge Charger and Challenger are exceptional beasts with their available V8 powertrains. The new muscle cars that are going to be made by 2024 will include the entirely electric Dodge vehicle. There are reports that the EV might carry the “Fratzog” logo for all electric vehicles. The Fratzog is a made up word by a designer first used in 1962 through 1976 by the brand. We saw the Dodge brand bring this logo back when unveiling the 2021 EV Day. The concept vehicle has drawn a large amount of interest from fans. One fan is actually the CEO of Dodge, Tim Kuniskis.

“It damn near looks like something that Doc Brown would have done. It looks very futuristic and electrified, and it’s our history, which is what we do,” said Tim Kuniskis. Referring to Doc Brown, the well-known fictional character from Back to the Future. 

What Dodge Vehicle Will Gain the EV Treatment First?

We have only seen teasers of what this vehicle will be as well as no clue what the nameplate that will carry this upcoming, first-ever Dodge EV. Perhaps the Dodge Challenger will gain the EV, but we can’t say for certain. Keep in mind that the Challenger body has remained the same since the brand brought the vehicle back in 2008; this is the same for the Charger since 2006. Stellantis, the parent company of Dodge, has invested upwards of $35.5 billion through 2035 for electric vehicles, which will include plug-in and hybrid vehicles. A plug-in hybrid is due out next year, so we are about a year from seeing this Dodge vehicle hit stores.Dodge understandably won’t just become an EV company solely or have their branding focus solely on EVs.

“We don’t want them to look radically different because we want you all to be part of the same thing. So, we said, ‘OK,’ if you have electrification in your car, we don’t want you to be screaming, ’I have electrification,” Kuniskis said, referring to Dodge’s “Brotherhood of Muscle” community.

Drive Home New Dodge Vehicles Today!

What shopping experience would be complete before checking out the speed and power awaiting in a Dodge vehicle. From us at Miami Lakes Automall, we represent our brands to the best of our abilities and look forward to providing a remarkable experience the whole way through. Check out our new Dodge vehicle selection ready to go today! From new vehicles to our pre-owned vehicles, there’s a wide selection ready to go at Miami Lakes Automall. If you’re looking for pricing options, our auto financing team can support you for any buying or leasing needs. We are located at 16600 NW 57th Ave in Miami Lakes, Florida. 

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Dodge Has the All the Holiday Cheer Ready For Customers

Thursday, December 24th, 2020
Dodge Kendall Dodge

Dodge Kendall DodgeDodge//SRT Performance Lineup: 2021 Durango SRT Hellcat, 2021 Challenger SRT Super Stock, 2021 Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye (left to right)

There are many ways that buyers looking for can decide on what vehicle they want to drive next. They can ask their friends, they can ask relatives, they can think back on previous cars they might have driven, they can check out a neighbor or co-workers vehicle, but truly the best way to know for sure is obvious. We recommend coming in for a test drive to experience what a brand new vehicle provides. At Miami Lakes Automall, we also carry quality preowned vehicles for those looking for hey reliable vehicle that has already received some love and experience on the roads. Whatever the case may be, we recommend customers two join us in seizing the moment. This holiday season, find out firsthand what owning a Dodge vehicle represents. 

Which Dodge Vehicle Fits Best? 

Join the brotherhood of muscle with a new 2021 Dodge Charger or 2021 Dodge Challenger. For those who want to have extra space for the family, there’s quite a punch packed in the Dodge Journey. And of course, there is no faster three-row SUV on the market than the 2021 Dodge Durango. We love the vehicles we offer through the Dodge brand and can’t wait to show off the perks and high-octane fun that comes with these vehicles. Modern technology, high-quality parts, and some of the most powerful engines on the market are assured for the whole Dodge lineup. That’s what the brand represents for its customers since the Dodge brand came out way back in 1900 when the Dodge Brothers Company was formed. 

Discover New Dodge

Discovering the magnificent and bold products provided by Dodge engineers is half the fun of enjoying this holiday season (For buyers and for us that are here to enjoy the test drives through our customers). 2020 may have not been the year that we all expected it to have been, but we know that we are more tight-knit than ever as a community, despite not being able to have been as close as normal. We practice social distancing, but we definitely embrace the smile that goes on the face of our customers. Whether we are hoping with a buying or leasing experience. With helping with any purchase, assisting with any repair, for helping buyers receive a little bit of extra support and financial help. 

Consider This An Invitation

We invite all our readers to join us for some holiday cheer and start the new year right with a vehicle that will be beloved by the owner and passengers alike. With the holiday season upon us, we are more excited than ever for our customers to help them drive the vehicle of their dreams. Making an upgrade? Allow us to help with your trade-in. For more information on any of the newest Dodge products, count on us at Miami Lakes Automall to share the news. Come in for a test-drive to experience Dodge muscle today!

Rush To Drive New Dodge Muscle With Our Help

We want to help our customers get ready to drive off in brand new Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger muscle cars. Come to Miami Lakes Automall to get started where our professional team is here to make your muscle car dream a reality. Our sales staff is ready to help with any leasing, buying, or trade-in options. 

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“The Thing” Themed Charger Represents Iconic Dodge Recognizability

Friday, May 29th, 2020
Thing Miami Lakes Automall

Thing Miami Lakes Automall

Photo credit: AutoEvolution

Dodge muscle cars have a style that remains iconic. The other well-distinguished aspect of Dodge muscle has been its strong performance under the hood. The Charger and Challenge rank among the most distinguished muscle cars in the history of automobiles. With such acclaim comes a following and fanbase where some take the production muscle cars and modify them to make a new final product. Every now and then, some come across that are a sight to be seen. The owner of a unique “The Thing” Dodge has made his 2017 Charger R/T Scat Pack carry the image of the famed Marvel character painted across the entirety of the hood. While the owner of this vehicle has certainly enjoyed the perks of its 392 HEMI engine, the design has gathered attention. 

What Is This “Thing”?

For those who do not know what “The Thing” is, it’s a fictional cartoon comic book character that has been around longer than the Dodge Charger actually. The first Charger debuted at a car show in 1964 and came out as a production vehicle two years later. The Thing was apart of The Fantastic Four #1 comic book, released in 1961. The Fantastic Four recently had a three movie run with films starring Chris Evans and Jessica Alba in 2004 and 2007 and most recently a reboot movie that came out in 2015. The Thing remained a larger than life, rock-hard character. Which sounds similar to the significance of the Dodge muscle brand with muscle cars like the one pictured above. Dodge has remained strong, powerful, and instantly recognizable. This owner has changed the image on his car multiple times, but one thing has stayed, its reliable power and quick getup.  

“A half-century later, Dodge still leads the pack with the most powerful muscle car powertrains in the industry, ranging from the Pentastar V6 engine to the fastest, most powerful muscle car, the 797-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye.” -Dodge statement

Upcoming Dodge Vehicles Update

Regarding the latest news on both Dodge muscle cars, we’re fully expecting Dodge to have the 2021 model year come out about two months delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This wasn’t the only Fiat Chrysler brand that saw production pushed back. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk was set to debut around the same time as the Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat. For those who are seeking a chance to get their hands on the current 2020 Dodge vehicles, we can help out. For those waiting on the 2021 model years, they may have to wait till late summer or beyond for a date on which the next line-up change will happen for the Charger, Challenger, Durango and other vehicles. For now, we’re ready to help our customers into our current line-up of fresh Dodge muscle cars.

Drive Dodge With Our Help

Searching for the newest Dodge Challenger muscle cars? We have them as well as a wide variety of quality pre-owned vehicles. If you’re looking for pricing options to take home what you want, our auto financing team is here to help. If you want to sell or trade-in your current vehicle, we’re here to help with those needs as well.

Even if you didn’t buy with us, we can fix up your current ride with a simple online service appointment to see our knowledgeable service team. Miami Lakes Automall is located at 16600 NW 57th Ave in Miami Lakes, Florida. We’re open seven days a week across our sales, service and parts departments to help out with any of your automotive needs!

Dodge Still Sees Strong Performance Numbers In First-Quarter of 2020

Friday, April 17th, 2020
Charger Miami Lakes Automall

Charger Miami Lakes Automall

Photo credit: FCA

The automotive industry is feeling the effects of a prolonged halt to the economy, as reflected in the first quarter of the results of 2020 that were just released. However, despite the closing of nearly every dealership in the traditional sense, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) saw growth with the Dodge Durango. The Dodge Durango grew 5% in the first quarter of 2020. With 17,805 units sold, the Durango was a popular choice for buyers nationwide. Few vehicles in any brand can report recording growth with the month of March showing slow sales growth due to COVID-19 impacting businesses and customers alike. When looking at the numbers, it’s impressive to note how Dodge still generated business and found customers looking for new vehicles. 

Results of the First Quarter of 2020 For Dodge

FCA joined General Motors and Ford with announcing their success via quarterly sales reports. Up until the third quarter of 2019, FCA had released monthly sales. We’re sure the sales for April will be much lower, but there is hope for certain vehicles to prevail over the summer when dealerships around the country are expected to open fully. Dodge is one of the bright spots despite the slowdown. In fact, had March not seen slower traffic amid the rise of the Coronavirus outbreak, the Dodge Challenger and Charger models might have seen a higher sales total in the first quarter of 2020, ahead of the same quarter in 2019. Even with the shutdown, the Charger sold 18,628 vehicles and the Challenger moved 12,138 vehicles. The decrease was a mere 10% and few would believe Dodge wouldn’t have made up that difference with another three weeks of sales. That amount lost is equivalent to a quarter of the sales Dodge would have had. 

The Dodge Grand Caravan is set to end its run in May 2020, so its lower than expected sales numbers brought down the Dodge brand’s overall sales numbers. We still believe the Dodge Grand Caravan is a solid option as it has been a staple of the Dodge lineup for over 30 years. We’re proud to offer a wide range of different Dodge vehicles, including nearly all the muscle cars and trims offered. 

Dodge Muscle Cars Still Shine 

We can show off all the reasons why Dodge muscle cars are still going strong this many years into their run. With the next update still expected to arrive in the next few years, we can bet Dodge will be just fine and its popularity will continue to rise. Curious to see what the next generation of Dodge muscle cars will look like? So are we! Who doesn’t love the aggressive styling and high-performance nature of the Dodge brand? Check out the new inventory of Dodge vehicles available and ready to go at Miami Lakes Automall

Drive Dodge Vehicles With Our Help Today

Looking for a new Dodge Challenger or new Dodge Charger? We have them as well as a large variety of high-quality pre-owned vehicles. If you’re curious about our pricing options to take home what you desire, check in with our friendly financing team. More than ever, we are  here to help. If you want to sell or trade-in your current vehicle, we’re here to assist with those needs as well for our customers and can process all transactions online during this unprecedented time. We’re ready to begin the process when you are! 

Not feeling any excitement with your current ride? We can fully support you, even if you didn’t buy with us, with an online service appointment to see our knowledgeable service team. Miami Lakes Automall is located at 16600 NW 57th Ave in Miami Lakes, Florida.

Start 2020 Off Right In A Dodge Widebody Muscle Car

Thursday, January 2nd, 2020
Wdebody Miami Lakes Automall

Wdebody Miami Lakes Automall

Photo credit: Dodge

The goal of any buyer looking for a vehicle is to end up with a vehicle purchase they are proud of. This is our goal as well when we help our customers out. We look forward to providing the wonderful experience our customers have begun accustomed to. With the start of a new year, allow us to share the latest details on the newest Dodge vehicles. We’re happy to be a guide for those shopping by following our blog that we update across all our major automotive brands. Today our focus is on the 2020 Dodge Widebody trim, an option across the Dodge muscle car line-up that is currently sold by Dodge. This is one bad boy that deserves the spotlight on it (as if gaining attention would ever be an issue for these vehicles!)

Jump Into A Dodge Muscle Car To Start Off the New Year

We proudly sell the newest Dodge line-up, including the Dodge muscle cars, the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger. Both represent the best of the segment with the tightest of handling, the fastest of Dodge technology, and the joy only drivers who have one know full well. Come test-drive the new 2020 Dodge Durango, the greatest SUV offered by Dodge. We have the new 2020 Dodge Charger and new 2020 Dodge Challenger ready to go! In 2020, customers can ask for the 2020 Dodge Charger Widebody. The Widebody option was finally added to the Charger after being around for the Challenger since 2017. The Widebody option comes for the R/T trim, the Scat Pack trim, as well as the SRT Hellcat trim. 

Perks of the Dodge Charger Widebody

The Widebody adds 485 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque along with a 3.5-inch wider tire grip for better handling and sharper turns. The Charger Widebody is faster on the track and can be felt with ease for any driver looking for one. Stocked with 305-section Pirelli P-Zero tires that improve grip and wrapped by 20-inch deep-dish wheels, this muscle car looks as sharp as it drives. The Challenger Widebody also receives the 3.5-inch wider tires and handles like a dream. The Widebody trim option packs Brembo brakes, three-mode adaptive dampers from Bilstein and six-piston calipers are apart of the Charger that also introduced a new electric power steering system. 

The SRT Hellcat trim will be an option for Widebody for both vehicles and packs the 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque that offers immense strength and impressive driveability. For those who want a V8 HEMI engine and a solid impression left behind on them, that’s what the Widebody offers drivers. A refined muscle car experience awaits in these premier Dodge vehicles. Looking to get started in a new Dodge muscle car? We’re ready to help!

Drive Home A New Vehicle With Our Help!

Are you excited about getting a new Dodge muscle car? So are we! At Miami Lakes Automall, we’re more than excited to help our customers, we’re thrilled. Looking for a new option to buy or lease? Take a look at our newest vehicles or our quality pre-owned vehicles. We can help sell your current vehicle or bring it back to life like new with an online appointment to our service center. Allow our professional techs to get started on all repairs or maintenance work.

We’re here to help with any financial help, needs or suggestions to help make paying for a vehicle easier. Stop by today and see what we can do for you right now.


Dodge Challenger Outselling Chevy Camaro For the First Time

Thursday, May 2nd, 2019
2019 Dodge Challenger Miami Lakes

2019 Dodge Challenger Miami Lakes

Photo credit: Dodge

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has started 2019 with great success against their closest rival, Chevrolet, with victory in their Dodge and Ram brand. The first quarter sales results have shown FCA’s Ram 1500 pickup, and Dodge Challenger outsold the Chevrolet Silverado pickup and Chevrolet Camaro. 2019 hasn’t just been a good year in terms of sales, it’s been a record year as Dodge notched their highest sales totals since 2008. The Dodge Challenger has now outsold the Chevy Camaro for the first time ever. So, what explains this sudden leap of popularity? We know most of it is based on the continued high-performance offered top customers, stronger and faster choices and the fantastic job by FCA and Dodge to keep improving.

The Dodge Brand Never Settles

The last several years, Dodge has introduced some of the fastest muscle cars in the history of the brand. First with the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, the Hellcat Widebody, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and the most recent SRT (street racing technology) vehicle, the 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye. Each of these vehicles has propelled the brand further ahead and supplied customers with over 700 horsepower in each vehicle, pushing the limits every year with faster final products. To anyone who has felt the rush of the massive V8 engines inside the latest Dodge Challenger, they would know why Dodge has continued to gain buyers.

The 2018 total sales show the Challenger exceeded the greatest-selling year the Challenger ever set in 2015 (66,716 sold versus 66,365 vehicles in 2015). Both of those numbers were higher than the Chevrolet Camaro’s total sales of 50,963 vehicles sold in 2018. The Dodge Challenger was the only muscle car on the market to receive a year-over-year gain, reported. What will 2019 bring about for the Dodge Challenger?

2019 Is Another Banner Year for Dodge

The reports have come in for the first quarter, showing that 2019 might be even better than in 2018. Through three months, Kelley Blue Book reports that the Dodge Challenger sold 13,431 vehicles ahead of Chevrolet’s Camaro with 12,083 vehicles sold. The Dodge Challenger hasn’t had a massive overhaul in terms of its frame and greater design in 11 years, but rather seen updates through the interior and under-the-hood. The future of Dodge will most likely include even faster and more powerful vehicles, but only time will tell.

We do know there will an electric future for the Dodge brand. Could Dodge unseat the Ford Mustang in the future for the number one spot? The Chevrolet Camaro was ahead for years, but today the Dodge Challenger is more popular and perhaps this momentum will continue for Dodge to overtake Ford at some point in the next decade. We’ll see, but for those looking to drive the latest Dodge SRT vehicles, coming to Miami Lakes Automall is the right choice.

Where to Get Your Hands On Dodge

The professional sales team at Miami Lakes Automall is ready to assist customers to drive Dodge. We carry new Dodge Challenger muscle cars and for those we want quality pre-owned vehicles, there’s also a large selection. If you’re looking for pricing options to buy what you want, our financing team is here to help. If you want to sell or trade-in your current vehicle, we’re here to help with those needs as well.

Don’t wait any longer to take care of your current vehicle. We can fix up your ride with a simple online service appointment to see our service team. Miami Lakes Automall is located at 16600 NW 57th Ave in Miami Lakes, Florida. We’re open seven days a week across our sales, service and parts departments to help out with any of your automotive needs. See you soon!

The Best Time To Buy a Dodge Muscle Car Is Now

Friday, April 5th, 2019
2019 Dodge Group Miami Lakes Automall

2019 Dodge Group Miami Lakes Automall

Photo credit: Dodge

With a large portion of vehicles sold each day belonging to the SUV/crossover variety and a growing number of sales going to large pickup trucks, where have the fans of the muscle car gone? Many reasons are contributing to the fact that muscle cars have diminished slightly. That is good news for those who want to buy a muscle car! Despite the temporary hold Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) placed on Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger vehicles from their factories, there has never been a better time to seek out a new muscle car.

Fans Can’t Wait For the Next Special Dodge Vehicle

Dodge has gone to great lengths to hype up their latest lineup, but the one move that will help them the most is the growing exclusivity of their high-performance muscle cars. In fact, the latest April Fool’s Day joke was speculation of a new 2020 Dodge Challenger SRT Ghoul. While no official word has been placed, claimed this story to be factual. We’ll wait and see, but the number of responses has generated hype for a muscle car that might not exist. The newest attraction will be the 2020 Dodge Charger Widebody that is set to debut later in 2019. Fans will start to wonder when the next special, surprising milestone muscle car will arrive though, as we can only speculate with them. But, we do know this current climate is a unique time for the Dodge brand.

Present Day: The SRT Glory Years

The past several years have rewarded fans of Dodge and muscle cars with the likes of the Dodge brand incorporating their SRT (Street Racing Technology) into the Hellcat, the 2018 Dodge SRT Demon and the 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye. These vehicles pushed the boundaries of muscle cars and production vehicles as a whole. Where else can a driver gain 797 horsepower (SRT Hellcat Redeye) or 840 horsepower (SRT Demon) for less than $90,000? The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has sold out, but there are still some SRT Hellcat Redeye options available. In time, that special top-tier trim will become a rare commodity gaining value with each year that passes.

In fact, we haven’t even seen the greatest that these past models can do. Just this month in April 2019 footage was released that showed the Dodge SRT Demon with the optional Demon Crate hitting over 211 miles per hour at the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds. Exceptional! That’s what makes these Dodge muscle cars that spectacular.

Times Change, But Dodge Muscle Remains Highly Valued

As more and more vehicles are opting to push the limits of technology and better fuel economy ratings, Dodge has placed an emphasis on breaking their own records with faster and stronger vehicles. Will this trend continue? The heritage and special bond owners make their vehicle are not unique to the Dodge brand, but few vehicle brands have a following as Dodge has. There are more reasons to discover, but perhaps the fastest way to know why is to experience how much fun it feels to have a Dodge muscle car and feel the immense power and drive offered by the premier muscle car automaker. There is a reason Dodge has been around nearly 120 years and they are just getting started with their SRT vehicles (around since 2011) as they move into a new decade of dominance. Looking to drive a new muscle car? There is no place for Dodge muscle quite like Miami Lakes Automall.

We Know You Want To Flex Your Muscle

Don’t think about what it is like to experience a Dodge muscle car any longer. We want you to test-drive with us today! Our friendly staff is ready to help our guests buy, lease, sell or trade-in your vehicle and receive an excellent deal. Our inventory of the newest vehicles and the line-up of over 400 pre-owned vehicles is

Experiencing frustrating and on-going issues with your ride lately? We are here to help. Our service team will make sure you’re back on the road fast with a simple online appointment. Allow our friendly service techs to resolve any vehicle problems in a timely fashion. We look forward to being your center for all things automotive at Miami Lakes Automall.

Dodge Challenger Has Its Best Year Ever In 2018

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019
2019 Dodge Miami Lakes Automall

2019 Dodge Miami Lakes Automall

Photo credit: Dodge

The latest craze in the automotive industry has been a change in the landscape of popularity. More evidence has grown and shown that cars are just not as popular as before. Someone tell Dodge that. The latest evidence of this is the Dodge Challenger raised its sales in 2018. With 66,716 vehicles sold was up three percent and a record for the Dodge Challenger. Of course, the Dodge brand has been able to create fast, luxurious and fun to drive SUVs as well and they were their biggest hit in 2018 for Dodge. Let’s share all the fantastic perks customers can find in the 2019 Dodge vehicle lineup and how well they did over the course of 2018.

Dodge Has Great Variety In The SUV Market

Truth be told, Dodge had their biggest sales with their Dodge Grand Caravan. The Dodge Grand Caravan sold 151,927 vehicles in 2018, followed in popularity by the Dodge Journey and Dodge Durango, selling 94,096 and 65,947 vehicles respectively. Crossovers and SUVs accounted for 47.1% of new-vehicle registrations in the third quarter of 2018, up four percent the same quarter in 2017.

Their SUV catalog is popular and commands a presence with the mid-size SUV 2019 Dodge Caravan allowing for drivers to embrace its strength of up to 3,600 pounds of towing capacity and respectable 25 highway mpg. One trait that has attracted buyers is the low starting price of the base model, SE, at only $26,650 MSRP (plus destination fee).  

The slightly smaller Dodge Journey also carries the same highway MPG, while the largest SUV among the Dodge vehicles, the Durango, provides owners with 26 highway MPG and the highest towing capacity at an available 8,700 pounds thanks to the strong SRT 6.2-Liter V8 engine. The 2019 Dodge Durango begins at $29,995 MSRP (plus destination fee) for the base SXT model. The 2019 Dodge Journey, the smallest SUV of the Dodge lineup begins at $23,495 MSRP (plus destination fee) for the base model, SE trim.

How Dodge Muscle Cars Faired In 2018

Sedans accounted for 23.8% of new-vehicle registrations in the third quarter, down from 27% in 2017. In the third quarter of 2014, just four years prior, sedans accounted for 35.1% of registrations.The Dodge Charger, their flagship muscle car and also a sedan, sold 80,226 vehicles.The 2019 Dodge Charger boasts up to 30 highway MPG and sustains its popularity thanks to its wonderful high-performance drive that customers enjoy, quality and embedded power in the American fabric of great muscle cars. The 2019 Dodge Challenger, which is popular, but not as popular as the Charger, still increased in sales over 2017 and exceeded expectations by many in the industry thanks to the impressive top-tier models selling well. In fact, the Dodge Challenger was the only muscle car of the major muscle car brands (including the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro) to post year-over-year growth.

The 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye and other Hellcat models were quite stunning in terms of high-performance abilities on the road, but also for their performance in terms of sales. Drivers must have fallen for the remarkable speed provided by the powertrain that cranks out 797 horsepower and 707 lb-ft of torque. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) will continue to make these fine muscle vehicles into the future. A major refresh will mean at least around five more years of producing these popular muscle cars. We can’t blame them!

Drive New Dodge With Us Today

Come in for a test-drive on our latest Dodge vehicles. We welcome you Miami Lakes Automall. We will help with all purchases, including buying, leasing, and selling. We also do trade-in offers. Even if you didn’t buy with us, we can assist if there are current repair or maintenance needs on your vehicle. Just make a simple appointment and let us handle the rest when you drop off your vehicle. We look forward to making your automotive dreams come true in 2019.


The 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Gets SRT Demon Components

Thursday, December 20th, 2018
2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Redeye Miami Lakes Automall

2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Redeye Miami Lakes Automall

Photo Credit: Dodge

Few vehicles are built like the incredible all-new 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye. With a world-class, supercharged 6.2-Liter V8 engine that provides owners with a remarkable 797 horsepower and 707 lb-ft of torque, that’s just the start of what makes this vehicle so impressive. Of course, part of the reason the 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye is so remarkable is due to many of the same components built for the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. While the Dodge SRT Demon was capable of giving owners 840 horsepower when using high octane fuel, the parts that made the Demon such a powerhouse are now found in the newest SRT (Street Racing Technology) Dodge Challenger.

Last year, the stunning SRT Demon’s stock only included a small number, 3,330 vehicles, to be exact. Of course, the all-new 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye is not limited by a restrained run. Thankfully, there’s a lot of people that will be able to comfortably find and drive the all-new 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye.  

Meet the Newest Dodge Challenger, the SRT Hellcat Redeye  

The SRT Redeye is the highest trim available from the Hellcat, but that trim uses a 2.4-Liter supercharger for the Demon’s 2.7-Liter unit, and it hits 14.5 psi of boost—versus the 11.6 psi of the standard Hellcat — and the Demon as well. The standard Hellcat’s 6,200 rpm redline is raised to equal the Demon’s 6,500 rpm redline, and two dual-stage fuel pumps from the Demon help maintain the Hellcat Redeye’s appetite for premium 93 octane. This is part of what customers should expect from one of the world’s best high-performance muscle cars.

The SRT Demon also provided many firsts for a muscle car and some of those remarkable parts carried over to the new 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye including a 41-spline half shafts (yields a 20 percent improvement in torque capacity) and high-strength steel prop shafts, netting a 15 percent gain in torque capacity. What helps thrust the Dodge Demon to begin quickly from the line is also available with the SRT Hellcat Redeye; Launch Control, Launch Assist, Line Lock, and Torque Reserve. There’s also the Power Chiller and After-Run Chiller to help cool things down at the drag strip.

The Hellcat Redeye arrives standard with a high stall torque converter, helping add 18 percent extra torque and 11 percent quicker stall speed. The Redeye’s 2.62:1 final drive ratio is similar to the Demon’s 3.09:1 final drive ratio. The pricing variance is noteworthy as the 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye is priced at $71,350 MSRP (plus destination fee), which is far less than the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon’s original $86,090 sticker price. Not a bad thing to have just about the same vehicle for a vastly discounted amount. (Thanks Dodge and FCA!)

Variations Between Both Vehicles

While the 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye is able to blow away most of the competition it will ever face for a quarter-mile time (just 10.8 seconds) While the Demon claimed a striking 9.65-second quarter-mile time, the Redeye is stunning with a mark of 131 mph in the same span, barely 9 mph slower than the SRT Demon.

There’s a few other differences between the Hellcat Redeye and the SRT Demon? The 18-inch Demon wheels covered in 315/40 drag radials have not been continued to the SRT Hellcat Redeye, but rather replaced with two sets of sporty 20-inch wheels including 305/35 tires. The distinguished weight-shifting suspension mode is not present on the Hellcat Redeye. The smaller, thinner 14.2-inch front brakes for track duty aren’t continued as the Hellcat Redeye carries 15.4-inch stoppers from Brembo up front. These changes aren’t enough to persuade anyone from not getting the Hellcat Redeye, but are worth noting. Any customer that has had their eyes on the latest 2019 Dodge Challenger line-up will know there’s nothing quite like the 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye available today.

Drive the Latest Dodge Vehicles Today

For a chance to drive the latest Dodge vehicles, don’t hesitate to see us at Miami Lakes Automall. We take pride in offering the newest Dodge vehicles and a large pre-owned variety that will make all customers pleased.

We can help with buying, leasing or selling needs of our customers. Consider us a one-stop shop (that also includes vehicle maintenance and repairs). Visit even if you didn’t buy from us and allow our friendly service team to help out. Located at 16600 NW 57th Ave in Miami Lakes, Florida. Our Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram sales and service departments are open seven days a week to better serve you. Visit Miami Lakes Automall today!


2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Rolls Off Assembly Line

Thursday, November 8th, 2018

Photo credit: Dodge

Searching for that fantastic muscle car to make a difference and bring some exhilberance for the daily commute? The first units of the new 797-horsepower 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye are now rolling off the production line. Production of these new models just started in October 2018 at the FCA US Brampton Assembly Plant in Ontario, Canada, and now they’re ready to go. There’s no shortage of vehicles for this run, unlike the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon limited run of just 3,300 vehicles produced. While many of the parts of the latest SRT Hellcat Redeye are made up of the SRT Demon, this vehicle is considered more appealing for everyday driving.

What Makes Up the SRT Hellcat Redeye?

The supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI high-output V8 engine, derived from the record-setting 2018 Challenger SRT Demon provides 797 horsepower and 707 lb-ft of torque, that makes the 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye easily the most robust, responsive and fastest muscle car available from Dodge today. Unbelievable performance includes 0-60 mph acceleration in 3.4 seconds, a quarter-mile time of just 10.8 seconds at 131 mph, and a ridiculously quick top speed of 203 mph. So where else has the SRT Demon influenced the Redeye? The Demon’s Torque Reserve, factory SRT power chiller and factory after-run chiller, that help to calm the powerful V8 engine, are all a part of the newest Dodge muscle car. There’s also the same large supercharger engine, high-speed connecting rods, pistons and valvetrain that were taken from the special SRT Demon and added to push the SRT Hellcat Redeye unlike any other Hellcat made.

More on the Incredible Redeye

A distinctive look for the 2019 Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye includes a new fully functional, dual-snorkel hood that pays homage to the distinctive Dodge design themes from some of its most well-known muscle cars. Owners of the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye will receive new badging, including a sinister red eye featured on the Hellcat fender badges, instrument panel, key fobs, and supercharger housing. Inside, the performance interior features a new 220-mph red speedometer and Redeye logo splash screen.

There are few muscle cars that can keep up with the unique Redeye, and the only muscle cars that can tend to cost more than double the price of the new SRT Hellcat Redeye. In fact, if the name of the vehicle doesn’t include the word “Demon”, chances are there’s no way any driver will be able to match the speed offered by the 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye. Customers won’t believe their eyes when they see the starting price is only $71,045 MSRP (plus destination fee). The latest Dodge Challenger SRT muscle car makes its way to dealerships very soon in fall 2018.

The Latest Dodge Challenger Can Be Found at One Place

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