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Dodge Hornet Returning To the Fold?

Friday, June 11th, 2021
Hornet Miami Lakes Automall

Hornet Miami Lakes Automall

Dodge is revitalizing an older nameplate in the Dodge Hornet. This vehicle will join the currently short list of Dodge vehicles. The Dodge brand arrived with a Dodge Hornet concept that was shown off in 2006, but it never debuted. 2006 was the same year the Dodge Charger was reintroduced to the world. The 2006 Hornet concept was produced with hopes to see the prototype turn into a production vehicle in 2008 with the Challenger. Dodge at that time was about to start with a big push in the European markets and aspired to thrust the Hornet by 2010. The platform of the Hornet would end up being the same one applied to the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. This meant the Dodge sedan would offer this “C-Evo” platform and notwithstanding the Hornet name being trademarked in 2011, they opted to name the vehicle the Dodge Dart instead. The Dodge Dart is no longer offered by Dodge, but they still produce two cars and the popular SUV, the Dodge Durango, alongside the famed Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger muscle cars.

Added Production Choices Are Being Revealed

The COVID-19 outbreak slowed the production for Dodge for three months. This was something that hindered the Dodge Hornet, as Alfa Romeo’s new CEO, previously of Peugeot, new expectations of enhanced performance from the Tonale’s PHEV drivetrain. As of April, Automotive News reports, Stellantis aimed to commence Tonale production in March 2022 and start sales on June 4 of 2022. This would indicate that the Dodge Hornet’s arrival could be in around the same time frame. In a story written by Passione Auto Italiane, the most current Dodge vehicles are expected to be produced alongside the forthcoming Alfa Romeo Tonale at the Pomigliano D’Arco plant in Italy. We are always looking ahead to what Dodge will provide customers next, but the new era of Dodge vehicles is coming sooner than later; starting with the Dodge Hornet we hope.

Likelihood of the Dodge Hornet

The ongoing rumor for the 2022 Dodge Hornet also insists that the Hornet will be produced on the sub-Stelvio crossover. As such, it will be using the same turbo 2.0-Liter GME engine. While the news didn’t discuss anything about a hybrid variant of the Dodge crossover, we can presume so considering the Alfa Romeo Tonale will produce a PHEV version, but this is the notion that affected its schedule. There are remarkable expectations that Dodge might even go the route its fellow Stellantis brand, Jeep, is headed with a fully electric vehicle approaching. Ultimately, we can expect that to happen, but currently, the current age of Dodge vehicles is nevertheless here for now. When looking at the 2021 model year Dodge muscle cars, and we are still grateful for the heart-racing power and enjoyment brought to us by the Dodge brand.

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Dodge Hornet May Return To Add Variety To Dodge Line-up

Friday, March 20th, 2020

Hornet Miami Lakes Automall

Photo credit: Dodge

Dodge may introduce a throwback nameplate in an upcoming vehicle due out later this decade. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has filed for trademarks of the “Dodge Hornet” and “Hornet”. When our readers think of the Dodge brand, we’re sure they will come up with the Dodge Charger or Challenger. Dodge enthusiasts are not only fans of the muscle cars in the line-up but have love for the Dodge Durango, which also offers an SRT trim. The newest Dodge vehicle on the horizon could possibly be the Dodge Hornet. Once a concept vehicle for Dodge fifteen years ago, reports have surfaced with these new trademark requests for the Hornet.

Future of the Dodge Line-up

By June 2020, the Dodge brand will solely have four vehicles once the Dodge Grand Caravan ends its thirty-five-year run; the Dodge Challenger,  Charger, Durango, and Journey. The Durango and Journey are both SUVs, but there is room for various segments for Dodge to go with. The United States Patent and Trademark Office is responsible for granting the trademark to the Hornet name. We’ll know before long what Dodge plans to do, but if the vehicle is anything like the first Dodge Hornet, Dodge will be producing a vehicle that looks very similar to the boxy Scion xB SUV. 

More On the Dodge Hornet

Among the many concepts that have come and gone, there are few that look like the Dodge Hornet. The Dodge Hornet concept was created back in 2006 and expected to be ready a decade ago in 2010. The 5-door mini multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). Built with a 1.6-Liter supercharged 4-cylinder Tritec engine that delivered 170 horsepower, the Hornet didn’t have the kind of horsepower that fit like a Dodge vehicle. By 2011, after Fiat and Dodge were merged, the concept was turned into a subcompact vehicle that would still delight today as the vehicle was pronounced to have 40 mpg, which is fantastic gas mileage. However, the vehicle that eventually came out as the Dodge Dart. Now Dodge is intending on delivering the Dodge Hornet after all. 

What Else To Expect From Dodge?

We believe there’s a chance the Hornet could end up as a compact crossover or SUV, as sales in those segments are more popular than ever in 2020.  With the Dodge Grand Caravan set to end, FCA can produce a vehicle like the Hornet in the Windsor factory, the same plant where the Dodge Grand Caravan was built. Some stories have noted the Dodge Hornet as a future PSA Groupe vehicle. The merge of FCA and PSA Groupe has expanded the portfolio for both companies, but changes have not been seen yet to the catalog currently being marketed. The word on the street is usually hit-or-miss, but filings like these are interesting to note. Thinking about driving a new Dodge vehicle?

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