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Performance, Safety and Tech in the Dodge Charger Pursuit

Monday, November 21st, 2016
New police vehicles, Dodge Charger Pursuit

New police vehicles, Dodge Charger Pursuit

In 2006, Dodge shook up one of the most niche segments in the auto industry — police vehicles. As it stands today (almost ten years later), Dodge’s police vehicle, the Dodge Charger Pursuit is by far the most popular law enforcement vehicle on America’s roads.  It all makes sense though, our brothers and sisters in blue need a vehicle that offers dependability, quick acceleration, technology and most importantly, safety, and the Dodge Charger Pursuit offers all of that.


The most important thing a police vehicle needs to be is safe and the Dodge Charger Pursuit has safety in spades. Both the all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive 2017 Dodge Charger models earned five-star overall safety ratings from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration. Not only does the Charger have a solid and secure body and plenty of airbags but there is plenty of preventative safety tech, like Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning-Plus and autonomous braking.