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2015 Dodge Challenger Receives Five-Star Safety Rating


The 2015 Dodge Challenger has delivered exceptional buzz due to its performance, style and technological additions. In addition to these outstanding features, the new Challenger performs well during safety tests. Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released their crash tests results and the Challenger earned a five-star overall rating.

To help determine crash test ratings, the NHTSA performs a variety of crash tests to examine how certain parts of a car (side impact, front) perform during a collision. From there, they will assign ratings for each individual test from one star being the worst to five stars being the best. They will also assign an overall rating based on the crash test data.

During the test, the NHTSA used the Challenger SXT model. This car received a four-star rating in the front crash test and a five-star rating in the side-impact test. These results shouldn’t come as a surprise given Dodge’s commitment to equipping their vehicles with the most innovative safety features.

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4 Outstanding Safety Features From Dodge


While most of us have varied tastes in what we want in a vehicle, we can all agree we want our vehicle to have the most advanced safety features. Not only will this give us peace of mind, it can help protect us when driving on slick road surfaces or in the unfortunate event of a collision.

We here at Miami Lakes Dodge take great pride in letting you know that Dodge equips all their vehicles with the most advanced safety additions. When you visit us, your local Dodge dealership in Miami, we can help you learn more about all these unique features. In the meantime, here is a look at four of the most helpful safety features from Dodge.

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