’18 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Coming To Miami Lakes

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Miami Lakes Dodge SRT Demon

Now is the time to put in an order for a 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon because Dodge dealerships have officially been given the green light to place orders for the new muscle car. However, with only 3,000 units being made, how will they be delivered and who gets first dibs? Moreover, can just anyone buy a Demon? The devil is in the details on this one, or should we say the fine print? Grab a pitchfork and read on.

As it currently stands, the base price for a Dodge SRT Demon is set at $84,995 (not including the gas guzzler tax and destination fee). Dodge knows the way the auto market and dealerships work, they know the markups that can and will most likely happen when it comes to a high performance vehicle, especially one with limited production. To make sure everyone has a fair chance at getting one of 3,000 Demons, a few restrictions have been set to protect the customer.

First off, to control the markups, the Challenger SRT Demon models sold at or below MSRP will be of a higher priority. Meaning, orders for Dodge Challenger SRT Demons that were sold at or less than the MSRP of $84,995 will be produced and delivered first. This way, consumers and enthusiasts are paying closer to what Dodge thinks the vehicle is worth, versus the demand. That’s not all Dodge is doing though.

Additionally, keeping a dealership from becoming a monopoly and charging whatever they want, a certain number of models have been allocated to dealerships, and that allocation is based on the dealership’s sale of SRT Hellcat models in the past year. To qualify for a model, a dealership must have sold at least one SRT Hellcat in the last year to put in an order for a Challenger SRT Demon, and the more SRT Hellcat models the dealership sold, the more they may be able to order. So if looking for a Challenger SRT Demon, be sure to contact your local Dodge dealership, like Miami Lakes Automall, to find out how many models we can get. Plus, since the SRT Demon comes with a number plate and the buyer’s name, orders can’t be placed by a dealer for stock inventory, there must be a definite buyer.

Lastly, Challenger SRT Demon models can only be ordered after the consumer placing the order signs a waiver written by the FCA Group for Dodge SRT Demon owners. Waivers are always the safety net for an organization who doesn’t want to take liability that someone will say the famous line, “hold my beer.” FCA doesn’t want to deal with that, and thus designed a waiver that details the responsibility and appropriate use of a Challenger SRT Demon on the road.

We’re happy to say that Miami Lakes Automall has been given the go ahead to order four 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon vehicles.

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