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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has made significant proposals by funding $4.5 billion into their future with 6,500 fresh jobs to be added in just Detriot and Macomb, Michigan. This was an effort that was spearheaded by CEO of FCA, Mike Manley, and he worked with the Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, to help generate this large number of jobs. Exactly 5,000 jobs are to be added in Detriot. This figure includes 3,850 positions at FCA’s Mack Avenue Engine plant, which is going to be transformed into a Jeep assembly factory to help create the latest Jeep vehicles like the Grand Wagoneer set to debut in the next couple years.

Regarding the remaining 1,400 jobs, they are anticipated to be continued for FCA’s Warren Truck Plant. Specifically, 1,100 jobs are going to be provided at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant with 80 or more posts set at Sterling Stamping. The exact details are being addressed by the auto executives, Detroit, and Michigan economic development officials in regards to land use and tax policy that will be hatched till May 2019.

Report of New FCA Jobs

The good news for those looking for work, there are plenty of jobs available. Requirements are for those18 or older should apply if they have at least a high school diploma or equivalent. These new jobs will be added as they become open. FCA regularly adds skilled trade positions which are currently being advertised. Later in 2019, there will be more jobs added once the agreements are made. Applications for hourly positions will be accepted once positions are posted. Wages are expected to be $17 an hour for non-skilled hourly jobs. Moody’s Investors Service, in a new report, believes FCA’s investment to be a massive boost to the city of Detriot.

“The announcement is the latest in a flurry of news about jobs coming and going in the auto sector and signals that the city is poised to preserve or grow its share of the industry’s employment base. While over-reliance on the sector carries risks for Detroit and the regional economy, the FCA expansion is credit positive for the city, which remains heavily dependent on economically sensitive revenues including income tax receipts.” said the report released by FCA.

Further FCA Plans

FCA intends to utilize the Mack Avenue Engine Complex by turning it into a manufacturing site for the next generation of the popular Jeep Grand Cherokee, now beginning its eighth generation. Simultaneously, the new Grand Cherokee and an all-new unnamed three-row Jeep SUV is planned to be built. Jeep has endured to somewhat quiet about the news, but we do know precisely where the leftover money will go to. Among the $4.5 billion, there are plans to revamp the Jefferson North plant to assemble the Dodge Durango and latest Grand Cherokee. The property will go into FCA’s plants in Sterling Heights, Dundee, and Warren, Michigan. Hoping to end up with a new Jeep vehicle? We know the place to go to test-drive one right now!

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