Family-Oriented 2016 Dodge Journey

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Miami Lakes Dodge Journey Family

When people hear the Dodge name, they think of two things – muscle cars and family cars. We talk plenty about the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger, so let’s put the family cars in the spotlight this time around. Particularly, one that doesn’t get the love and appreciation it deserves for such a family-friendly and oriented vehicle. Did you know the Dodge Journey might be the next car for your family?

Seating and Cargo

So to start off, the Dodge Journey has up to three rows of seating and can seat up to seven passengers at a time (five is the standard). Quite comfortably, too. The driver’s seat is six-way adjustable, and for instances where cargo is needed and no front passenger is in the car, the front passenger seat can be folded down for more room. Speaking of cargo, the second row is a 60/40 split-fold, and for easy access to the third row, the second-row seats tilt and slide forward. Plus, the Dodge Journey comes with integrated second-row child booster seats.

There is over 60 cubic-feet of cargo room in the Journey when the seats are folded down. If you have the car full, no problem. There are several other places to store small items if you’re going on a picnic, family outing, or to a tailgate party. In the front, the passenger seat has in-seat storage to protect your valuables; the second-row floor has in-floor storage bins that can also double as coolers to keep cool refreshments literally in arms reach; as mentioned, the second row has fold-flat seating; and behind the second row there is plenty of space if opting out of the third row option.

Rear Seat Entertainment

Being an FCA vehicle, the Dodge Journey has a Uconnect system and app connectivity. They up the ante though for passengers who need a little more than scenery to capture their attention. The Dodge Journey has rear seat entertainment – second-row 9-inch screens that flip down from the overhead console. Available from the rear seat video group I package, this rear seat TV screen can play video games and play movies to keep back seat drivers from asking “Are we there yet?”


Safety is important in any car, especially family cars. That’s why Dodge has all the necessities. The Journey has seven airbags, including the driver’s knee airbag, crumple zones in the front, active front-head restraints, and a protective frame keeping everyone safe while on the road.

Other safety features are available in the Journey are systems that help with parking more particularly. The two main systems are ParkView with a rear backup camera that helps with parallel parking, backing out of a parking space, and avoiding everything from unseen obstacles to pedestrians. There is also ParkSense rear park assist system, that doesn’t come with a back up camera, but warns the driver with a loud beep when an object is in their driving path. Get both, and you’ll have it easy parking even in the tight spots.

See all that? That’s the family-oriented 2016 Dodge Journey. Don’t you want to keep your family safe and happy next time you’re on the road?

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