Dodge Will Stick Around To Grow Its EV Future According To Dodge, Stellantis CEO – Miami Lakes Automall Dodge Dodge Will Stick Around To Grow Its EV Future According To Dodge, Stellantis CEO

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Dodge isn’t going anywhere. Every person involved in the automotive industry knows the future is headed towards electric vehicles. We’ve seen the growth of EVs and its onset for years. We’re pointed out all the upcoming advancements to look forward to, and our readers have seen the importance of why brands are making the shift now away from fossil fuels, which includes gasoline. Today, the landscape of vehicles has changed to include these remarkably powerful and fuel-efficient vehicles. So, what’s the problem with adding large V8 engines in single-passenger coupes like the Dodge Challenger? According to Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares, nothing.

Future of Dodge Vehicles With Stellantis

There will be plenty of new Dodge vehicles that might not land on the “Top 10 Most Fuel-efficient Vehicles List of 2021”, but they were never meant to. Except, that, too might change one day if we see an all-EV Dodge muscle car like we were promised. The goal of Dodge is to reinvent itself with the mission statement it’s always carried, to be the best at creating muscle cars, and offer exhilarating high-octane driver experiences. Dodge will include even more Dodge muscle car trims for the brand with a rumor of as many as three new Dodge trims coming soon.

Word Straight From the Top

The truth according to Stellantis CEO is in the details that include the Dodge brand’s recent 700 to 800 horsepower vehicles. Those vehicles don’t meet the emissions standards and the electric power technology isn’t able to produce the same results. That hasn’t stopped the CEO from trying to push the evolution of Dodge to start sooner rather than later. We expect the Dodge brand to keep producing remarkably fast, exciting vehicles and the Dodge Durango, Charger, and Challenger will certainly have a future if the head of the company has anything to do with it. (He does).

“It’s something we have to work on. There are solutions for that. We have the technology to deliver the torque, dynamics, and acceleration feeling, while also dramatically reducing the emissions,” said Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares.

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