Dodge Stealth Emerges As New Durango Replacement

August 8th, 2023 by

Dodge Stealth Miami Lakes AutomallDodge is right in the middle of big changes to its lineup. The 2023 Dodge Hornet is the first-ever electrified model in the storied history of Dodge. The Dodge V8 halo cars are set to be removed for now, and the SUV line-up will change. Reports indicate that the Dodge Durango will be eventually removed in favor of a new model with a throwback nameplate. MotorTrend has reportedly found a rumor that called back the Dodge Stealth, but this time the ride will not be a unique, futuristic two-door sports coupe. While we have witnessed the special plans Dodge has made to push forward electrified technology in their muscle cars

Removing the Durango For A Stealth Return

The new Dodge nameplate won’t mean the total removal of the Dodge Durango SUV, but perhaps in some ways for the current future that might be the case. One rumor has claimed the Durango will move up a bit to match the Jeep Wagoneer in size and remain on its body-on-frame platform. The revamped Stealth will serve as a fine Durango SUV replacement to keep a name and option in the segment;  the three-row SUV segment that’s built on a unibody with truck-underlying platform. 

What Was the Dodge Stealth?

What was the original Dodge Stealth like? Back in the day of the 1990s, the Stealth was popularized as a sport coupe. The ride was actually established as a collaborated effort with Mitsubishi. The equivalent Mitsubishi was the cult-classic 3000GT, a sports ride that has become a more widely adorn ride in its own right. MotorTrend has speculated that the Stealth will become the next vehicle built on the current Stellantis made Jeep Grand Cherokee L WL Platform. It could also find a home on the STLA Large platform, which was built for EVs and some hybrids. We expect the Stealth will arrive as a hybrid, not a full-on EV. Perhaps, Dodge will add its turbocharged Hurricane powertrain with a touch of hybridization to power the Stealth. Pricing has reportedly already been built, with the forthcoming Dodge Stealth set to debut around $40,000 MSRP (Plus destination fee). 

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