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The Dodge Journey offers cultivated functionality that’s unrivaled by any other vehicle on the market. It provides the practicality of a minivan without the look and feel of a dedicated soccer practice schlepper.

When it first arrived on the scene, some consumers were unsure about what to make of its unique design. But now drivers have had a chance to visit their favorite used Dodge dealership and experience its smooth ride and outstanding utility.

It is quickly becoming a top choice for buyers who are looking for serious versatility. With an affordable price sticker, an award-winning engine, and great fuel economy ratings, the Journey is a prime package for people in the crossover market.

A Soft, Comfortable Interior

The Journey is crafted with high quality materials that make its interior attractive and inviting. Unlike many multi-passenger vehicles that came before, it steers away from a crowded cabin filled with tough plastic.

Instead it opts for a sleeker appearance, as well as comfortable accommodations that make any road trip an enjoyable experience instead of a vacation gone wrong.

Available heated steering wheel, heated seats, and leather trim give you the opportunity to customize your Journey and make it your personal relaxation space.

It comes standard with seating for five, but you can opt for the available 7-passenger configuration to fit everyone and everything.

Split-folding seats make it possible to arrange the layout any way you want. Throw your kayak in the back or keep all the seats up so you can pack in your friends on the way to a game.

Storage Galore

The Journey also offers an astounding amount of cargo options. Its extremely thoughtful design makes sure that you have lots of room to stow the things you need and keep them organized.

That’s why its storage system was rated Best-in-Class. From a spacious rear cargo area to under-seat compartments, you get the extra room you’ve been dreaming about.

User-Friendly Infotainment

When it comes to listening to music, navigating, or getting the latest weather updates, the Journey has you totally covered. With its highly-rated Uconnect touchscreen display, it has the answer to all your infotainment needs.

In the ongoing race to keep their vehicles up to date with the most cutting-edge technology, many automotive makers have come out with systems that are counter-intuitive. The last thing you want while you’re driving is to be distracted.

The Uconnect system has users raving about its responsive, easy-to-use setup. Don’t you love it when technology works for you?

In a crowded vehicle segment, the Dodge Journey stands out as an exceptionally versatile vehicle that’s designed to truly meet your needs.

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