Dodge Is Feasting Sales Over Mustang So Far In 2021 – Miami Lakes Automall Dodge Dodge Is Feasting Sales Over Mustang So Far In 2021

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Keep in mind that Dodge is preparing to offer customers a greater vehicle with its EV offerings , but that doesn’t mean their muscle cars aren’t still successful and an important aspect for the Dodge brand in 2021. So, the future includes the latest innovative technologies and while the muscle car lineup is moving far away from the Dodge muscle cars of 50 years ago , they are more performance driven than ever. In fact, the Dodge Challenger is still racing ahead in the industry ahead of the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette in 2021 sales. The Dodge Challenger is currently outselling the Ford Mustang through the first nine months of 2021 and will hope to end the six-year best-seller streak that Ford has claimed; now Dodge will end up with the top-spot if all continues as it has all this year.

Dodge Surpasses Ford and Chevrolet Muscle Sales

The Challenger has pulled ahead of the Mustang with exactly 1,082 vehicles sold at the half-way mark. Currently, the totals stand at 44,142 vehicles sold by Dodge over the Mustang’s 41,065 vehicles. The parent company of Dodge, Stellantis, will only issue quarterly sales results through each year, but we are certain the Camaro won’t finish in first, second, or third place as the rival brand has only sold 15,084 Camaro vehicles so far in 2021. The Chevy brand has sold 24,748 total mid-engine Corvette C8 vehicles, but even combined, these two vehicles don’t help the Chevrolet brand top the muscle car market led by the Challenger sales. This doesn’t even include the Charger muscle car. The new Dodge muscle lineup is as strong as its even been with the brand earning high marks from critics and customers alike. The Dodge brand recently earned a top spot on J. D. Power’s Initial Quality Study for the second-year-in-a-row.

The Dodge Brand Keeps Adding Surprises

While we have talked about the possible demise of the Dodge Durango SUV after the 2023 model year, we have learned the 2022 Dodge Durango will be nothing short of amazing. The 2022 Durango provides standard 3-row seating, a faster Uconnect 5 infotainment system and the comfort than makes the Durango one of the top-sellers of its class. Want to know more about the Dodge line-up? We at Miami Lakes Automall are thrilled to show off the collection today for our buyers.

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