Dodge Introducing A New Muscle EV Scene

October 12th, 2023 by

Dodge EV Miami Lakes Automall
Dodge has run rampant with a feverish push to build their next and all-new entries that push the brand to new heights. The future looks bright with the investments wagered and threshold of knowledge gained over the last couple decades knowing full well how far the brand has come. The push to go over 1,000 horsepower has been reached, but will the next-generation of Dodge rides hit this feat? Not sure that even happens or matters since no Dodge ride has ever been an electric on that allows for massive jumps in driving perks and savings for customers. Loyal to the Dodge brand means moving over despite the removal of V8s and gasoline technology, but we might not see a complete removal of all gasoline options. Of course, to cope with that, here’s words from the top brass down.

“It is what it is. This is the regulation. This is where the industry is going. This is what we have to do. There’s tons of potential in this technology. Not everybody is adopting to this technology right away, and not everybody will. It will take many years for everybody to, but people will. Early adopters will, and when they see what we can do with this technology, they will start coming along. Eventually people will see that this technology can make something cool and fun. It’s probably going to sound different, but people tuning cars, making cars faster and competing against each other will not go away. They say the first drag race occurred the second the second car was built. People are going to compete. People are going to compete to have a cooler, faster, funner car and it’s not going to change,” said Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis.

What Does the Change From Gas To EV Look Like?

There’s some that belief that process could take plenty of model years to pass by before we see that entire switch happen and Stellantis has a goal that is going all electric somewhere next decade in 2030, but not before that. So, for those on the fence, they shouldn’t have to worry as more than a half decade of time will pass to allow them to change their opinion of a Dodge EV. The muscle heritage of the brand will remain as they will no doubt look to offer the same adrenaline rush of driving a Dodge vehicle that encapsulates everything that brand has stood for for years and will stand for years to come. The next dodge concept is set to arrive early next year and the production vehicle will follow later on in the fall and be ready by the fourth quarter next year according to Dodge. We know Dodge continues to develop changes to their vehicles, as we expect the next-generation to be no different, but it will have massive strength and world-class engineering. Want to experience the current line-up of Dodge rides? 

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