Dodge Enthusiasm Comes With All-New 2023 Hornet SUV

September 7th, 2023 by

As the fall has rapidly approached, the dog days of summer have closed and now the families alike will gather for fall fun like football games and sharing plans for the holidays. Is the move to getting an electric ride one of those? While we recall
Dodge first announced their EV promise more than two and a half years ago, they are delivering in a big, big way now. Among the many questions we get is when we will offer more electric rides and how come Dodge hasn’t showcased their newest offerings. Consider that changing as of now. This fall, we have the ride and exciting promotions to view.

Everyone Behold the Hornet SUV Has Arrived

The first-ever Dodge electric platform will make waves around households as they will view the new Dodge “A New Breed” ads everywhere. Dodge is making customers aware of the 2023 Dodge Hornet, hyping the demand of EVs for the platform. The time to get a gasoline, high-octane gasoline version is closing as the start of vehicles like the electric Dodge Hornet SUV have arrived and they are truly offering some hearty, speed-induced fun all on their own. This is due to its stunning design and nameplate, the options of the interior are just as glorious thanks to Dodge showcasing to customers the many options to build the new Dodge Hornet how they would like to. Allow us at Miami Lakes Automall to provide the breakdown that ensures they know what to expect with the stunning, electric 2023 Dodge Hornet SUV. This ride is not only sweet for owners, but passengers can attest to its smooth-handling as it fits the narrative of being a Dodge ride, while not exactly a muscle entry as the brand is used to offering. This is a close entry to that appeal. We’re still waiting on the first electric Dodge muscle ride, but this will do.

Hornet Comes Buzzing Buyers Everywhere

What is the new plan for Dodge? Aside from making us wait for the electric capacity of their muscle engineering, we are pleased to offer these facts about the Hornet. Considering the Dodge 2023 Hornet R/T, the starting trim, offers a solid performance with a strong 288 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque as the ride can hit 60 mph in just 5.6 seconds. Not to forget, owners gain the ability to hit up to 30 miles range without using a drop of gas is wild for HEMI drivers to undertake, as a bunch have wanted for years to be able to hear that kind of news. The ‘A New Breed’ campaign includes a 60-second spot for the brand’s social media channels and a 30-second version that will play across all formats of broadcast and digital platforms. The name Hornet is now ringing for a Dodge brand set to let customers in on the fun of driving an electric vehicle produced and fully made by the Dodge brand. Want to get a taste? Head to us!

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