Dodge Durango Brass Monkey is One Funky Monkey

June 7th, 2017 by

Miami Lakes Dodge Durango Brass Monkey

The Dodge Durango Brass Monkey will crush other SUVs by appearance alone. Some of the finer accessories have been made available to the consumer, and the Brass Monkey package brings back the look of the Durango Limited, a trim that is no longer available. The package was released as an option for the Durango R/T first, but Dodge knows not all of its consumers can jump the gap to $40k+ with ease. So they recently unleashed the Brass Monkey for the Dodge Durango GT for people who are more budget conscious, and it’s one funky monkey. (they did the same thing with the Dodge Scat Pack Dynamics Package )

Not to be confused with the 1987 song by Beastie Boys, the 2017 Dodge Durango Brass Monkey is a stunner. With a gloss paint job and other gloss treatments on the grille and badges, this Durango package rides on 20-inch burnished bronze-colored aluminum wheels that stay true to the name. Aside from the gloss black bits, the Dodge Durango GT Brass Monkey package comes with black headlamp bezels and has a more sporty exterior appearance. In contrast to that, the front and rear fascias, shark fin antenna, sill molding, and wheel lip all stay the same color as the body (driver’s choice).

It’s not just the exterior that gets an upgrade, though. With the Brass Monkey package, consumers and drivers will also enjoy a sunroof for catching the breeze, and the Beats Audio sound system, along with dual head rest-mounted rear video screens.

* With Uconnect 8.4 being a standard feature, the price tag of $44,770 is well worth it for all the goodies the Brass Monkey package brings to the 2017 Dodge Durango GT. You can check out our inventory or give us a call to find yours today. *

* Photo Source/Copyright: Maxim; FCA *

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