Dodge Cars Can Do More than Drive Fast

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Dodge muscle cars and sedans – they’re fast. The Dodge Challenger and Charger will change your insurance bills just by the name alone, and that’s because they’re notorious for being driven by speed demons. That statement will ring truer than ever before once the SRT Demon comes out, but before it does, we’d like to talk about what else a Dodge vehicle can do besides go fast like Ricky Bobby ‘round the race track. How about an off-road Dodge Challenger?

Joey Ruiter’s Dodge Challenger A/T

The Dodge Challenger A/T, or “all-terrain”, is a Challenger you may never see on the streets. Why? Because it’s a post-factory vehicle, constructed and designed by product designer Joey Ruiter. He took a Dodge Challenger, it’s unclear what trim, and turned it into an off-road vehicle.

How? The modifications are more simple than one would think. Building it is the hard part. For the Dodge Challenger A/T, Ruiter added longer suspension arms for increased lift when hitting rocky terrain and body armor to protect the body of the vehicle if facing a little impact. Speaking of impact, the exhaust at the back of the car was moved to another location so it doesn’t get crushed from a rough landing, and a light bar was integrated into the lower grille for spotting large obstacles when the sun goes down.

We think we have a few improvements though. For starters, aside from body armor, some skid plates would definitely help with protecting the powertrain. Moreover, why put body armor on the front of the car if you can install a bulbar? It’s an odd word, but most of us have seen them before – they’re small battering rams made for attaching to the front of an off-road vehicle.

The light bar is a nice touch, but how about some LED headlamps and LED fog lamps for increased visibility? Also, not just better suspension, but improved shocks and front and rear stabilizer bars, a front axle disconnect and active transfer case like those found on Jeeps, and speaking of Jeep, some tow hooks in case the vehicle gets stuck. All that’s left are some wheels – 17-inch wheels with BSW On/Off-Road tires sound about right.

Fate of the Furious Rocket Car

This one is more of a gag, as we don’t expect anyone to build this, but it’s interesting nonetheless. In the upcoming movie, “Fate of the Furious”, also known as “The Fast and the Furious 8”, we see a classic Dodge Charger* powered by a jet engine, well-armored, and able to drive on ice. We thought it was worth mentioning since a lot of talk about the SRT Demon popping up in this movie has made rounds on the internet. Either way, we all know the car chases, jumps, and explosive crashes have been real since the fifth installment, so this ice-riding Charger is a real thing.

Now those are two very cool looking Dodge vehicles. One muscle car turned into an off-road warrior. One jet-powered sedan that can race around the arctic circle. Just imagine what else a Dodge Challenger or Charger could be turned into and let us know.

* *Old Chargers first came with two doors. Confusing, we know. *

* Photo Source/Copyright: AutoBlog *

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