Dodge Brand Is Working To Add More Horsepower And EV Capabilities – Miami Lakes Automall Dodge Dodge Brand Is Working To Add More Horsepower And EV Capabilities

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The Dodge brand is looking ahead to the future, but let us look back to the year the Dodge brand jumped ahead to reinvent itself. The Dodge Charger was brought back in 2006. Re-Debuting at the 2006 North American International Auto Show after its original production started in September 1969 through 1974. Since then, it’s all been a big success including and the brand introduced the 2008 Dodge Challenger. By the time the 2015 model year came around, Dodge introduced the 6.2-Liter HEMI, which is still used today in higher trims across the Dodge brand.

Brief Recap of Recent Dodge Muscle History

The Dodge brand has only upped the ante as the powertrains would only become more fierce. The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was the first Dodge muscle car to add over 800 horsepower in a Dodge production vehicle. They kept up this immense power by maintaining the output of over 800 horsepower with the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock .

“We listen very, very carefully because these are the people who are going to buy these cars. If they tell us there’s something that they want, and it’s possible, we listen very, very closely to them. If I had to categorize it, I would say the Super Stock is nothing like the Demon, and it’s more like the Redeye, just re-tuned for the wheel and tire package. 80 percent Redeye and 20 percent Demon.” -Tim Kuniskis, Dodge President

What Will Become of the Brand?

So, now the muscle car world is looking for a new Dodge emblem. Will the brand push the boundaries even further? The iconic nameplates might see more SRT Hellcat fun. After all, before Stellantis took over for Dodge, the SRT vehicles grew outside of Dodge into the Jeep brand and the Ram brand with the Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV and Ram 1500 pickup respectively. A recent episode of the Brembo Red podcast had Ralph Gilles, former CEO of SRT brand. He currently is the Chief Design Officer for Stellantis and hinted the future of the brand rests within the electric future we’ve hinted at before.

“It might be a combination of electrification and gas. The technology is there,” said Ralph Gilles.

How Soon Till The Dodge EV Party Begins?

We’ve heard word that Dodge has placed an order for transmissions from ZF Friedrichshafen in 2019, which is different from what is used in the Dodge brand today. The new fourth-gen transmissions purchased in 2019 have the option to include a built-in electric motor. The eight-speed gearbox is able to support the internal combustion engine with up to 160 kW and 450 Nm. These are the kind of leaks that lead to rumors and suggestions about where the brand is headed, for now, let us just appreciate some of the most fierce and firmly established muscle cars in production today, like the 2021 Dodge Challenger and Charger lineup. To get started on driving one of these vehicles, reach out to us at Miami Lakes Automall .

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