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Miami Lakes Dodge Challenger Hellcat Carlex Design

2 Crazy Custom Dodge Challenger Interiors + Factory Options

Miami Lakes Dodge Challenger Hellcat Carlex Design

The Dodge Challenger has got to be one of the coolest vehicles out there. The smooth handling, the feel of the engine accelerating, the sheer, ferocious look some of them obtain (here’s looking at you, SRT Hellcat). But two organizations have made it even cooler with their extreme custom interiors.

Though Dodge offers many factory styling options that make for a very, very nice cockpit, one-of-a-kind interiors are always inspiring.  Here’s a look at two crazy custom Dodge Challenger interiors we found on the Internet and the factory options available to buyers.

The SRT Hellcat from Hell

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Dodge New Challenger Charger Models Miami Lakes

All-New 2017 Dodge Challenger T/A and Charger Daytona

Dodge New Challenger Charger Models Miami LakesEarlier this month, Dodge announced two new models were being added to the 2017 Dodge Challenger and Charger lineup — the Dodge Challenger T/A and the Dodge Charger Daytona.

Both are throwbacks to previous models, but feature modern tech, more features and retro design. To make a little more noise, Dodge is taking a couple of High-Impact Colors (HIPs) out of its archives and has added a new HIP hue. Both, the 2017 Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger will be available in Go Mango, the all-new Green Go, a revised Yellow Jacket, and TorRed.

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Comparison 2016 Dodge Journey and 2016 MC Acadia

Comparison: Dodge Journey and GMC Acadia

Comparison 2016 Dodge Journey and 2016 MC AcadiaComparing vehicles made for a lot of passengers is never easy. Drivers want comfortable interiors, up-to-date technology, great fuel economy and safety, and why shouldn’t they? Those are the standards for vehicles today, and if one were to scrimp on either, well, it wouldn’t make the “Yes” pile when it comes to making a buying decision.

That’s why we take a hard look at vehicles when drawing up a comparison, from the engine specs to the safety and convenience features. Today, we’re taking a look at two 7-passenger seating mid-size SUVs/CUVs: the Dodge Journey and the GMC Acadia.

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Dodge Challenger Engines and Trims

The Dodge Challenger Engines

Dodge Challenger Engines and TrimsThe Dodge Challenger has a significant history as an evolving muscle car. Since the Challenger was first released in 1970, there have been many changes made to its exterior, like the shaker hood and flip headlights.  Not only that, but through the years, Dodge has made stronger, more powerful engines to increase performance and satisfy people’s need for speed.

With the 900HP SRT Hellcat coming out, we thought it would be best to give an overview of all of the standard Challenger engines that are currently available on the 2016 Challenger lineup.

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Miami Lakes Dodge Car Family

Dodge Family Cars and Specialties

Miami Lakes Dodge Car FamilyWhen on the road with family, there are a lot of things the modern driver takes into consideration. Will there be enough room for everyone and everything? Will I be able to keep the kids entertained on long drives? Is my car safe enough if an accident were to occur? These are the questions that pass through our mind when we have precious cargo on board. To give families vehicles that will take care all of their needs,  Dodge has 3 vehicles that answer all of those questions with “Yes.”

Storage and Seating Space

Three family cars by Dodge have plenty of space. First off, the Dodge Grand Caravan, Dodge Journey (all trims but the Journey SE), and Dodge Durango all have a seating capacity of seven passengers. Moreover, each of these vehicles has a variety of ways to store cargo.

The Dodge Grand Caravan has the famous Stow ‘n Go seating. This design allows drivers to fold up not just the second, but also the third row into the floor of the van, opening up a total of 140 cubic feet of storage space. With a family unit average of 4-5 people, there’s enough room for everyone in the front and second row, and then space for cargo with the third row folded down.

In addition to the convenient easy fold-down seats, when the seats are not folded down, there is plenty of storage room in the bins that would store the seats. These bins offer plenty of out-of-the-way storage space for beach things, camping equipment or even a safety kit.

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Dodge Hellcat 900HP

900HP Dodge Challenger-SRT Hellcat

Dodge Hellcat 900HP900-horsepower?! People have been tinkering with their cars for years, trying to increase horsepower and pushing the limits of their engines. Dodge owners are no different. And, maybe even the 707-horsepower Hellcat engine may not feel like enough to some! The guys from the Hot Rod Network took on the challenge with the Dodge SRT Hellcat. The owner of a Dodge Charger, a family sedan I may add, also gave their car some fine tuning and turned it into the first Hellcat Charger to hit 900-horsepower.

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Dodge Durango and Dodge Journey

2016 Dodge Durango

Dodge is one of the original players in the American automotive market. First formed in 1900 and known as the Dodge Brothers Company, Dodge was originally a supplier or assemblies and parts for other Detroit-based automotive makers. Starting in 1915, Dodge made the transition, and began building their own vehicles. Over time, the Dodge automotive brand has been under the ownership of different companies, including the Chrysler Corporation. Today, Dodge is still manufacturing reliable cars, trucks, and SUVs right here in America, and selling all over the United States, including at your very own Miami Dodge dealership

Two of Dodge’s most practical vehicles are the Dodge Durango, and Dodge Journey. Both vehicles seem similar to the naked eye, but each one offers its own unique take on the ever-expanding SUV segment. Despite some confusion, the Durango and Journey are both distinctly different vehicles, and each bring their own unique talents to their respective segments. Here at Miami Lakes Dodge, we are committed to bringing you information regarding the latest in automotive news, and information. Today, we are exploring the ways in which the Dodge Durango and Dodge Journey are different, and why one may appeal more strongly to you than the other.

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The Next Dodge Charger Has Alfa Ambitions


Exciting news from the creative, cutting-edge crew at Fiat-Chrysler!

Word on the street, or at least from the recent automotive dealer’s meeting in Las Vegas, is that the upcoming Dodge Charger will have throwback looks and a very special shared platform.

Given how little we know right now, the release date feels far away, but we’re excited to see the new Dodge Charger, built on an Alfa Romeo platform, at our Miami Dodge dealership sometime in the future.

That’s right…this new platform will give the new Dodge Charger some alpha-dog edge.

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