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How the 2015 Dodge Models Stack Up Against Each Other


It’s almost 2016, so your window to purchase a “new” 2015 Dodge vehicle is quickly coming to a close. Considering the number of options, the search for a 2015 Dodge vehicle can be quite daunting and overwhelming. There are seven different 2015 Dodge models to choose from, so where does a potential buyer even start? They could go with the comfortable Dodge Durango, or perhaps they prefer the speedy Viper. Maybe they’d rather go with one of the other five options, including the Challenger, Charger, Dart, Journey or Grand Caravan.

These vehicles are all distinct and unique, and they certainly cater to their own specific type of driver and terrain. A person driving a Dodge in Boston may prioritize different features than a driver who owns a Dodge in the south.

So how do these various cars stack up against each other in regards to their specs? Before you head out to a Miami Dodge dealer, take a look at our guide. It may make your decision significantly easier…

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Dodge Viper Rumored to be Retired?


If you’ve always wanted to own a Dodge Viper, your opportunities may be dwindling. A recent report suggested that the car might be headed towards a quick retirement, which would certainly be a heartbreaker for fans of the sports car.

Read more after the break to learn about the whispers. If you’ve considered the Viper and its impressive engine, you’ll likely be inclined to rush to a Dodge dealer in Miami and make a purchase as soon as possible…

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Don’t “Dodge” These Gems – The Dodge Durango and Journey

2015 Dodge Durango

This winter take a stand against ordinary and head to your local Miami Dodge dealership to check out the line up that will make your commuting experience, and vacation experience, outstanding.

Drivers everywhere are raving about the excellence and ingenuity found in Dodge products, and now more than ever is the time to take advantage of the great savings to be found in excellent Dodge quality and Miami Lakes’ service with a purpose.

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