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Miami Lakes Bondurant Driving School SRT

Attention SRT drivers and enthusiasts! You’ve got the horsepower. Do you know how to use it?! At the Bondurant Racing School, anyone who purchased a 2015 model-year (or later) SRT vehicle after April 1, 2015 can get free driving lessons on how to master all that power under the hood. Got a Dodge Challenger SRT 392 hot off the lot? Itching to test the limits of a SRT Hellcat? The Bondurant Racing School is the official racing school of Dodge SRT, and they show drivers how to harness the true potential of a SRT vehicle.

What is the Bondurant Racing School?

Popularly known as the Bondurant Racing School of High Performance Racing, this establishment provides a one-day experience for SRT owners and enthusiasts to attend four driving modules. Each has its own objectives for the driver attending, who will actually be behind the wheel of a FCA-supplied SRT vehicle. The modules consist of: accident avoidance, maintaining control in a skid, a cone avoidance course, and of course driving on a proper race track. Attendees can also ride in with a Bondurant Racing School Instructor for some fast laps around the track.

Who Can Attend the School?

According to the website, SRT owners and automotive enthusiasts aged 18 and up are eligible to participate and attend – this means you don’t need to own a SRT vehicle to check out a day of classes/modules. Attendees simply go to the school to check out all it has to offer. However, non-drivers and non-attendees are not permitted. Furthermore, if a driver is not the owner or lessee of a US-market SRT vehicle, the fee is $699.

At this time, drivers who purchase or lease a vehicle with a VIN from 2015 – 2017 are eligible to attend the Bondurant Driving School. In addition, if you purchased or leased US-market SRT vehicle with a VIN from 2015 – 2017 after April 1, 2015 then the cost of one day at the school (all classes are covered in a day) is included in the cost of the vehicle. However, you have only a year from the date of purchase or lease to redeem a free day at the school. Afterwards, the regular price of $699 will apply.

What Vehicles Are Available?

Seeing as how drivers and attendees won’t be driving their own vehicle at the school, that means a FCA-supplied SRT vehicle has been preselected for each module. In the Accident Avoidance module, get behind the wheel of a SRT 392 HEMI Challenger; when learning how to maintain control in a skidding car, drivers will be in a SRT 392 HEMI Charger; drive in a SRT Hellcat at the cone-avoidance mini road course; and follow an instructor on a race track while driving a SRT Viper GT. Ride alongs are performed in a SRT Hellcat as well. Maybe next year it will be the Dodge SRT Demon.

* So far, it all sounds pretty great. All that’s left is to contact the SRT High Performance Driving School via email or phone to make sure your SRT vehicle qualifies, or just looking to attend for the day. Photography and videography is permitted, so send us some footage of your next race and maybe we’ll publish it online. *

Photo Source/Copyright: Bondurant Racing School

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