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February 2nd, 2024 by

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Some brands are facing difficulties in keeping their profits aligned with their values. Some find that easier. These days the massive push towards EVs is not only a fixation, but a large documented subject that deserves the spotlight. For some companies, not having enough funds to complete their own projections in the EV market might spell doom beyond this year. Brands like Tesla are slashing prices due to seeing a remarkable 23% annual gross year over year in 2023 compared to the year before. This is what the Stellantis CEO thinks when he sees the current landscape of EV automakers racing for new electric rides in the market. Dodge will eventually offer their first EV muscle car ever. The CEO is also someone who did not usher in any social media platforms, which helps to keep his work solely on moving his brands up. No Super Bowl ads this year for Stellantis.

Saving Comes First For Stellantis

Many ways to sustain and save according to those at the top of Stellantis, namely Carlos Tavares. His main job requires this position to save and create paths to streamline more productive manufacturing processes. This entails business that is producing efficient, smaller, lighter and less expensive battery cells used for future EV products and offer improved energy management systems and aerodynamics. Particularly, for the automaker if they don’t save money now, Tavares believes “freedom of mobility” is at risk, and would be large “social consequences.” Stellantis this week said they would remove another 539, raising the number of autoworkers cut by the brand to nearly 3,000 after the negotiations last year saw the brand begrudgingly provide livable wages for the employees who build their products. This time they are pushing out part-time employees under the thought that they will mainly honor only full-time employees going forward to build their business.

This is a way to save money for shareholders and while the head of the United Auto Workers wasn’t pleased, we see the vision Stellantis CEO has reached in promoting this agenda. 

“Stellantis can afford to do the right thing here and provide a pathway to full time good auto jobs but is again choosing to line executive and shareholder pockets. These workers have generated Stellantis’s record profits, and there is absolutely no need to layoff a single one of them,” according to the UAW president.

Shifting For Profits In Late 2024 And Beyond

This additional 539 passed over comes after movement announced at Mack Assembly Plant in Detroit, where Stellantis produces SUVs, and 1,225 at Toledo Assembly Plant in Ohio, where both SUV and midsize pickups are produced, with the moves starting next week on February 5th. The Stellantis CEO is like ready to stay true to plans as many CEOs, concerned mainly about sustaining and machining out products that yield success, and how much money he can line up in his own pockets without having to distribute hurtful discounts for buyers. While this move may not attract business more than any other reason than people can not afford expensive electric or gasoline cars, and to some that’s exactly what this industry has done for their base of buyers. 

Stellantis has produced zero all electric vehicles up to this moment in 2024, but strides are being made to change this. Moves have been made to no longer neglect the current market that offers big changes in order to offer vehicles that will not run into one issue that some customers are aware of electric range capabilities. This is a major focus for those looking to purchasing EVs.

“I think the best way to go through this period is to try to protect your profitability. I’m trying to manage the right balance between protecting the footprint of my business and at the same time protecting my profitability, because I know that what is coming now is a big, big storm, (which we are not apart of)” remarked Tavares. 

Dodge has not announced any platform on the pricing on any of the special editions for now. We await for this sweet ride along with the EV muscle car set to debut in a little over a year.

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