5 Cool Mopar Parts for Your Dodge Challenger

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Miami Lakes Dodge Mopar Auto Parts

The Dodge Challenger is one eye-catching car. It’s got that slick look, an engine that purrs like a tiger, and is a magnet for chicas and chicos alike. To make your Challenger stand out from the rest, there are few parts and accessories that can add a custom touch and extra spice to a Dodge Challenger. Ever hear of Mopar Custom Auto Parts? They’re an auto parts and accessories shop that makes some interesting parts pieces for the interior, engine and exterior of a Challenger.

Cold Air Intake System

If you don’t have the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, a cold air intake is a great way to add a little bit more power to your Challenger. Available on Challengers with 3.6-liter or 5.7-liter engines, a cold air intake systems allow for cooler air to funnel directly into the intake manifold, which then leads to a noticeable increase in horsepower and torque. It’s a bolt-on system, so the installation and labor isn’t too troubling.

Cat-Back Exhaust Systems (5.7L engine)

A loud muffler is usually obnoxious, especially on a car that doesn’t need it. When it comes to the Dodge Challenger however, a noiseless engine just wouldn’t make sense. If you’re looking to add a little more va-va voom to your car with a deeper, more aggressive sound _ and _ have the horsepower and torque to back it up, then a Cat-Back Exhaust System is the right call. It’s a free-flow steel exhaust system known as a “side exit” exhaust used specifically for giving a vehicle a little extra edge.

Mopar Hood

Do you have a Challenger with a 5.7-liter HEMI engine? Mopar has a unique hood that you can add to your Challenger to make it stand out and perform better than other 5.7-liter engines in the pack. This particular Mopar hood completely replaces the original hood with a sheet metal hood that has an integrated air-intake scoop. The hood can either be e-coated or primed depending \ and include black paintable bezels.

Katzkin Leather Interiors Seating

To complete the package, a real custom Challenger needs some interior additions too. What better way than to cover the seats in Katzkin leather? Katzkin Leather Interiors, Inc. teamed up with Mopar to offer drivers a way to customize their seating. There are a variety of options like embroideries, piping, two-tones, suede, and many colors. If you want a new interior in your Challenger, come by the dealership and we can show you the available combinations and options.

Mopar Shift Knob

Last on the list is one for where all the magic happens. Your hand is on the trigger, you move it into drive, the engine revs, and off you go. Why not give the shift knob a little attitude as well?

These are our choices to spice things up with the Dodge Challenger, but we know you enthusiasts out there have your own ideas. We want to hear them. Show and tell us via Twitter , Instagram or Facebook .

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