3 Important Questions for Dodge Dealerships in Miami

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Dodge Dealerships in Miami

Dodge Dealerships in Miami

Miami Lakes Dodge blows other Dodge dealerships in Miami away with its impeccable customer service. Our dealers and technicians understand that your auto-related needs are the highest priorities, and will do anything to keep you satisfied! With a staff like this, you’ll keep coming back to our dealership over and over again!

Of course, when it comes purchases one of our many Dodge vehicles, it is vital to interact with your dealer as much as possible to get the Dodge of your dreams at the fair price of your dreams. Here’s a few questions you can ask a Dodge dealer to make your dreams a reality!

“Can I take it for a test drive?”

If you’re seriously considering purchasing a Dodge vehicle, then test driving is a must if you’re given the option. Most car dealerships will give you the chance to test drive, but stay away from any dealership that doesn’t. Test driving a vehicle before you purchase can give you a good sense of how the car operates and if any problems exist that would prevent from you from purchasing it.

“May I see the Carfax for this vehicle?”

If you’re purchasing a pre-owned Dodge vehicle, request to see the vehicle’s Carfax to check for any existing problems. Ideally, you’d want the Carfax for your desired vehicle to be perfectly clean. However, if any issue with the vehicle is easily fixable, then it might still be worth purchasing. Do not ultimately purchase any Dodge vehicle with Carfax that reveals one too many issues.

“What is my interest rate?”

Landing an affordable price is everything when it comes to negotiating with a Dodge dealer and it, quite frankly, can be quite stressful. This question is essential if you’re planning to do dealer financing for your Dodge vehicle as it will reveal the full terms of the deal. Learning about a vehicle’s interest rate is key to understanding how close you are to paying the full amount for the vehicle.

Ask these questions during your next trip to Miami Lakes Dodge and our staff will be happy to assist you! Remember: don’t be afraid to ask, ask, and ask!

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