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Ready To Witness the New Dodge EVs?

We are looking forward to the Dodge brand offering a sneak peek at the future of their brand with monumental launches on August 15th-17th, 2022. The first day, August 15th will be the reveal for a new creation that will be shown; a new era of EVs we’ve all been lingering for will be revealed! This day will mark the first live arrival of the next-generation Dodge muscle vehicle. The next day, on August 16th, the Dodge gateway muscle product is promised with the last day, August 17th, 2022, will show the result of years of planning. During the live debut that looks ahead to the future muscle products coming down the tube, there will be a short Q and A. This is a wonderful time to herald the inception of a full-fledged EV lineup that will cause the market to take note. 

Reasons To Believe In the Hornet

A considerable share of belief has been made for the all-new Dodge Hornet plug-in hybrid (PHEV) SUV prospect that is bearing aspects from fellow Stellantis brand, the Alfa Romeo Tonale. The Tonale comes with PHEV components and rides with a 1.3-Liter four-cylinder motor that is connected to an electric engine with a connected rear axle measure to secure the engine. The Hornet was first and last shown back at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show. Back then, this Hornet was cast as a memorable concept for a new crossover. The 2006 Hornet was built with a box design that was widespread among customers back in the day. A future production version was never completed, until last year when we learned of the spy shots that indeed delivered what Dodge had been working on. 

“There’s no better place to unveil a new performance direction for the Dodge brand than right on Woodward Avenue in metro Detroit, with tens of thousands of our closest fans and friends. We introduced our two-year Never Lift road map last year at Roadkill Nights, and this year the event will serve as the prelude to going wide open throttle on Never Lift. All I can say is the future of our brand will be on display during Dodge Speed Week, and we’re throwing open our garage doors so our fans can get a peek for themselves. It’s going to be an electric summer for Dodge,” stated Tim Kuniskis, Dodge brand Chief Executive Officer of Stellantis, the parent company of Dodge.

Production Nears For Dodge EVs

The Dodge Hornet nameplate first reached the masses all the way since the 2006 Geneva Motor Show as a unique concept for a crossover. With a box design that was favored among customers at the time, a future production version was never completed, until last year in 2021. Recently, new spy photographs display a new peek of one under development on the streets of Detroit. The Hornet that will go into production looks nothing like the initial concept from 2006. But, fascinating to note how some parallels are noted to the Alfa Romeo Tonale. We await the forthcoming Dodge Hornet crossover SUV product set to arrive by 2023, but we’re also ready to help customers find the right ride today.

The 2023 Dodge Hornet is still months from seeing a genuine reveal, but we’ll learn more as summer goes about what to anticipate and when this all-new Dodge Hornet entry will soar and leave us all stung.

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Now More Than Ever Is the Time To Drive Dodge

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody

The last time we told our readers to buy Dodge, we really meant that. As time has shown, this era of Dodge vehicles was second-to-none, but the remnants of that time from 2017-2020 still lingers a few years down the road with the current line of 2022 Dodge muscle options. Today, as we await the arrival of the Dodge muscle electric vehicle future due to debut at the end of summer, we know those final years of combustion gas powered Dodge muscle are running out. For those who really want to experience the remarkable power, pure adrenaline of heart racing speed and unmatched handling, speak to us about the process of driving a Dodge car today.

Hornet Nears Arrival

We know the future of Dodge involves the element of electric engineering, set to offer the promise of moving at high speeds without the decades of use given by traditional powertrains. We are ready to see them, but we don’t know them just yet. In fact, the name is not even known for what to expect for the first true muscle car of the 2020’s from Dodge. We have learned the Dodge Hornet nameplate is back, as an SUV of the electric variety. However, the Challenger and Charger nameplates have not been formally linked to a Dodge EV title anywhere. Will Dodge remain true to its past or offer a new line-up that differs from their longstanding heritage built over decades of production in both the Charger and Challenger models.

We’re Keeping SRT Alive

While some think the SRT (Street Racing Technology) found in the Hellcat and Hellcat Widebody will be altered or removed, we can say that is unlikely. As the brand grows, they are keen on keeping their massive fan base happy and appeased with greater perks and new technology, but not removing all aspects of what has made Dodge stand out. This could include even keeping some elements of traditional combustion being used but perhaps in a different way than ever used before. As the market stands today, we see the rival Ford Mustang is losing in total sales compared to the Dodge muscle that includes the Challenger and Charger. 

Something Exciting Comes Your Way 

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Dodge Ramping Up Production For 909 Horsepower Muscle Car

Night Dodge Miami Lakes Automall

Is it too late for Dodge to build and offer a stunning new and remarkable Dodge muscle car with wild horsepower abilities? Nope! As we were correct on our reporting, Dodge is about to declare their official strategies to offer consumers the most horsepower they’ve ever been able to drive off with from a stock, production muscle car. The days of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Dodge Demon and the follow-up with the 2019-2022 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye were excellent options, but we know the future of the brand involves promoting the electric vehicle mark with Dodge EV capabilities. So with all the perks that will come with these modern and currently new built vehicles, why would Dodge venture to deliver one last outlandish Dodge muscle car with the 909 horsepower? Well, to offer their loyal customers one last chance to enjoy the perks of V8 HEMI power thanks to its E85 gasoline required perks set to be offered for the 2023 Dodge Challenger. 

Breaking Down the E85 Fuel

This use of E85 fuel is known as “flex fuel” as its a mixture of both ethanol and gasoline, alas with a higher concentration of ethanol than the typical gasoline offered with regular fuel. The Dodge muscle car lineup requires this kind of juice to move as its thermal efficiency and fuel consumption require a more powerful burst. There’s exactly 69 more horsepower offered than its SRT Demon relative made nearly five years ago.    

When we imagine the future of Dodge vehicles, we await to see how powerful they evolve to be in this decade. We don’t have to linger any longer; this is the primetime most suitable for those who have held out. The threshold for street-legal vehicles offering this level of horsepower and torque was grown by Dodge and won’t get any more elevated from gasoline-powered muscle cars. This is due to combustion engines being removed for more fuel efficient rides. The way the gas pedal pushes down and the feeling of driving a gasoline-powered Dodge muscle car is striving to change for the first time soon as Dodge readies up for its EV takeoff. Now is the time to buy Dodge, and we’re proud to help make any and all Dodge dreams a reality at Miami Lakes Automall. Even if today is not the right time, pass by to see what we have to offer as more unexpected news for the Dodge brand is coming out next month.

More Thrilling Dodge Rides Will Be Revealed In August

The hype is growing for the Dodge fan base and worldwide community, as Dodge announced their intent to debut three new EVs during the Dodge Roadkill Nights event taking place in early August 2022. We look forward to ensuring a remarkable customer experience that will remain on the forefront of the mind when thinking about any vehicle we provide. On August 15th-17th, 2022, a brand new vehicle will be shown each day. This will be the first live appearance of the next-generation Dodge muscle car. Dodge will also show a gateway muscle product on the second day and end the event on August 17th, 2022 showing a new vehicle concept that aims to highlight the future muscle products coming down the pike.

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