A New Crossover Is Taking the Dodge Hornet Name

Photo Credit: Stellantis

The famed Dodge Hornet we reported about in earlier posts has come to light with new elements. The Alfa Romeo brand, a part of the group of brands from Stellantis, is going to see one of their vehicles function as the base for the vehicle. The Hornet nameplate, previously found on a 2006 Dodge mid-size SUV concept for a new crossover SUV, was created. The Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV, the crossover platform chosen for this Hornet ride, has had some photos shown from the manufacturer. We have witnessed the Alfa Romeo Tonale platform successfully carried over to the Dodge Hornet with changes. A rebadged creation is what we see for this new Dodge crossover that is foreseen to deliver 256 horsepower from a 2.0-Liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. This news shines a light on the all-new Dodge vehicle we learned was first demonstrated to be made about back in 2020. The production value for a new Dodge crossover would be huge. 

“I’m super excited about the future of electric because I think it’s what’s going to allow us to not fall off the cliff. Without that technology, without electrification. This is 1972 right now, this thing is going to end.” said Tim Kuniskis, CEO of Dodge.

More About the Stunning 2023 Dodge Hornet 

When taking a deep look into the interior of the crossover, we have seen the modifications that include a similar shape from the previous look, but we noticed some changes. The highlights are horizontal air vents, an infotainment touchscreen that looks like the Tonale, with a similar button layout. The 2006 Hornet concept is all but forgotten when comparing them both inside and out. Of course, even the Dodge CEO said a new PHEV Dodge option would arrive by 2024. We are not sure if this is the vehicle they might use, but Dodge is listed on this vehicle.

A Dodge brand name can be noticed on the red brake caliper, but the automaker has made sure to blur the lines that make the images of the vehicle a mystery. The dramatic change to the design is two new nostrils cut into the front hood with a look that draws quite a bit of attention. According to Mopar Insider, the report has said the expected production of the Dodge Hornet is set to see a production run that starts in Italy for the 2023 model year. The Dodge and Alfa Romeo brands are both adding EVs to their line-up and this crossover might be the right contender to raise the bar high with its debut. This crossover hybrid would be an instantaneous magnet for customers looking for a new vehicle. We know Dodge continues to develop changes to their vehicles, as we expect the Hornet to be no different, but it will have massive strength and world-class engineering. 

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Dodge Will Change the Opinion of What EVs Are By Next Year

Dodge has known the competition has grown in the last few years in the EV segment. While the Dodge brand currently doesn’t have any EV vehicles currently; this is about to change.  Many automakers have recently created some short-term noise during this month’s Super Bowl, also known as an annual A-list commercial event. Dodge is ready to pounce later this year with an electric muscle car that will be a first for the automotive industry. Some brands are trying to put a new EV vehicle out there, a common error of hoping to enrich their portfolio without making a real impactful launch. Here are some of the ways that have helped Dodge do things differently than the competition has in 2022.

Reshaping the Electric Vehicle Dynamic

Mayn EVs are simply not exciting enough to establish ownership with buyers. Dodge is setting up the timing for the release of their brand new muscle car; the first of its kind. This will help to build growth for the brand. As their focus to put together this industry first muscle EV, they knew the brand would have to have customers learn they were not removing any horsepower just for the sake of an electrified power. They are currently promoting a new marketing campaign titled “24 Months of Muscle” to hype customers up about their current lineup of V8s.

“The electrification movement, the infotainment movement, the autonomous movement — it’s getting more interesting. You look at it as a mature industry but it’s actually quite the opposite. It’s evolving more than ever. The current suite of EVs out there tend to be a little bit bland and uninspiring — great performing vehicles but not necessarily heart-pumping in the cultural or aesthetical sense. So trying to find a way to make them desirable and affordable,” said Ralph Gilles, Chief Design Officer of Stellantis

Anticipation Grows Ahead of Concept Debut 

As of February 2022, the nameplate for the electric muscle car is unknown, but a Challenger or Charger nameplate is an expected choice for name recognition. Whichever comes first, we will see. Dodge sales are doing better than ever after leading all other muscle brands in 2021. Stellantis is moving all their respective brands towards an electrified push. By spring time next year the portfolio for Dodge will look vastly different than what we offer now. Dodge could offer vehicles with range extending trims, which would be an industry first as well. That’s the path fellow Stellantis brand Ram is making by giving customers a leg up on the competition. For those who know their daily drives are shorter, they might be interested to opt out of the less range effective trim offering. The details are yet to be fully revealed for the next generation of Dodge vehicles, but they are bound to renew the dominance Dodge has started this decade establishing

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Dodge Finally Adds New In-Line Engine Option Over HEMI V8s

Dodge is dashing ahead to gain a substantial leverage point beyond the competition. The first electric muscle car the world has ever witnessed is one way, but another action being driven is the proper approach to replace its aged HEMI V8s with a more practical and efficient all-wheel-drive, inline-six engine. Will we see these changes being made at the 2022 New York Auto Show? This could be a realistic chance, after all this is another move from the 24 Months of Muscle rollout that has started for the Dodge brand.. 

Dodge Returning To the Big Apple For 2022 New York Auto Show

The great return of the massive automotive event is set to enjoy a week-long run for the first time since 2019, since the days before COVID. The next action is set for a Stellantis and Dodge backing of its next powertrain. The date we are lingering for is April 15th through April 24, 2022. The next chance Dodge gets to show off the new wave of new Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger muscle cars, they will. We know the Dodge brand is revving towards a decisive push just as they did last year to produce the top-selling muscle car mark for the first time with the reborn Dodge Challenger. The famed Dodge Challenger was brought back and has enjoyed a lengthy run from 2008 now. A patent has been recorded for Stellantis. Dodge has been operating on adding these new in-line six engines as part of the five-year strategy made back in 2018. This is a report we’ve tracked for more than three years.

Dodge Customers Can’t Wait For the New EV

Dodge is creating a new EV line-up that comes with PHEV choices, notable not only for their muscle cars but new changes are coming out for fans of muscle cars to appreciate shortly. To begin 2022, the Dodge brand is bringing out new appearance packages for buyers. The HEMI Orange and SRT Black appearance package create a surprising dry jet black body color paint that has an immaculate finish. The loud look of the HEMI Orange adds orange accents outside the muscle car with full-length orange accent stripe that goes bumper to bumper. Orange stitching can be discovered on the flat-bottom steering wheel, console lid, instrument panel, across the doors and armrests, plus the shifter boot. Review the newest Dodge muscle cars that are prepared for these customers at Miami Lakes Automall.

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Dodge Delivered 25 Dodge SRT Vehicles To Lucky Winners

258 Miami Lakes Automall

Dodge has put together a pleasant surprise with its marketing effort known as Operation 25//8. The promotion included a team of 25 ambassadors across multiple platforms from automotive, to entertainment in music and fashion, to the world of sports in an effort to each give away a new Dodge SRT vehicle. This all took place over the final two months of 2021. Customers today know how much faster the Dodge Challenger has become as of late. The Dodge brand has surged ahead of rivals to finish in first place among all muscle car sales last year. 

Gaining the Dodge Experience

We are not absolutely certain about the exact specifications but looking at photos and coupled with the press release, all the selected cars will be packing supercharged HEMI V8 engines. The Dodge Hellcat spec or more elevated for these Chargers, Challengers, and even the Dodge Durango SUV. Amazon was one business that gave away a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. This respective winner is the lone one that hasn’t been revealed yet. As for the other 25 winners, they were all revealed with their first name and the first letter of their surname only. This is not to be confused with the “24 Months of Muscle” Dodge campaign. We are happy to announce the names of the lucky winners for this Dodge experience.

These People Earned the Fastest Dodge Products

The winners of the Dodge SRT giveaway includes; Lorenzo P from (Nashville, TN), Blake J (Olive Branch, MS), Jamarion T (Hillside, IL), Joshua G (San Antonio, TX), Katie J (Anoka, MN), Patrick N (Pittsburgh, PA), James S (Morgantown, IN), Regan C (Tacoma, WA), Stefon G (San Diego, CA), Lizbeth M (Spokane, WA), Kaylynn P (Roseville, MI), Kjetil S (Talkeetna, AK), Isaac S (Staten Island, NY), Christopher D (Strongsville, OH), Jenn C (Wentzville, MO), Doug P (Granite City, IL), Jeremiah K (San Antonio, TX), Jeremy H (Cuero, TX), Laith K (Bentonville, AR), Raimundo L (Richmond, TX), MaKayla D (Carlisle, KY), Nate C (Austin, MN), Becky D (Tallahassee, FL), Isaiah C (Travelers Rest, SC). They are all positive about their new ride, no doubt!

Intriguing to note, Dodge is still exploring for a Chief Donut Maker. Yes, that’s a real title. They are going to choose the hire sometime after February 28, 2022. That winner will become a part-time brand ambassador for the carmaker, a side gig that will supply them $150,000 to showcase all the pleasure of the Dodge SRT Hellcat trim experience. 

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