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Dodge Family Cars and Specialties

Miami Lakes Dodge Car FamilyWhen on the road with family, there are a lot of things the modern driver takes into consideration. Will there be enough room for everyone and everything? Will I be able to keep the kids entertained on long drives? Is my car safe enough if an accident were to occur? These are the questions that pass through our mind when we have precious cargo on board. To give families vehicles that will take care all of their needs,  Dodge has 3 vehicles that answer all of those questions with “Yes.”

Storage and Seating Space

Three family cars by Dodge have plenty of space. First off, the Dodge Grand Caravan, Dodge Journey (all trims but the Journey SE), and Dodge Durango all have a seating capacity of seven passengers. Moreover, each of these vehicles has a variety of ways to store cargo.

The Dodge Grand Caravan has the famous Stow ‘n Go seating. This design allows drivers to fold up not just the second, but also the third row into the floor of the van, opening up a total of 140 cubic feet of storage space. With a family unit average of 4-5 people, there’s enough room for everyone in the front and second row, and then space for cargo with the third row folded down.

In addition to the convenient easy fold-down seats, when the seats are not folded down, there is plenty of storage room in the bins that would store the seats. These bins offer plenty of out-of-the-way storage space for beach things, camping equipment or even a safety kit.

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Dodge Charger v Ford Mustang

Comparison: Dodge Charger v Ford Mustang

Miami Lakes Dodge Charger Ford MustangThere’s no hiding the fact that a Ford Mustang and a Dodge Charger are both American muscle cars, and they are both chosen for speed. Though the two vehicles may seem similar for that reason, there are actually a lot of differences between the two if you take a close look. For this article however, we’re focusing on the most basic trim for each.


Both vehicles feature V6 engines, but they differ in engine sub-type. A 3.6L 24-valve VVT V6 engine is standard in the Dodge Charger; it’s an engine designed to open or close the valve earlier to improve performance and fuel economy. A 3.7L Ti-VCT engine, which is standard in the Ford Mustang is similar but it operates based on a twin-independent variable camshaft system, also to increase performance.

Coming in at 300 horsepower, the Ford Mustang is capable of generating about 8 more horsepower than the Dodge Charger’s 292 horsepower engine.

The Dodge Charger has a slightly better fuel economy than the Mustang. The Charger gets an average of 19 MPG when in the city and 31 MPG when on the highway and the Ford Mustang averages 17 MPG in the city and 28 MPG on the highway.
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Dodge Hellcat 900HP

900HP Dodge Challenger-SRT Hellcat

Dodge Hellcat 900HP900-horsepower?! People have been tinkering with their cars for years, trying to increase horsepower and pushing the limits of their engines. Dodge owners are no different. And, maybe even the 707-horsepower Hellcat engine may not feel like enough to some! The guys from the Hot Rod Network took on the challenge with the Dodge SRT Hellcat. The owner of a Dodge Charger, a family sedan I may add, also gave their car some fine tuning and turned it into the first Hellcat Charger to hit 900-horsepower.

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2017 Special Edition Viper Models Sold Out


Production of the Dodge Viper began in the 90s, and sadly, it is coming to an end. It’s been 25 years since the Viper’s original debut and Dodge recently released the last five special-edition 2017 models.

The models were released in June, and all of them sold out quicker than anyone could have imagined. And, when we say quick, we mean in the matter of minutes for some of the models, and just two days for some of the others. The 2017 special-edition models include: the Dodge Viper GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR; the Dodge Viper 1:28 Edition ACR; the Dodge Viper VoooDoo II Edition; the Dodge Viper Snakeskin Edition GTC; and finally the Dodge Dealer Edition Viper ACR. Read the rest of this entry >>

2015 Dodge Viper

Five Final Dodge Viper Models Before It’s No More

2015 Dodge Viper

***The five editions have already sold out. A sixth edition will be added mid-July, but only 30 units worth**

Attention all Dodge Viper fans, attention! Production on the beloved Dodge Viper is coming to an end. In late June, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) announced that the 2017 Dodge Viper model will be the last Viper model year. In 2017, the Viper will have been manufactured for 25 years, and in its final goodbye, five special-edition models will help wave it off.

The Viper supercar is notorious for having an on-again off-again relationship with Dodge, having been once times before, but this is expected to be the final goodbye.

Since the Viper’s initial debut in 1991, over 30,000 Vipers have been built and sold, but in recent years, sales have slowed down and whether continuation of the Viper model was a viable option for production became the topic of discussion within the FCA. In 2015, a contract between FCA and the United Automobile Workers (UAW) was drawn up for future production plans, detailing vehicle production and upgrades. The Dodge Viper was left out of such plans.

Over the years, the Viper has gone through many changes. The first generation of Viper cars lasted a decade. In 2002, it underwent a major design change to better improve its handling, and was initially a convertible, with the 2006 Viper SRT-10 coupe introduced in 2005 at the Detroit Auto Show. As mentioned, this isn’t the first discontinuation, because back in 2009, it was announced that Viper production would end in the following summer. It returned in 2013, but as of September 2015 only 500 Vipers were sold, 200 less than the previous year.

Currently in production are five special-edition Vipers that will pay tribute to past renditions of the Viper over the last 25 years. Check ‘em out.
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New "classic" Dodge Challenger available at Miami Lakes Automall

Collector Car Appreciation Day: “New” Classic Cars

New "classic" Dodge Challenger available at Miami Lakes Automall
July 8 is Car Collector Appreciation Day so we are going to be taking a look at three different ways to own an American muscle classic car.

New car, old features

Restored or well-maintained classic cars are expensive, so sometimes buying a new classic, might be the way to go. The Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang both feature the classic body style of the models produced back in the day, and if you keep it for life, one day it will also be a classic.

In 2015, the Ford Mustang went through an exterior redesign and several features used on classic Mustangs were incorporated in the redesign. The most notable classic feature to return to the modern Mustangs was the fastback body style reminiscent of ‘60s Ford Mustang models.

In 2008, the Dodge Challenger returned to the market and featured a body similar to that of the 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T. Not only does the vehicle look good, but it features all of the new tech features that weren’t available in the ‘70s. Read the rest of this entry >>


Auto Sales + Deals This 4th of July Weekend


Happy 4th of July from us at Miami Lakes Automall! In the spirit of the Fourth of July and summer, we have several sales and manufacturer incentives available. No matter your budget, we have something for you!


Miami Lakes Automall is offering a summer clearance event through Tuesday, July 5. There are great deals going on you won’t want to miss. Come down to Miami Lakes and check out what Dodge vehicles we have for sale, including this special sale on a 2014 Dodge Avenger.


Now is a great time to be a Kia owner! Kia just earned the top honors in the annual J.D. Power Initial Quality Study and this is the last chance to cash in on Kia’s Summer’s On Us sale because the sale ends Tuesday, July 5. Read the rest of this entry >>