2016 Dodge Challenger Sales Are Off to a Great Start


For muscle cars like the 2016 Dodge Challenger, there will always be haters. The Camaro and Mustang owners will always show disdain for this car because of it’s weight, or the fact that it’s consistently third in the muscle car sales chart. But, they are ignoring the fact that it’s also the fastest of the three — the new 2015/2016 Hellcat SRT is the fastest muscle car ever produced— and since the refreshed model has come out, sales have continued to go up.

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More than Power: Why We Love the Dodge Charger’s Interior


Most car buyers are pursuing a Dodge Charger for its performance capabilities, but the 2016 model should be recognized for so much more, including it’s interior. The muscle car’s cabin includes plenty of luxury amenities, like heated seats and an impressive BeatsAudio Sound System. Plus, the vehicle delivers a surprising amount of cargo room.

Instead of focusing on the vehicle’s engine and mechanics, let’s shift our focus to the inside of the vehicle. Continue reading to understand why this car’s cabin stands out from similar vehicles. When you’ve finished, you’ll recognize that you should be pursuing a Dodge Charger in Miami

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2016 Dodge Challenger: An Unmatched Driving Experience


If you’re looking to buy a new sports car, you’re certainly expecting one attribute: power. Sure, the exterior may be stylish and the interior includes plenty of comfort features, but you expect your new ride to outrace any other vehicle on the road.

Of course, it can be difficult to handle that fast new vehicle, and you rarely find a car that possesses excellent power with excellent drivability. Fortunately, Dodge’s engineers have discovered the formula for successfully juggling speed and handling, and they flexed their newfound abilities with the 2016 Challenger. The vehicle is certainly fast, but drivers will never feel out of control. Plus, the unit is even fuel efficient, meaning you can actually enjoy driving your vehicle (as opposed to constantly stopping for refills).

Before you go shopping for a Dodge Challenger in Miami, see why the vehicle is one of the top performers in the sports car segment…

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Why The Dodge Challenger Continues to Set Record Sales


The Dodge Challenger continues to establish sales records. After having set personal highs in recent years, the nameplate seems to be on track for another record-breaking year in 2016 (according to The Daily Sun Knoxville). The 5,085 units sold in January was a new monthly high for the company, but there were another 5,585 Challengers sold in February, meaning the record books needed to be rewritten for a second month in a row!

Sure, the vehicle’s sales numbers may trail those of rival vehicles (including the Chevy Camaro and the Ford Mustang), but it still witnessed the best year-over-year sales growth among the trio, jumping eight percent (compared to a two-percent growth for the Mustang and three-percent for the Camaro).

We can’t solely attribute these growing sales to increased advertising or more mainstream recognition. The engineers of the 2016 Dodge Challenger have continued to revamp their vehicle, and customers are starting to catch on…

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