Don’t “Dodge” These Gems – The Dodge Durango and Journey

2015 Dodge Durango

This winter take a stand against ordinary and head to your local Miami Dodge dealership to check out the line up that will make your commuting experience, and vacation experience, outstanding.

Drivers everywhere are raving about the excellence and ingenuity found in Dodge products, and now more than ever is the time to take advantage of the great savings to be found in excellent Dodge quality and Miami Lakes’ service with a purpose.

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2016 Challenger Safety Rankings and Trim Highlights

Dodge Dealerships in Miami

The Dodge Challenger has been around since 1958. While it’s production may have been sporadic since it was first introduced, the sports car has made incredible waves in the automotive community. Dodge dealerships in Miami and around the United States have been selling Challengers as quickly as they appear on showroom floors. The Challenger is a direct rival of the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, but has distinct advantages over both. The newest rendition of the Challenger is the 2016 model, which is slated to arrive at dealerships this fall. Read the rest of this entry >>

2016 Dodge Charger Pursuit Integrates Uconnect System


For the first time ever, Dodge’s Uconnect system will be integrated with law enforcement’s computer system to upgrade their Charger Pursuit; America’s high performance police vehicle.

Designed by police officers for police officers, this integrated system is accessed via computer which stays tucked away in the trunk and is displayed on the segment’s largest 12-inch touchscreen located on the center instrument panel.

This touchscreen will eliminate the need for the officer’s laptop in the car which also eliminated the need for oversized bulky components that can be unsafe and contribute to disorganization. The 12.1-inch touchscreen is about the same size as a laptop and will be able to provide and pull up all the necessary information for police officers when responding to a call or reporting a traffic violation.

This segment-exclusive integration will further ensure that Dodge will be able to provide our everyday heroes with the proper tools and most secure vehicles to succeed in their job.  Your Dodge dealership in Miami knows how important it is to provide security for our officers so they, in turn, can provide safety for us.

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(Fondly) Remembering the Dodge Neon


The year was 2007. I was a sophomore in high school and just recently turned 16 years old. Naturally, I wanted my own car, but I also didn’t have the money to afford my own wheels. Eventually, with some help from my parents and family friends, I came across a 2000 Chrysler Neon. The compact front-wheel drive car would serve as the setting for some great high school memories, and I’m pretty sure it’s still being used by my mom’s hairdresser (my parents sold it off once I went to college).

There’s no denying that it was a reliable car, so allow me to reminisce for the next 1,000 words or so. In fact, when you’re finished reading the review, you may be inclined to visit your local Dodge dealership in Miami. Even if you’re not targeting a Neon, you’ll still be impressed with the company’s impressive selection of vehicles…

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The Force is at Dodge Dealerships in Miami

It has been almost three years since Walt Disney Studios purchased the Star Wars franchise from Lucasfilm, and fans are just now beginning to get the inside scoop on how the new movies will look. When Disney launches a new film franchise, they truly think of everything. When their latest public marketing stunt got the attention of our Dodge Dealership in Miami, we just had to share it with you!

Dodge Charger StormtrooperA New Kind of Dodge Charger
Whether you have been a Star Wars fan since it was first released, or are a new convert to the legendary franchise – chances are, you have mixed emotions regarding the Disney-Star Wars merger. After seeing what the Disney Studio and Mattel did this past weekend to promote the film, you may have a change of heart.

The famed toy company, Mattel, is working tirelessly to create a fleet of Hot Wheels cars to resemble the bad guys from the upcoming Star Wars film. In an effort to create buzz around their newest product, Mattel created an entire fleet of Dodge Chargers to look like Stormtroopers from Star Wars. These all-white Chargers feature black-painted wheels, black out grilles, and unique angled black stripes to resemble the helmet of a Star Wars Stormtrooper.

The Force Hits the Streets of NYC
Taking the next logical step, Mattel released the Stormtroopers on the streets of New York City, for Uber drivers to surprise their customers with. Not only did Star Wars fans get the chance to ride in one of the most iconic American-made sports cars, they were treated to a real piece of Star Wars franchise history. The lucky Uber drivers of New York City who were able to drive these special-edition Dodge Chargers will be some of the only people to know what it is like to drive a life-size version of a Stormtrooper Hot Wheels car. The 1:64 scale rendition of the Dodge Charger Stormtroopers are being sold in stores now.

All-New 2016 Charger Coming Soon
The Dodge Charger has been on American roadways since it was first produced in 1966, and has been a staple in the muscle car segment ever since. Drivers who are interested in taking the life-size Dodge Charger for a ride, can head to their Dodge dealership in Miami today. The 2016 Dodge Charger is hitting showroom floors later this year, and is completely redesigned for the latest model year. Don’t miss checking out the latest edition of this iconic sports car.

Dodge Durango and Dodge Journey

2016 Dodge Durango

Dodge is one of the original players in the American automotive market. First formed in 1900 and known as the Dodge Brothers Company, Dodge was originally a supplier or assemblies and parts for other Detroit-based automotive makers. Starting in 1915, Dodge made the transition, and began building their own vehicles. Over time, the Dodge automotive brand has been under the ownership of different companies, including the Chrysler Corporation. Today, Dodge is still manufacturing reliable cars, trucks, and SUVs right here in America, and selling all over the United States, including at your very own Miami Dodge dealership

Two of Dodge’s most practical vehicles are the Dodge Durango, and Dodge Journey. Both vehicles seem similar to the naked eye, but each one offers its own unique take on the ever-expanding SUV segment. Despite some confusion, the Durango and Journey are both distinctly different vehicles, and each bring their own unique talents to their respective segments. Here at Miami Lakes Dodge, we are committed to bringing you information regarding the latest in automotive news, and information. Today, we are exploring the ways in which the Dodge Durango and Dodge Journey are different, and why one may appeal more strongly to you than the other.

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The Next Dodge Charger Has Alfa Ambitions


Exciting news from the creative, cutting-edge crew at Fiat-Chrysler!

Word on the street, or at least from the recent automotive dealer’s meeting in Las Vegas, is that the upcoming Dodge Charger will have throwback looks and a very special shared platform.

Given how little we know right now, the release date feels far away, but we’re excited to see the new Dodge Charger, built on an Alfa Romeo platform, at our Miami Dodge dealership sometime in the future.

That’s right…this new platform will give the new Dodge Charger some alpha-dog edge.

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Goes Like Hell: The Dodge Dart?!?

Dodge Dart R/T Mopar Concept

Word on the street is that Dodge will release a GLH, or “Goes Like Hell” version of the Dart. According to Motor Authority, Dodge introduced the potential Dodge Dart GLH package at the Fiat-Chrysler dealer meeting hosted in Las Vegas.

Evidently, the GLH package will potentially equip the Dart with a turbocharged engine, enhance the car’s overall performance, and be available for all the Dodge Dart trim levels found at your Dodge dealership Miami.

If these rumors become a reality, you’ll be able to “Go Like Hell” for less than $20,000.

Until then, let’s take a look at the current Dodge Dart lineup and check out your options.

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