4 Outstanding Safety Features From Dodge


While most of us have varied tastes in what we want in a vehicle, we can all agree we want our vehicle to have the most advanced safety features. Not only will this give us peace of mind, it can help protect us when driving on slick road surfaces or in the unfortunate event of a collision.

We here at Miami Lakes Dodge take great pride in letting you know that Dodge equips all their vehicles with the most advanced safety additions. When you visit us, your local Dodge dealership in Miami, we can help you learn more about all these unique features. In the meantime, here is a look at four of the most helpful safety features from Dodge.

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3 Things to Consider Before Buying an Extended Auto Warranty

Buying Car Warranty Louisville KY

Extended auto warranties have caught on in recent years because they offer peace of mind and financial protection in the event your vehicle breaks down. How these work is they take the place of the manufacturer’s warranty when it expires to provide protection should covered components in your vehicle fail.

While these policies can be easy to understand, it’s important to know what to look for before deciding to commit to one. Here is a look at three things to be mindful of when deciding which coverage and provider is right for you.

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Why December is an Excellent Time to Buy a Dodge


If you have been considering a newer vehicle, the end of the year is an excellent time to buy one. With your local Dodge dealership in Miami offering great incentives, you can get into a new Dodge vehicle for less! Here are just some of the many reasons why December is a good time to get a new Dodge.

Excellent Inventory

At the end of the year, dealerships have a great selection of both the current and newer year models. With a better selection means a greater opportunity for you to receive the vehicle that best matches your needs. In addition, with many newer models flooding into dealerships, you may be able to take advantage of more flexible pricing, according to USAA.

Exceptional Incentives

Currently, Dodge is running their Big Finish 2014 event. This means if you qualify, you can receive 0% APR for 72 months on Dodge’s latest models, provided you take delivery before January 5, 2015.

Further, now is an excellent time to lease Dodge’s newest vehicles. For example, well-qualified buyers can lease the 2015 Dodge Dart for only $159 a month. This is an incredible value considering the Dart is the most award-winning vehicle in its class.

Opportunity to Experience New Models

December is the time to see the newest models from Dodge. Of note is the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. This car exceeds your performance dreams, with its astonishing 707-horsepower output. Along with performance, it is the perfect match of iconic styling and modern technology to make it a dream car.

Ultimately, there are many reasons to visit us this month to buy your next vehicle. When you stop by, our team will work hard to help you find the best match for you. Moreover, our knowledgeable finance team will work hard to put together the best deal for you, so you can drive a new Dodge with affordable terms. If you are ready to experience the service you deserve, be sure to stop by and visit us today!

3 Best Dodge Vehicles to Test Drive


When shopping for a new car, one brand you should take a closer look at is Dodge. Dodge is delivering the performance power enthusiasts want, the iconic design muscle car fans love and the safety features that give families peace of mind. Whether you are looking for a spacious SUV or a car that will melt the asphalt, Dodge has you covered.

When you visit your local Dodge dealership, you will have the opportunity to experience Dodge’s unique vehicle line for yourself. While there, be sure to test drive these three models, as they will give you a better idea of just what Dodge can offer you.

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Jay Leno Gives U.S. Hero a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat


Car enthusiast Jay Leno wanted to do something special for a brave member of the U.S. military. During his latest USO trip to Afghanistan and other parts of the Middle East, Leno entertained the troops and had a unique surprise for one special serviceman.

Leno had an idea to give a member of our military a gift as a thank you for their service. After searching through a pool of worthy candidates, Leno selected Cpl. Ethan Laberge. Laberge was on foot patrol when a suicide bomber drove up in a motorcycle and detonated himself, killing two of Laberge’s friends who were with him on patrol.

Laberge suffered a bevy of injuries from shrapnel wounds, including arm and leg injuries. In addition, he had brain injuries incurred from the blast. Over the past year alone, he has had 10 surgeries to correct the damage done on that terrible day and he still suffers from lingering pain. He told Leno that he doesn’t know how well he will recover.

While on tour, Leno discovered one of the ways he could bond with the servicemen and servicewomen is through their love of automobiles, particularly muscle cars. With this in mind, Leno brought the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and gave Laberge a test drive in this engineering marvel of power.

After taking Laberge for an exhilarating spin on country roads and having him take over the reins to experience the amazing performance of this muscle car, Leno had another surprise in store. To thank Laberge for this service and sacrifice to our country, Leno decided to give the car to Laberge. You can witness this touching moment below during NBC’s The Today Show where you will learn more about Laberge’s story and his reaction when Leno hands him the keys.


If you would like to learn more about the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, please be sure to visit us at Miami Lakes Dodge. We want to be your Dodge dealer of choice by offering you an excellent selection of new models including the SRT Hellcat with attentive service to make your buying experience a pleasant one.

2015_dodge_journey-Used Dodge Dealership

Dodge Journey: A Unique Kind of Crossover

2015_dodge_journey-Used Dodge Dealership

The Dodge Journey offers cultivated functionality that’s unrivaled by any other vehicle on the market. It provides the practicality of a minivan without the look and feel of a dedicated soccer practice schlepper.

When it first arrived on the scene, some consumers were unsure about what to make of its unique design. But now drivers have had a chance to visit their favorite used Dodge dealership and experience its smooth ride and outstanding utility.

It is quickly becoming a top choice for buyers who are looking for serious versatility. With an affordable price sticker, an award-winning engine, and great fuel economy ratings, the Journey is a prime package for people in the crossover market.

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