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Top 5 Chrysler Vehicles Of All Time

The All-American Chrysler brand was founded by Walter Chrysler in 1925 when the Maxwell Motor Company let go of its controlling interest. Eventually, the new automaker gained much respect as being part of the U.S. Big Three for car manufacturers, from then on it evolved its strategies, styles and changed its name a few more times due to merging. Eventually, the brand became known as the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles that we all know and love today.

At the moment, it might appear that Chrysler is only good enough for its minivans, and although they are quite soccer mom-tastic, nothing could be further from the truth. The brand has made cars in a variety of different formats such as with its current full-size 300, as well as SUVs, sedans, and convertibles in previous years. While we can’t cover all of their incredible models on this list, we can give you their Top 5 Vehicles Of All Time.

2007-2009 Chrysler Aspen

No, your eyes aren’t fooling you, this ladies and gentlemen isn’t another mini, but a full-sized SUV produced by the brand. The Chrysler Aspen truck was designed from the inspiration of the Dodge Durango. The idea was to create a healthy marriage between a strong and robust SUV with posh variants. Unfortunately, this ritzy concept just wasn’t enough to entice buyers, as the prices weren’t too budget-friendly and the sales just didn’t show much promise. The truck finally met its demise in 2009.

2017- Chrysler Pacifica

This revived minivan is considered a youngster of this list, as its debut was only three years ago, and it seems to have been making well rounds in its segment. Its 3.6-liter V6 engine has a quite mighty engine choice with 287 horsepower, while its 2020 hybrid model can push up to 32 miles solely on electric power. The advanced entertainment and safety features also add on top of the reasons why this car has received a number of awards from the automotive industry and other companies.

1987-1995 LeBaron Convertible

Unlike generations before it, this 1987 LeBaron proved that the third generation was a charm with its incredible aerodynamic capabilities. Shying far away from its previous boxy style, into a more sporty and collected one you might find in your favorite 80’s Rom-Com. Though it certainly wasn’t built for drag racing, it won several in ARCA from 1988-1998. Eventually, the convertible was swapped with the automaker’s Cirrus, a.k.a cloud cars.

2005- Chrysler 300

Believe it or not, the Chrysler 300 still lives, but whether or not it’s actually thriving depends on your perspective. Despite ongoing rumors for the past few years about the sedan’s retirement, the automaker still thinks that this early 2000’s powerhouse has a lot to offer. The main reason is likely due to its infamous V8 engine option which provides a drive that is simply off the charts. It’s currently Chrysler’s only luxury model, though its price isn’t too over-the-top compared to other luxury cars from competing brands.

1940-1996 Chrysler New Yorker

This full-sized Chrysler model is known as one of the longest-running American nameplates. During its heyday, this car served as the brand’s flagship model. Its 1938 trim level “New York Special” aided in defining its name and eventually helped define the company as a maker of upscale models. Ultimately lasting 56 years as it fought the good fight during its moments of it being a best-seller and others when sales were few and far between.

Miami Lakes Chrysler

The Chrysler Pacifica and Chrysler 300 are still going strong, both of these models are very different but are very accommodating for a variety of different needs. Miami Lakes Automall is currently selling both of these models with an extensive list of trims. Those who are interested in any of these vehicles simply view our online new car inventory and chat with a representative for further assistance.

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The 2021 Chrysler 300 Is Still The All-American Dream


Time and time again, automotive critics continue to underestimate the All-American Chrysler 300 sedan, meanwhile, this car has been able to stand the test of time and its been doing so since 2005 due to its powerful V8 engine option, all-wheel-drive, and enjoyable cabin ride. It appears that the automaker has the “If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It” approach, but that doesn’t mean it’s outdated. As with each model year, new technological updates and very minute design changes are added to make sure that this ol’ crooner still stays hip.

New Features for the 2021 Chrysler 300 includes blind-spot monitoring and parking sensors added on the Touring L, standard Red S Appearance package on 300S, new Comfort Group options bundle as well as a new Popular Equipment package.

Driving and Engine

The standard 3.6-liter V6 engine has gained immense respect in the automotive industry. This award-winning machine brings out 292 horsepower on the Touring and Touring L models, and 300 on the 300S. On top of this, the V6 gets a liberal amount of torque, making the perfect companion for sweeping in and out of rush hour traffic. 

Those who upgrade to the powerful and fearless 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine on the 300S will zoom off on 363 horsepower with 394 lb-ft of torque. This engine teams up with a rear-wheel-drive system, however, all-wheel-drive can serve as an option on the Touring and Touring L trims for the V6-engine.

An 8-speed automatic transmission is used for the 2021 300, but one can also choose the manual shift mode, especially since it allows for much better performance. It’s recommended to use Premium fuel for the V8, but both engines function just fine on regular unleaded.

Overall, the drive is highly energetic and great with handling. Of course, opting for the V8 engine will give you a more exciting experience by far and with the help of the 8-speed transmission, the ride flows nice and smooth, then even more so with the Sport mode.


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the overall styling is pretty much the same as it was in 2005, but it wouldn’t be a Chrysler classic if it wasn’t! Its design looks like something your rich boss might be driving as he’s on his way to meet his rich yacht buddies. There are some subtle design elements that one might appreciate, such as the blacked-out detailing on the 300S. Additionally, the automaker offers Sport Appearance and Chrome Appearance packages on the entry-level 300 Touring, with both introducing 20-inch alloy wheels.


The 2021 Chrysler is as just as much of a looker on the inside as it is on the outside. First off, passengers are immediately swallowed up by the 300’s large interior, and the same goes for their luggage with 16-cubic feet worth of space. The materials on the dashboard and the seats look swanky in their own right, but let’s be honest, the Sport Appearance adds that extra oomph in order to really make the aesthetics pop. The addition of the analog clock, rotary gear selector, and a 7-inch instrument cluster gives the interior an even more sophisticated feel.

Standard and Optional Features

As previously mentioned, although Chrysler prefers to keep a more traditional style, it adds subtle touches to make the car more modern. On the other hand, when it comes to its technologies, its quality is nothing short of state-of-the-art. Standard features include dual-zone climate control, keyless entry/ignition, cloth upholstery, 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, dash-mounted analog clock, leather-wrapped steering wheel, split/folding rear seat, and 17-inch alloy wheels. The infotainment system has an 8.4-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto smartphone integration, two USB ports, Bluetooth phone/audio, AM/FM/HD/satellite radio, voice control, and a 6-speaker audio system…and that’s just for the base model.

The Touring L model features blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, front/rear parking sensors, self-dimming driver’s-side exterior mirror, 18-inch alloy wheels, heated front seats, Nappa leather upholstery, remote start, and LED fog lights. Meanwhile, the 300S adds on paddle shifters and a performance-tuned suspension.

Some highlighting available features include the new Popular Equipment and Comfort Group. The Popular Equipment tacks on navigation, SiriusXM traffic updates, a 9-speaker/506-watt surround-sound system, and a dual-pane panoramic sunroof, while the Comfort Group includes self-leveling headlights, memory settings, ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, heat steering wheel, powered rear sunshade, and LED-illuminated rear cup holders.

Miami Lakes Automall

The arrival of the 2021 Chrysler 300 is scheduled for later this year, more specifically by the Fall of 2020. When it finally does make its debut, be sure to purchase this automotive treasure at Miami Lakes Automall, we have an impressive selection of Chrysler models that are more than ideals for families. Those who are interested in any of our models can simply view our online new car inventory and chat with a representative for further assistance.

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Who Wore It Better? The 1955 Chrysler 300 vs 2020 Chrysler 300


The All-American Chrysler 300 warmed its way into our hearts upon its first appearance in 2005, but it wasn’t the first luxury sedan created by the famous minivan brand. Apart of their “letter series”, the 1955 Chrysler C-300 came onto the scene centered on performance made by U.S manufacturers after World War II.  After this, it used the 300 name for performance sedans in 1999 for the 300M and again for the current generation for the V-8 powered 300C models. 

It may seem a bit unfair to compare cars with such vast time spans, but sometimes that element of nostalgia is necessary in order to learn from where we started. It’s a battle of old school versus new with the 1955 Chrysler C-300 and 2020 300C!

1955 Chrysler C-300

The iconic Chrysler C-300 took the automotive world by storm with its game-changing specs and performance upon its debut. Considered mind-blowing back then as it has a 300 horsepower 5.4-liter HEMI “Firepower” V8 engine. Certainly considered the most thunderous American car in its day, and played a significant role in the “muscle car movement” during the 1950s through the ’60s. 

In combination with making the Flying Mile record at a measurement of 127.58 mph (205.32 km/h) and proving triumphant in NASCAR, it was soon used to advertise as the “world’s fastest stock car” or sometimes referred to as “The Banker’s Hot Rod”!

The Initial Reception

$4,100 may sound like a steal to some, but back then, this was considered a hefty amount, therefore, the C-300 was considered to be a luxury vehicle. This model received great acclaim and soon much business for the company for the next 10 plus years.

In the beginning, this car attracted attention due to its rarity in its type of make and gave Chrysler a reputation as the top dog of muscle cars. The brand’s 300 “letter series”, which were successive models given the next letter of the alphabet as a suffix, was considered a big hit. However, by the time the Chrysler 300H come out, and others following this, interest was soon lost, especially since a lot of the models didn’t have much distinction between them, and it was a little too late by the time the styling was finally updated for the 300J. The company tried to re-strategize again by diluting the features and making the price more reasonable with their 300L model, however, it still proved not to be enough, marking the end for the series for quite some time.

2020 Chrysler 300

Decades after the end of the “letter series” reign, Chrysler debuted the revamped 300 model at the 2003 New York International Auto Show, with a modern interpretation of the C-300. It showed off its large grille and hood, as well as its low roofline. The re-establishment of the 300 models proved to be worth it, as it enjoyed a great deal of success in the mid-2000s and also gained popularity among high-profile celebrities. 

The 2020 Chrysler really brings that level of class and refinement to the brand more than ever, though it holds a strong likeness to its predecessors. Similar to the “letter series” the company doesn’t seem to hold much interest in making big revisions to the style of the car, which some automotive critics have said this inaction only hurts the company. 

On the flip side, maybe Chrysler simply believes in the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, especially since it already provides much power with its strong and mighty 363 horsepower 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine. The addition of the 394 lb-ft of torque helps make this car easy to handle and makes for great acceleration. Best of all, this 2020 full-sized car is a delight to ride in for is luxury but incredibly kind in its pricing.

Miami Lakes Chrysler

All in all, for which car fair better all depends on one’s preference and especially love for nostalgia versus updated technology. Speaking of updated vehicles, Miami Lakes Automall is currently selling 2020 Chrysler 300 models for around $35,000, (plus destination fee). It rocks timeless American styling while implementing an array of standard features like a 6-speaker AM/FM/satellite radio with an 8-inch touch screen, USB input, and Bluetooth streaming. 

Those who are interested in this model can simply view our online new car inventory and chat with a representative for further assistance.

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The 2020 Chrysler 300 Model Proves It’s Still Here To Say With It’s New Chrome Package


Chrysler 300 Fancy New Do

Despite what the haters say, the future is looking very promising for the Chrysler 300 model. After being on sale since 2011, idle chat about the company’s current generation’s luxury sedan pushed into the social stratosphere. The topic regarding whether or not its production would come to an end since the demand for SUVs rather than sedans has been going down was repeatedly discussed on troll blog sites. In spite of this, the 300 still isn’t going down without a fight, a (more resourceful) automobile blog site, Mopar Insider recently reported that the company has updated this year’s 300C model with a new chrome appearance package that adds even more razzle-dazzle.

This new package is only accessible for the 2020 Chrysler 300 Touring-L model and adds a platinum chrome grille and chrome trim for the sedan’s wing logo as well as 300″ badges and mirror caps, and chrome 20-inch aluminum wheels.

This new outfit will stand-in for the unaided 20-inch wheel upgrade on Touring-L rear-wheel-drive models, but will not be accessible for AWD versions.

In North America, orders for the Touring-L Chrome Appearance Package are already underway and for the additional price of $995. This cost is added on with the $30,040 base price. Squeezing between the introductory-level Touring and 300S trims, the 300 Touring-L is energized by a 3.6-liter V6 that provides the sedan with a fast-paced 292 horsepower and 260 lb-ft to the end wheels with 8-speed automatic transmission.

Buyers have the option to include all-wheel-drive and get an even more spectacular 5.7-liter V8 engine that zooms off at 363 horsepower and 394 lb-ft of torque, this is accessible for the 300S and gifted as a standard for the 300C model.

Additionally, Chrysler released a sport appearance package in 2019 for the 300C model, it added some design features from the hypersonic 485 horsepower Chrysler 300 SRT. Without question, this new appearance package proves that this ol’ crooner still has some pep in its step. Last year, Steve Beahm, the previous head of FCA suggested that the company still believed that the 300 sedan had more to offer. “You know, in terms of its (sales) performance, it’s doing great,” he said. “We like where it’s positioned; it provides great value. It’s a lot of car for the money.” So there you have it. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!

Miami Lakes Chrysler

Without a shout of a doubt, the Chrysler 300 is still a strong player in the automotive market. Based on the overall look, this car might be recommended to drivers who like a bit more of a traditional look and feel, though it can still drive better than a lot of other vehicles in its segment.

It is also recommended to buy this cool cruiser from Miami Lakes Automall. We sell lots of family-friendly Chrysler vehicles, including its Chrysler 300 model and for an incredibly economical price of about $35,000. Visit our online inventory on our Chrysler dealership website and chat with a virtual representative for more assistance.

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2020 Chrysler 300 Highlights

Chrysler 300 New Marvels

The Chrysler is often known for its award-winning family-friendly features in its Pacifica minivans, but one shouldn’t overlook its full-size luxury sedan, the Chrysler 300. This particular model has been around through different generations and variants since 2005 and in spite of what previous reports that this ol’ crooner is putting in for its retirement, guess again!

Slowly but surely, Chrysler is still adding on new features, both design-wise and technological. For starters, the company added three new colors for the car’s athletic body, which are Canyon Sunset, Frostbite, and Amethyst. Moreover, our blog reported in March that Chrysler is adding on a Red S Appearance Package, in which owners would be offered new colors, prices, and package options. Notably, the accessories have darkened bits from the Sport Appearance Pack, which even makes way for a truly remarkable Red Radar interior, though of course with an additional cost. According to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) “the 300 lineup offers segment-exclusive features and advanced technology at the driver’s fingertips.” 

Moving on to the 300’s slew of premier tech features, the large sedan encompasses the highlighting Uconnect 4C infotainment system. It features an 8.4-inch touchscreen display, the largest in the division. It also includes standard Android Auto and Apple CarPlay abilities.

Other standard features of this year’s Chrysler 300 model include an 8-speed TorqueFlite transmission, which is available throughout all trims. Shoppers can select all-wheel-drive powertrains supplied with added front-axle disconnect, as well as a V8 engine as an upgrade. This powerful V8 engine boosts 383 horsepower with 394 lb-ft of torque, providing an energetic ride of a lifetime.

Unfortunately, “America’s big and bold sedan” skims out the more capable 5.7-liter HEMI engine that is typically made ready as an optional engine for the 300 from coast to coast, except of course if you’re lucky enough to live in the U.S. However, one shouldn’t fret too much if the HEMI engine isn’t available to them, as the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 is standard and very capable with 292 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. Another plus is the unbeatable 19 city/30 highway fuel economy that makes the Chrysler 300 the one to beat!

Here The Latest Features To Look Out For:

  • The Red S Appearance Package, which includes 20-inch Black Noise wheels, a Red insert located on the Chrysler wing badge, and Black Noise exterior badges.
  • A wild mixture of over 80 safety and defense features like Rear Cross Path detection, Blind-Spot Monitoring, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keep Assist and more.

Other newborn additions in the Chrysler sedan include the SRT Performance Appearance Package. This optional package adds on a performance-aimed front fascia and new side sills for a sexy wicked twist. It also includes LED fog lights for an added cost of $695, which can be offered on the 2019 300C trim. Despite the package being established on other SRT goodies, the 300 lineup will not include the 6.4-liter HEMI V8 engine. With many automotive critics discounting the Chrysler 300, we can see why the company is making great strides to deck out the vehicle’s overall design and capabilities. For now, we’ll have to wait and see if the Chrysler 300 can truly stand the test of time.

Miami Lakes Chrysler

In the meantime, Miami Lakes Automall is currently selling the full-sized 300 hunk for a price of around $40,000, (plus destination fee). We also sell plenty of high-quality cars similar to that of Chrysler’s cherished sedan and always for an affordable price. Those who are interested in any of our models can visit our online new car inventory on our dealership website and chat with an online representative for further assistance.

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Is The Chrysler 300 Still Relevant?


Should Chrysler’s 300 Model Stay On The Market?

The Chrysler 300 made its first appearance in 2005 and was marketed as a full-size luxury sedan that was known for its economic dominance over its competitors as well as its energetic V8 engine among higher trims. Since 2011, the second generation (LX) is still cruisin’ around but of course with much more impressive updates and improvements in style. 

However, some might stop and wonder if the one and only luxury sedan of the company is still relevant since Chrysler often pushes hard on its minivans more than anything else. Is this vehicle still the one to watch in automotive markets? Let’s find out!


Starting off with the highlight of the 300 sedan is its spirited and powerful engine options. The standard engine on most trims is the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 that gives out 292 horsepower with 260 lb-ft of torque, it also collaborates with the 8-speed automatic transmission. This engine is very equipped in moving the vehicle through many twists and turns, as it has plenty of torque to work with.

The second engine is the 5.7-liter Hemi V8, which is standard on the 300 C trim but optional on the 300S. This type of engine is incomparable in its segment, and even provides a bit of nostalgia when American sedans were more prevalent on freeways. On the flip side, the 300’s V8 still keeps it fresh by earning an EPA-estimated 25 mpg on the highway and with a one of a kind acceleration with a roar that shows its dominance. 

Drivers can enjoy even more mechanical zeal with the Hemi’s 363 horsepower with 394 lb-ft of torque. Additionally, the Sport Mode transmission is standard on the 300S and 300C and helps to adjust the transmission’s shift.

In terms of its overall look, simply put, the 2020 Chrysler 300 has a very old American feel to it, but not in an outdated kind of way but more of an old money of way. It has a very attractive type of elegance and grace about it that somehow manages to be a bit refreshing. There are also a variety of different exterior color options like Granite Crystal Metallic Clear Coat, Maximum Steel Metallic Clear Coat, Ceramic Grey Clear Coat, Gloss Black, Silver Midst Clear Coat, Ocean Blue Metallic Clear Coat, Velvet Red Pearl Coat and Bright White Clear Coat. 

By judging from the outside, shoppers will be surprised to find that the interior isn’t as nearly as conservative as the interior. All of the intricate details inside, and the seats especially have a very premium look and feel to them. There are also a lot of cool and advanced tech features to work with like dual-zone climate control, 8-way-power driver’s seat, keyless entry, dash-mounted analog clock, 6-speaker AM/FM/satellite radio with an 8-inch touch screen, USB input and Bluetooth streaming.

On higher trims, you’ll find more exciting prizes like a rearview camera, panoramic sunroof, leather interior, heated and cooled front seats, a tilt-and-telescopic steering wheel, navigation, power-operated rear sunshade, an 8.4-inch touchscreen display with the Uconnect information and entertainment system.

So What’s The Verdict?

Without a shout of a doubt, the Chrysler 300 is still a strong player in the automotive market. Based on the overall look, this car might be recommended to drivers who like a bit more of a traditional look and feel, though it can still drive better than a lot of other vehicles in its segment.

It is also recommended to buy this cool cruiser from Miami Lakes Automall. We sell lots of family-friendly Chrysler vehicles, including its Chrysler 300 model and for an incredibly economical price of about $35,000. Visit our online inventory on our Chrysler dealership website and chat with an online representative for more assistance.

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2020 Chrysler 300 Review: The Engine That Roars

You’d probably never know just by looking at it but the 2020 Chrysler 300 sedan has been around since 2005, the same year the sitcom How I Met Your Mother premiered, American Idol was still relevant, and Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch. Since then Chrysler designers have certainly exerted themselves with impressive updates and intricate style changes in order to keep the full-sized vehicle dominant in its category and it’s safe to say that it works. 

In addition to the fact that Chrysler makes sure that its products are constantly up-to-date, one thing that always provides dominance over its competitors is its economic prices and its famous V8 engine on its higher trims.

Engine and Drive

A standard feature on this year’s Chrysler 300 is the favored 3.6-liter Pentastar V6. This engine produces 292 horsepower on Touring and Limited trims but 300 with the 300S. The V6 is more than equipped to swiftly move through the vehicle through crossroads has plenty of torque to work with (260 lb-ft for Touring and Limited; 264 for 300S).

The company’s 5.7-liter Hemi V8 is standard on the 300C and optional on the 300S. It produces 363 horsepower and 394 lb-ft of torque, creating an incredibly dynamic and energetic performance.

Chrysler’s 300 model can be best described as quiet yet powerful. This sedan has plenty of zeal even from the standard V6 engine but the Hemi V8 engine provides an exhilarating acceleration with 363 horsepower with a ride that is leveled and exact thanks to its 8-speed automatic transmission. The Sport mode transmission is standard on the 300S and 300C and helps to adjust the transmission’s shift.

Playing devil’s advocate, some may find the extra amount of thrust and exhaust rumble of the V8 exceptionally appealing but the combination of capability, effectiveness and the overall price with the V-6 engine makes it an absolute must-have, especially with the plethora of optional gadgetry. Additionally, for those who live in an area in which dealing with snow and slippery roads are common, it might be worth investing in the all-wheel-drive. Overall, the performance is phenomenal and can easily outfox a Toyota Avalon or Chevy Impala.


The look of the 2020 Chrysler 300 model no doubt embodies the look of American luxury sedans. It has a vibe about it that is a combination of a yacht club and senior executive. It has a unique design that you just can replicate and still continues to emanate attractive refinement.

The Chrysler sedan displays blacked-out characteristics and offers Sport Appearance and Chrome Appearance packages on the introductory 300 Touring model, both of which feature 20-inch wheels. The top Hemi-electrified 300 C model includes Platinum Chrome on its grille and trim. It also includes a great selection of color options like Granite Crystal Metallic Clear Coat, Maximum Steel Metallic Clear Coat, Ceramic Grey Clear Coat, Gloss Black, Silver Midst Clear Coat, Ocean Blue Metallic Clear Coat, Velvet Red Pearl Coat and Bright White Clear Coat.

Interior and Features

As with most Chrysler models, the 300 provides a roomy and comfortable interior, and anyone who tags along for the ride will enjoy the generous amount of room. This sedan also has a trunk that is 16-cubic-foot, providing more than enough room for all of your luggage and other cargo necessities.

The dashboard and seats have a high-class look to them and there are a lot of advanced gadgets and gizmos to work with such as dual-zone climate control, 8-way-power driver’s seat, keyless entry, dash-mounted analog clock, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a split-folding rear seat and 17-inch aluminum wheels. Cool entertainment features are also included, like with the 6-speaker AM/FM/satellite radio with an 8-inch touch screen, USB input and Bluetooth streaming.

Grander trims include a rearview camera, panoramic sunroof, leather interior, heated and cooled front seats, a tilt-and-telescopic steering wheel, navigation and power-operated rear sunshade. In addition to the 8.4-inch touchscreen display with Chrysler’s user-friendly Uconnect information and entertainment system, all models come with a dapper 7-inch information display between the analog tachometer and speedometer.

Miami Lakes Chrysler

At Miami Lakes Automall, we sell plenty of cars that are family-friendly and have the latest features, more specifically the Chrysler 300. Those who are interested in any of our models can check out our Chrysler inventory and chat with an online representative for assistance.

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Chrysler 300 Ups Its Game With New Package Options

Fiat Chrysler aims to keep its 300 model in the limelight by providing new color, price and package options. Since sales for this Chrysler vehicle have bottomed out at 29,213 U.S. deliveries in the last year, some critics are saying that its time to put the model into retirement. In spite of this, Chrysler is sending a message that there’s still some fight left in the ol’roaster and apparently thinks that its disappointing loss isn’t a good enough reason for the automaker to abolish the age-old tradition of trying to entice a few more customers with new upholstery and different badging styles; both of which will be available for purchase this year, along with the required paint updates.

Chrysler’s sedan also sees price increases nearly widespread. Some will barely notice the difference in most rear-drive trims, while all-wheel-drive models add on an additional $250-370 against last year’s pricing. 

For those looking for the biggest discounts, it may help in trying to find holdovers from the 2019 model year.

It was reported by Mopar Insiders about Chrysler’s new Sport Appearance Package, and since then, it has emerged on the brand’s website for an added $1,495. It includes the black 300S grille, 20×8-inch Black Noise Aluminum Wheels black headlamp bezels, darker badging and some black intensification on the exterior. If you don’t like black, there is a similarly priced chrome appearance package that is the polar opposite.

Furthermore, the 300 model is supposed to get a Red S Appearance Package that accessorizes with all the darkened bits from the Sport Appearance Pack (with a red insert on the Chrysler logo) and makes way for an exceptional Red Radar interior. It has not yet been established on Chrysler’s website yet, which indicates that the company may be saving it for later in the year when the rest of the new paint colors are released.

The color Frostbite, which is already offered on Dodge’s Challenger and Charger, has been included in the 300’s central lineup of colors for this year. It is an attractive, teal Sapphire type of shade, which is available now, but it doesn’t come at a premium. It will be succeeded by colors (later in availability) Amethyst and Canyon Sunset, which both aid in giving the model a paint listing that brings the nostalgia of the late 1990s. Maximum Steel and Ceramic Metallic will both be done away for this year, but you can still get the 300 in Silver Mist and Granite Crystal Metallic. According to Mopar Insiders, the new red interior will be congruent with all paint options with the exception of Frostbite and cost has an added price of $300. 

Surprisingly, the FCA has already shown photos of the new content, so now it’s certain its in the works. If you’re set on getting the Red S Appearance Package you should check with your dealer. The price for the 2020 Chrysler model has a starting price of $29,590, (plus destination fee) with the finest-trimmed 300 C entering at $41,995 (not including options).

Miami Lakes Automall

At Miami Lakes Automall, we sell plenty of cars that are family-friendly and have the latest features, more specifically the Chrysler 300. Those who are interested in any of our models can check out our Chrysler inventory and chat with an online representative for assistance.

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Why The 2021 Pacifica Crushes Its Competitors


So many great three-row minivans and so little time. With a plethora of options on the market, its often hard to choose, particularly with that of the upcoming 2021 Chrysler Pacifica, which made its debut at the 2020 Chicago Auto Show, last month. As per usual this year’s Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna thought that they could upstage the Queen and made quite a spectacle, but in the end, this magnificent minivan made both of those lesser vans beg for mercy.

The upcoming Chrysler minivan made use of the opportunity to show off its advanced technology, rear-seat entertainment systems and second-row seating. It has always been a show-stopper since its 2017 debut when it was named Best of 2017 award winner by Cars.com and since then has gained some noteworthy enhancements for next year including new standard features, a new multimedia system and an available all-wheel-drive as well as front and rear styling.

Here are just a few reasons of how the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica stands out among its competition!

Multimedia System

One of the best features of the new Pacifica is its latest Unconnect 5 multimedia system, the newest version of Chrysler’s exciting advanced-tech lineup. The Unconnect 5 is standard in this model and comes with a 10.1-inch touchscreen with clear and distinctive graphics, dual phone pairing over Bluetooth, and wireless Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto. This incredibly modern system runs on technology from Andriod but has a familiar Unconnect version that has been updated and is very user-friendly.

In the meantime, tweedle-dee and tweedle-loser, otherwise known as the Odyssey and Sienna have a smaller 8 inch and 7-inch touchscreen, successively, with interfaces that are less thoughtful. 

 Entertainment Features

Although families often bring their own devices with them on the road, rear-seat entertainment systems are still a valuable as well as an appealing feature for parents of children who are too young to be trusted with a tablet, and luckily automakers have continued to make enhancements to these systems.

The Odyssey and Sienna both offer optional Blue-ray rear-seat entertainment systems that assist in media streaming from Android devices and have screens overhead in the second row. The Odyssey has a 10.2-inch  and 16.4-inch screen display that can show two different programs at the same time. However, the 2021 Pacifica still dominated in this area when it launched the Uconnect Theater, as its two 10-inch touchscreens have similar Bluetooth capabilities and Android-based streaming but also includes built-in games, including new ones like chess.

Comfort and Adaptability

Lastly, the Pacifica is more than optimal when it comes to comfort and versatility. All three vans showed to have second-row captain’s chairs at the auto show but there are still dramatic differences between them. 

The Pacific’s Stow n’ Go bucket seat can fold into the floor when you feel like you don’t need them, therefore eliminating the tedious removal process. All of Pacifica’s chairs and very comfortable and supportive. It also has an interior that has a very stylish, sporty, and I dare say a somewhat futuristic type of feel. 

There are conflicting opinions as to whether or not the Pacifica is the most comfortable vehicle out there but that doesn’t take away from the fact that both of the Sienna and the Honda still look like underdeveloped has-beens on the inside and provides little to no presentation to the eye.

Miami Lakes Chrysler

Those who are interested in the 2021 Pacifica will have to wait for just a bit, as it is not set to be released until the end of this year but don’t fret! Miami Lakes Automall currently has a wide range of different vehicles, especially that of 2020 Pacifica’s that have very similar features to its successor.

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The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Shows That Its Hot Stuff In The Windy City


Chicago Auto Show Debut

The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica made its debut this month at the Chicago Auto Show. The event has been held annually during the month of February for the past 118 years, its also the largest auto show in North America. This year the event was held from February 8th to 17th.

The 2021 Pacifica was added to the minivan lineup. It was the brand’s first all-wheel-drive in the minivan category since 2004 and the only rival to the all-wheel-drive Toyota Sienna. Its also been four years since Chrysler debuted the Pacifica minivan, so it’s better late than ever for this vehicle to get a fresh coat of paint.

In the front of the Pacifica, it has a new fascia with a bigger grille, headlights that are reshaped and air inlets that are more forceful. The back has also been restyled, it has a taillight that is full-width and stretches from each edge. These modifications are minimal but just enough towards keeping the 2021 minivan looking fresh without essentially changing its unique characteristics.

The Pinnacle is positioned as the most exclusive trim of the Pacifica lineup, it includes wood and piano black trim, quilted Nappa leather-upholstered seats which have a pair of lumbar pillows to match in the captain chairs of the second-row, as well as high-tech features like standard automatic emergency brakes and adaptive cruise control.

The powertrain is without a doubt the highlight of it all, as it is composed of a 3.6-liter V6 engine, 8-speed automatic transmission. The all-wheel-drive system activates in the front-wheel-drive for the majority of the time for efficiency, but when it counts, it can send up to 100 percent of the power to the rear wheels. Additionally, the Pacifica is perfectly calculated and deliberate as it can harness all-wheel-drive before the wheels get too slippery during storms; This is possible due to the monitoring of the temperature, the use of windshield wipers, steepness of the road, among other attributes.

A significant upgrade is the reintroduction of the all-wheel-drive Town and Country. Although the Town and Country was discontinued back in 2004 due to the introduction of Stow’n Go seating, by virtue of some genius engineering, both features will now coincide in the same minivan.

For 2021, the entire lineup for Pacifica will get a minimal redesign, this will include Chrysler’s newest Uconnect 5 infotainment system; It has wireless Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto smartphone integration, Alexa, Tom-Tom navigation as well as a 10.1-inch touchscreen that has a new interface layout.

Another tech-savvy feature includes the FamCAM, a video system that enables the driver or front passenger to over-see second-row passengers, perfect for keeping an eye on the little critters should they get too rowdy. The zoom feature also allows one to monitor infants in the rear-facing seats. Moreover, kids that are slightly older in that row will love the built-in games from the available rear entertainment system.

Why You Should Care

Minivans aren’t known for being the hottest vehicles out there in comparison to that of a sports car, but when it comes to practicality for a large family with a lot of cargo, it’s tough to beat. Besides, the Pacifica’s styling makes it feel more like an incredibly large sedan than a crappy old station wagon and it’s also easier to drive.

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Those interested in the new 2021 Pacifica will have to wait until the end of this year in order to make a purchase, but don’t fret! Miami Lakes Auto Mall has a plethora of updated Chrysler Pacifica models with different trims and colors to choose from. Visit our online dealership website and chat with an online representative for assistance.

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