From Concept to Current: Anticipating Chrysler’s 2025 Electric Premiere

August 2nd, 2023 by

While initial reports suggested that Chrysler would not be proceeding with the construction of the Airflow EV concept, Ralph Gilles, the brand’s chief designer, has recently provided clarification. Gilles emphasized that the Airflow concept marked only the inception of a broader trajectory. He affirmed that Chrysler’s inaugural EV will pivot the brand in an innovative direction.

Formerly a notable player in the American automotive industry, Chrysler is actively seeking to rejuvenate its identity within the realm of electric mobility. As a subsidiary of the Stellantis group, which encompasses brands such as Jeep, RAM, Dodge, Fiat, and Maserati, among others, Chrysler has laid out an ambitious roadmap to transition entirely to electric propulsion by the year 2028.

While the automaker has not yet introduced its inaugural fully electric vehicle, Chrysler provided a sneak peek into its potential design direction by unveiling the Airflow EV concept in January of the previous year.

Assuming the role of Chief Design Officer for multiple Stellantis brands, including Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Maserati, and Fiat in Latin America, Gilles commenced his tenure in January 2021. During his leadership, he supervised the development of notable projects like the Dodge Charger SRT EV and the Ram Revolution concepts.

Even with his supervisory role in significant project designs, Gilles expressed his highest enthusiasm for Chrysler’s inaugural electric vehicle.

During a May interview with MotorTrend, Gilles conveyed that the Airflow concept was undergoing a transformative trajectory under the guidance of the new CEO, Chris Feuell, who assumed leadership in September 2021.

Gilles elucidated that Feuell assumed her role with a fresh perspective. “Chris came at it with her perspective which we really enjoyed,” he remarked.

Guided by Feuell’s leadership, the team is striving to surpass the Airflow design by incorporating contemporary elements and a design centered around technology, integrating novel Stellantis advancements.

Feuell clarified that the moniker “Airflow” will not grace Chrysler’s inaugural EV, and the name “electric 300” will also be omitted. She expounded, stating, “I don’t think it’s quite right for this product. It could be a great name for something that we bring out in the future. There is so much wonderful history and equity with the name so I wouldn’t want to rule it out for potential future use, but not for this one.”

Numerous media sources interpreted this as the demise of the Airflow concept, which was not accurate. Gilles promptly dispelled this misunderstanding, addressing the matter through a recent post on his Instagram account.

The design leader stated, “I must clear something up. I have been seeing so many articles saying that Chrysler isn’t building the Airflow EV,” adding, “Unfortunately misunderstanding me trying to explain that the design will evolve as we push the thesis even more under brand CEO Chris Fuell.”

While the ultimate iteration might not precisely mirror the Airflow, it will retain numerous attributes from the concept design.

For instance, the Airflow concept encompassed contemporary infotainment and connectivity technology, sustainable material choices, as well as advanced (Level 3) autonomous driving capabilities, all of which continue to advance in development.

Derived from Chrysler’s RU platform, which is also employed in the Pacifica hybrid, the Airflow concept was underpinned by this foundation. However, the forthcoming production model is anticipated to adopt Stellantis’s STLA large platform. The recent unveiling of the STLA medium architecture, the initial of four slated for global introduction, underscores the automaker’s strategic trajectory.

The debut of Chrysler’s inaugural electric vehicle is projected for 2025, aligning with the brand’s progression toward a fully electric lineup by the year 2028.

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