When It Comes to Safety, Athletes and Automobiles May Be Very Similar

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Miami Lakes Auto 2018 Pacifica Safety WQAM

Here at Miami Lakes Automall, we fill our lots with only the best. High performance vehicles? Yes. Off-road warriors? You bet. Family vehicles? Of course we do. Want to know our top pick, every time? For a safe, friendly, family vehicle, it’s none other than the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica, awarded Top Safety Pick + in 2017 by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.


It’s no secret that drivers always need to keep both eyes on the road, but what about having eyes on everything around the vehicle? With the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica, drivers don’t need to worry as much about what they can’t see when the vehicle is equipped with the 360-degree Surround View Camera system. The 360-degree Surround View Camera system has four cameras positioned around the vehicle, and they provide the driver with a bird’s eye view of the Pacifica, giving drivers a view of the road ahead, what’s behind the vehicle, and what’s on both sides of the vehicle.

Another helpful way the Chrysler Pacifica keeps an eye on its surroundings is with rear cross path detection . Ever start backing out of a parking lot only for someone or something to unexpectedly creep up behind the vehicle? With rear cross path detection, drivers can back up and out of parking spaces without fail; if another driver is approaching, the Pacifica will beep to alert the driver in such instances.

One more great feature that offers drivers a little extra vision is the blind spot monitoring system . The blind spot monitoring system notifies drivers with a signal that appears in the exterior side mirrors when a vehicle enters a blind spot zone around the vehicle. While the blind spot monitoring system is a great system that helps drivers know what is going on around the vehicle, it doesn’t replace the need for a driver to look over their shoulder before changing lanes.

Peace of Mind

Sometimes drivers get distracted on the road, it’s natural, especially during long road trips. That’s why the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica has several automatic features that provide additional driving assistance. Let’s take a long road trip for example. Being on the road for awhile can sometimes make one drowsy or absent-minded, and they may swerve a bit between lanes. LaneSense lane departure warning with lane keep assist will set off a beep or chime to alert the driver if they are driving outside of their lane unintentionally, i.e. without using their turn signals. If the driver doesn’t change their path, the system will try to guide the vehicle back into its proper lane.

Here’s another example. Sometimes, setting cruise control and taking the foot off the gas is nice. If for some reason the speed limit, or traffic for that matter, were to change while cruise control is on, adaptive cruise control with stop and go will slow the vehicle down and maintain a safe distance between the Pacifica and the vehicle in front of it.

Taking things a step further than adaptive cruise control is full-speed collision warning plus . If the full-speed collision warning plus system detects that the distance between the vehicle and the vehicle in front of it is too close or stopped, the Chrysler Pacifica will alert the driver and attempt to slow-down the vehicle. If no driver input is detected, the vehicle will slow the vehicle and even bring it to a full stop if possible.

One last piece of safety that can be pretty helpful is the class-exclusive parallel and perpendicular park assist system . Parallel parking can be troublesome for some drivers, especially when surrounded by traffic. The available parallel and perpendicular park assist system makes parallel parking much easier because the system can actually park the vehicle for a driver. All the driver needs to do in this situation is follow on-screen directions for the gear position, brake, and accelerator.

* As stated above, the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica minivan might have the most advanced, automatic safety features of any other vehicle on the market. Don’t you want to keep your family safe? Check out the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica in our inventory today. *

* Photo Source/Copyright: Chrysler.com *

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