Chrysler Confirms Next EV Will Be All-Electric Crossover

December 1st, 2023 by


Chrysler recently announced that its next EV will be an all-electric crossover. CEO Christine Feuell recently spoke at the 2023 Reuters’ Automotive USA Summit in Detroit stating the automaker was considering an all-electric sedan. Now, it appears Chrysler’s first EV will actually be a crossover. This is great news for the Stellantis subsidiary as it marks its transition into the world of electric vehicles. Like many automakers, Chrysler is aiming to transition toward EVs by the end of the decade. The automaker currently offers a hybrid Pacifica, but this new crossover will be its first purely electric vehicle. While there isn’t much information on the new crossover EV, we’ll take a look at what we know thus far.

Chrysler Confirms All-Electric Crossover

Chrysler recently confirmed that its next EV will be a purely electric crossover. We expected an EV from the Stellantis subsidiary based on CEO Christine Feuell’s comments at the 2023 Reuters’ Automotive USA Summit, but now it has been officially confirmed. Feuell commented, stating that the automaker wanted to reinvigorate the passenger car segment, especially with the farewell of its iconic Chrysler 300. Now it seems that consumers can expect an electric crossover. Regardless, it is a pivotal moment for the automaker as this will be its first EV in addition to its Pacifica Hybrid. According to Chrysler, it hopes to debut the EV for the 2025 model year.

Taking over the design of the EV crossover is Chief Designer Ralph Gilles. Gilles took over as the head designer for other Stellantis brands in 2021 and is now working on the latest Chrysler EV. According to  Gilles, the automaker’s first EV will take it in a new direction. Of this we’re certain as yet another competitor will enter the world of EVs. Gilles has had experience with the Ram Revolution EV so he has experience working with EVs. He mentioned the Airflow EV concept that Chrysler showed several years ago was just the beginning. 

Chrysler is committed to a fully electric lineup by 2028. This seems a daring task as the automaker has yet to reveal its first EV. We believe the EV may include some features shown with its Airflow concept, like an advanced infotainment system and level 3 assisted driving. The EV crossover will also likely share Stellantis’ large EV platform. We do know that Chrysler is working on 3 new software platforms that will help with its transition toward EVs. These include STLA Brain, STLA SmartCockpit, and STLA AutoDrive. So far, Chrysler has the foundation for an impactful and highly capable EV. We know it’s coming, but for now, we will have to wait for more information. 


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