The Chrysler 300 makes Consumer Reports Recommended Vehicles List

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chrysler 300 consumer reports

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Consumer Reports has put the Chrysler 300 on its list of recommended vehicles. The Chrysler 300 was added to the list after the addition of a software update known as AutoPark, which is designed to prevent two hazardous situations.

The first hazardous situation is if the driver attempts to exit the car when it is not in park. The software will than recognize the fact that the driver is no longer present and automatically shift the transmission into park. The other situation is when the drivers tries to shut off the engine when the Chrysler is still in gear. When this happens, the transmission shifts into park and an accessory mode is activated for 30 minutes which controls the radio and power windows.

Previous versions of the Chrysler 300 did not have this software. With that being said, the newest model is the most advanced and safe 300 model yet. Following the update and testing by engineers, the Chrysler 300 was added back to the list of Recommended Vehicles by Consumer Reports, where we expect it to stay.

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