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The 2022 Chrysler 300 Decides To Clean Out Its Wardrobe By Eliminating Some Customizations

Stellantis’s wild-card brand, Chrysler is back at again with its famous 300 sedan. While the height of the car’s popularity seems long gone, for some reason the automaker sees enough potential to bring it back for another model year. As stated by MotorInsiders report, the 2022 Chrysler 300 will still be made available but with fewer options for customization, which mirrors the strategy already used for its current model year.

However, it is important to know that it’s not too late to purchase the 2021 300 sedan, as not only is this vehicle still available, the company is making its last calls to its dealerships to order this year’s model examples before the end of production in December. Although there aren’t any official details about the following model just yet, the Motor site is reporting limited options for personalizations.

That being said, for those who want to paint their hot rod with either Amethyst and Canyon Sunset, you won’t have much time left, since these particular options are set to be eliminated for the upcoming 300 car, making it your last chance to get a hold on certain options. In 2020, Chrysler halted the sale of the Ocean Blue Metallic in this same manner, and we’re sure that it won’t make a comeback for 2022.

One shouldn’t see it too much as a surprise of the changes that the Chrysler company is doing, as they’ve already converted their Voyager minivan to a fleet vehicle, and they are also pushing to create electrified platforms. In fact, they recently revealed a concept SUV in July for Electric Vehicle Day. It’s also putting together 4 EV platforms with the names: STLA Small, STLA Medium, STLA Large, and STLA Frame. Commenting on these platforms, CEO of the Stellantis company, Carlos Tavares said “This is a wonderful opportunity to reset the clock and start a new race,”

There are even more options that we won’t see for the upcoming 2022 model year, which involve the 95$ Radar Red interior combination, along with the no-cost Black Smoke blend. On top of this, the Driver Convenience Group package, which includes 18-inch wheels, LED fog lamps, a remote start system, and a universal garage door opener will not be returning, together with the Chrome Appearance Package.

To be more specific, potential buyers will have until the end of this month to order a 2021 Chrysler 300 sedan, including any of the colors or packages that come with the car. These models will be produced by the end of December. Chrysler dealerships should be accepting orders for the 2022 model, as production is set to start before the end of this year. The 2022 300 models will then arrive at dealerships by the beginning of next year.

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Big Changes For The 2022 Chrysler Voyager and Pacifica

It’s no secret that SUVs have taken over the car market in recent years, giving sedans and coupes a run for their money. However, what some may not realize is that minivans are nearly just as popular these days, particularly this year, as it’s become among the most prominent vehicles sold in the American market this year. This is somewhat expected, given that automakers have stepped up their game and have transformed your granny’s ol’ station wagon to the charming and opulent cottage on wheels.

One automaker in particular always sets the standard of what it means to be a luxurious minivan is Chrysler, with its Pacifica. It’s known for being filled with a plethora of entertainment and features, incredible storage space and functionality, along with having an hybrid powertrain option.

For 2022, the Chrysler company is making considerable changes to its 2022 Pacifica car, together with the 2022 Voyager (an entry-level version of the Pacifica). Don’t expect just another nip-and-tuck…expect so much more.

The One That Got Away…Sort Of

The 2022 Chrysler Voyager is going off the market…but we’re not talking about retirement. The manufacturer has decided to use this upcoming minivan as a fleet vehicle. This time, us commoners won’t be the main buyer of this car, instead, it will be rental car companies and oehr commercial fleet operators. The lucky drivers of these new fleets will revel in the LX’s (the only trim level) power-sliding doors, heated seats, and a heated steering wheel. There is even an available package option that tacks on automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitors, parking sensors, and turn-by-turn navigation.

Additional Entertainment Options On

As previously mentioned, the Voyager is considered to be an entry-level version of the Pacifica, so it shouldn’t be considered a huge loss to the automotive market, just the discount shoppers. Besides, there’s no need to fear, because the manufacturer is making up for this “loss” by adding on more entertainment options to its beloved 2022 Pacifica. 

While pricing for this minivan has not been revealed yet, it is expected that it won’t stray too far from this year’s model stick price, which begins at $35,820, (plus destination fee).

The Pacifica will involve optional all-wheel-drive (AWD) as an enticing feature against the strand front-wheel-drive (FWD). The aforementioned plug-in hybrid is also adept as an electric vehicle for the first 32 miles.

Then, buyers are rewarded with new games and prizes…optional of course. The highlighting features are the two Uconnect Theater packages, one of which has a single screen, and the other which has two. These packages both include Amazon Fire Tv capability. On top of this, the central touchscreen in the front will show video content while the car is parked.

Other developments are still exciting, just aren’t as big, as the new exterior color options and augmented display, which displays the status of the hybrid’s battery.

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The Chrysler Pacifica, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Ram 1500 Are Awarded For Giving You The Ultimate Satisfaction

The Capture 2021 AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

Last week in July, three vehicles from the Stellantis brand were honored as the winners of the 2021 AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards, as they are seen as the most agreeable vehicles on the market according to consumer rating. The specific vehicles worth highlighting are the  Chrysler Pacifica, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Ram 1500.

Even more so, the Chrysler Pacifica helped to tack on the award for Most Satisfying Minivan to its already impressive list of 155 acclamations and recognitions since its first inception. At the same time, the Jeep Grand Cherokee came out swinging as it peaked as the Most Satisfying Mid-size SUV/ORV. On top of this, Ram’s 1500 truck dominates as the Most Satisfying Full-size Pickup in the AutoPacific poll, which is the surveyor of over 89,000 new car and light truck owners.

“It’s definitely a grand accomplishment to see three of the iconic brands from Stellantis each take home AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards for 2021,” said George Peterson, AutoPacific president. “The three models that were voted top in their class (Ram 1500, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Chrysler Pacifica) are clearly cherished and appreciated by the consumers.

“Families continue to realize that a minivan can be the best vehicle for daily, kid-filled runabouts and the Pacifica delivers with impressive braking and handling, sliding doors that allow for easy access to the second row, exterior styling, passenger roominess and overall comfort. Owners give high praise for the Ram 1500’s power and acceleration, soft ride, driver’s seat visibility, looks, braking, overall comfort, and clever cargo storage solutions. While the Grand Cherokee is an all-new model for the 2021 model year with a lucrative new three-row L taking the stage first, the previous generation Grand Cherokee is a renown trophy holder in AutoPacific’s VSAs, with consumers ranking it the most satisfying midsize SUV eight out of the nine past years.”

Chrysler Pacifica

Year after year, the Chrysler brand sets the standard for what one should expect out of a minivan, with fan-favorite Pacifica. This vehicle is the first in its segment to offer gasoline and hybrid powertrains. The automaker is also stepping up its game with the adding of a new top-tier Pinnacle model in the lineup, the offering of an all-wheel-drive system, class-exclusive Stow ‘n Go seats, more standard technologies than any other vehicle in the market, a new FamCAM, wireless charging, the latest Uconnect 5, a sport new look and plenty of conveniences and various storage spots all for the Pacifica 2021 model year. The Pacifica Hybrid provides over 80 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) when only driving with the electric charge. The fully electric range is over 30 miles and has a total range of more than 500 miles.

The Chrysler Pacifica continues to serve as the reigning champ as the minivan with the most awards five years in a row, with over 150 honors and industry accolades. It shouldn’t come as a shock that this automaker was the pioneer in introducing the minivan. Through six generations of this car, 116 first have been made, along with about 40 first-time features on the Pacifica. Since 1983, over 15 million minivans have been sold worldwide by the company, which is twice as much as any other manufacturer in over 37 years.

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Chrysler May Reinvent The Wheel With Its New EV Concept

Chrysler’s EV Concept

Those who follow the heavily-branded minivan company, Chrysler, know that despite its popularity with the Pacifica, the company as a whole still isn’t doing as well as it should. If you look at the company’s website, you’ll see that it sells the Chrysler Pacifica, the (entry-level Pacifica) Chrysler Voyager, and the old-timer Chrysler Voyager. Lately, the brand is struggling to capture the hearts and wallets of the public, but in spite of this, the parent company, Stellantis is giving it another decade to reinvent itself and show that it’s still worth keeping around. It’s been said by the global multi-layered company that it’s eager to aid Chrysler to see success and a successful future, while many of the automaker’s previous concept cars haven’t ever become more than that. However, seeing that Stellantis is now flaunting a new Chrysler EV concept that almost appears that it’s ready to hit the streets and zoom across the freeways, its bad luck could change. 

The concept was revealed to the public during Stellantis’s online event, dubbed “EV Day”, and details were few and far between,  but it was also introduced while Ralph Gilles, head of design, was discussing the company’s new vehicle architecture strategy, and suggested that constructing a new Chrysler wouldn’t pose as much as a challenge with modular EV platforms. The headlights are very slender and almost mirror Tesla’s, but apart from that and the LED light bar that is fully wide in the grille, this vehicle looks like it’s set to get dolled up in production with naturalistic wheels and door mirrors. From the exterior, the unusually patterned tires are the only real hint that this is a concept for the meantime.

Inhouse, there are screens here, there, and everywhere. A touch screen hides in the back of the driver’s seat and front passenger’s, while the driver’s seatmate gets a display of their own, this is an addition to the central dashboard getting its own touchscreen. As we discussed before, had it not been for the square-shaped twin-spoke steering wheel and slender headrests, this rolling lodge could act as a new production vehicle. Elements such as a panoramic glass roof, brilliant use of ambient lighting accents, and materials that look posh, the possibility of Chrysler being able to re-establish itself as a luxury brand may turn out to be more than we ever expected. Apart from that, we can determine that the concept will likely have a range reaching up to 500 miles seeing how Stellantis suggested that it’s derived upon the new STLA Large EV platform.

The truth is right in front of us, this concept looks to be ready for production and its appearance on the market would certainly allow Chrysler to establish itself in the luxury EV segment. We have high hopes that it will make its way to dealership lots soon enough.

Miami Lakes Chrysler

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Stellantis Vehicles Get Major Props From Hispanic Motor Press

The multinational automaker, Stellantis recently got some major brownie points during the 11th annual Hispanic Motor Press Awards (HMPA) at the AutoMobility LA Virtual Media Day with the Motor Press Guild (MPG) in Los Angeles.

The 2021 Dodge Challenger, which is considered to be the quickest and most thunderous muscle car, was awarded Sports Car of the Year. In 2015, the automaker’s Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat also received these accolades.

“The Challenger SRT still embodies the spirit of the original 1970s car,” said Ricardo Rodríguez-Long, president and founder of the Hispanic Motor Press Foundation. “The Dodge Challenger, in all its V-8 forms, is the best current example of what a true American sports car is about. The most powerful and fastest machine at the lights, pressing the throttle pedal to the floor is a unique experience. Just add a white T-shirt, jeans and you will be ‘cool’ from central Michigan to Pomona.”

America’s favorite minivan, the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica, became the first vehicle in its segment to offer both gas and hybrid powertrains. These efforts were proved to not be in vain, as it received the Family Car of the Year, which was also won by 2018 by the gasoline engine and 2017 by the hybrid.

“Hispanic families need spacious accommodations and the Pacifica offers that in style and with many tech amenities,” said Rodríguez-Long. “We found it to be very smooth on the road and capable around traffic and long trips. Being a former winner, it shows that Chrysler really understands what families need when transporting their family.”

Since its debut, the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX has also been named Adventure Car of the Year.

“Today, we are living a much more active lifestyle, which includes weekends,” said Rodríguez-Long. “The Ram TRX is capable of taking you to unusual locations to experience the outdoors in a very different way. Before, you had to endure the trip to enjoy a particular place. Now the experience is getting there with over 700 horses galloping under your control. Without doubt that becomes an adventure in itself.”

Over 20 automotive experts at the foundation were there to determine the top 10 best new vehicles for Hispanic families. The panel selected one model from each category that exhibits the best value in the market for its particular clientele. Worthiness was established based on design, driving satisfaction, technology, safety, environmental impact, mechanical reliability, and value.

2021 Dodge Challenger

The record-breaking Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will continue to be a limited-production model for a year. The Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock, which was an influence of the SRT Demon, is the guiding light of the Challenger lineup, outpacing its rivals in the traditional horsepower bloodsheds.

2021 Chrysler Pacifica

The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica continues to set the standard for minivans by offering the most standard features of any of its class, as well as being the pioneer of offering both gas and hybrid powertrains. Then, with its top-tier Pinnacle trim, it has unmatchable features, a new FamCAM interior camera, wireless charging, next-generation Uconnect5 connectivity, a sporty design, and plenty of comforts that everyone can enjoy.

2021 Ram 1500

The 2021 Ram 1500 is a no-nonsense truck when it comes to stability, technology, effectiveness, performance and convenience, also encompassing features that are unique to this pickup. The pick-up compromises up to 12,750 pounds of towing capability and 2,300 pounds of payload. The eTorque mild hybrid system has advanced in its fuel efficiency for its standard V-6 engine, as well as its V-8. Additionally, the diesel variant is unmatched with 33 mpg on the highway, providing up to 1,000 miles of range on just a single tank of fuel.

Miami Lakes Chrysler

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Photo Source: Shutterstock via photographer BoJack (Challenger); Stellantis Media (Pacifica and Ram 1500)


Top Features Of FCA’s Uconnect 5 System


FCA has a great reputation for creating innovative designs when it comes to their vehicles and engines, but it’s just as imaginative when it comes to their in-house technologies, more specifically its Uconnect 5 system. Now more than ever, their infotainment is more advanced and efficient than it’s ever been before. While many owners may be familiar with interior technologies, they haven’t experienced avant-garde experience until they’ve seen the latest Uconnect. Here are the Top Features Of FCA’s Uconnect 5 System.


One of the most engaging features concerning consumer products is giving the buyer the ability to personalize his or her experience. The Uconnect 5 allows one to tailor the interface in several different ways, storing up to five different user profiles. Users can build their own profile, and tailor their likings for music and vehicle operation.

Voice Recognition

There different ways to engage with the Uconnect 5 system, but perhaps the most convenient of them all is through voice recognition. One can voice commands or ask questions such as Hey Chrysler, change the temperature to 70 degrees.” Of course, this will only be effective by using the activation word “Hey Chrysler” before giving the command.

One might say that this method is a safer option because you don’t have to take your eyes off the road trying to find the right button. Additionally, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can also be controlled by voice engagement. 


Uconnect’s latest navigation system is more advanced than ever before, integrating the TomTom traffic feature, along with EV and other connected services. Like a smartphone, the One-Box-Search makes finding your destination a breeze by using your voice or keypad. However, it’s even better than a personal device since it continues to work without needing Wi-Fi. 

Two new features involve FCA’s Maps Over The Air and Last Mile Navigation. The first is a TomTom system that automatically downloads updates in the background relating to nearby traffic, and won’t interfere while in use. The second tells you where to go from your car to your final destination by way of the system’s smartphone app.


Need to find the nearest gas station, restaurant, or parking space? Not the worry, as Uconnect’s Market has you back with its in-vehicle commerce platform. This allows owners to make merchant preferences without even leaving the car. The system will help you save time by allowing you to order their food, make dinner reservations, or even reserve a table. Other features involve located the nearest gas station and pay in the car as well as finding and reserving a spot for certain parking areas.

The Uconnect Mobile App

As previously mentioned, Uconnect is with you wherever you are thanks to FCA’s smartphone app. Other than Last Mile Navigation, you can use the app for functions like starting your engine, locking or unlocking your car, or getting notifications. 

Speaking of notifications, owners will receive an alert when someone drives his or her vehicle while in Valet Alert mode. Then, should you find your car missing while not in Valet Mode, one can aid the police in tracking the location of their car using Stolen Vehicle Assistance. 

This app includes other features like Family Drive Alerts to notify parents of teen drivers, as well Assist Call, so one can contact Uconnect’s customer care team for assistance with their instructions regarding the system or instructions for their vehicle.

Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) Updates

At long last, servicing and maintenance are made easy with FOTA updates. This technology is responsible for giving owners notice when it’s time for an oil change. This system also is paired with Vehicle Health Report and Vehicle Health Alert to provide the most relevant piece of information and in a timely manner. 

Miami Lakes Chrysler

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2021 Chrysler Pacifica vs 2021 Toyota Sienna

Since its reintroduction in 2016, the Chrysler Pacifica has become one of the most, if not the most beloved minivan on the market. Credited with having the most standard interior features and highlighting Stow’ n Go seating, as well as a unique all-wheel-drive system, the Pacifica is the perfect all-in-one vehicle for families.

However, with any good car model, there’s tough competition and for the 2021 Pacifica, this rival is undoubtedly the Toyota Sienna. This van shows that it means business, as it has recently added a hybrid powertrain and already has a four-wheel-drive system. Let’s see how they stack up for 2021.


The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica helped break the cycle of previously unflattering station wagons and into an incredible renaissance for its segment. The Pinnacle model stands out in a good way thanks to its larger grille and restyled taillights, both of which can nearly trick a person into thinking that it’s a crossover. Adding the 20-inch wheels along to the incredibly sleek and contoured van will make anyone jealous in the carpool line.

The latest Sienna isn’t too shabby itself with modern touches like its swanky taillights and incredibly large grille. From the profile, it’s a bit more obvious that it’s a minivan than the Pacifica, especially with its big, sliding doors and miniature wheels, but if you pick the right color, like Sunset Bronze, it pulls everything together.

Inhouse, Chrysler doesn’t disappoint. Once again, the Pinnacle model is the most regal, especially when highlighted with its Nappa leather seats and black suede roof. To top it off, there is a set of matching throw pillows for the second-row captain’s chairs that are both chic and comfortable. Contrasting with Sienna, it gains some brownie points with its intricate detail on its dashboard and plastic trim pieces resembling wood. However, the Pacifica still adds that needed level of sophistication.

Fuel Economy

Chrysler was previously the top-dog for its engine quality due to its plug-in hybrid version, which of course allows for improved fuel efficiency than its gasoline versions. However, with the 2021 Sienna, buyers are guaranteed both an all-wheel-drive and a hybrid system, at its standard. This results in a fuel economy of 36 city/ 36 highway as opposed to the regular Pacifica’s 19 city/ 28 highway. Even if you were to get the Pacifica’s Hybrid model, it would still reach just under Toyota’s numbers.


The Sienna gets its energy from a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine that musters up a respectable 189 horsepower with 176 lb-ft of torque, and thanks to a little electrified assistance, that number makes a dramatic boost to 245 horsepower. The hybrid doesn’t struggle when cruising through traffic and fair well when passing, however, the continuously variable transmission (CVT) makes the drive feel like it’s missing something.

The Pacifica picks up some speed with its traditional 3.6-liter V6 engine, which drives on 287 horsepower with lb-ft of torque. It’s Hybrid, still keeps things fresh, as it has an output of 260 horsepower. The 9-speed automatic transmission also adds an exciting pick-me-up to the van and fairs better in its movements.


When comparing their top-tier models, both vans bring their A-game when it comes to features. Equipped with goodies like high-quality sound systems, advanced navigation, automated tailgates, and power-operated rear sliding doors quickly stuns with its wow factor.

Both vans also share their consideration for middle-row occupants when it comes to entertainment. The Sienna provides a large single screen that folds down from the ceiling, but may also serve as a blocking point for the driver. The Pacifica’s screens have been strategically placed behind the two front seats, and allows two separate screens for both passengers, as well as built-in video games for the kiddos.

Although Toyota’s minivan is quite plentiful in its features, it still scratches the surface when compared to Chrysler’s.


While the Pacifica is certainly impressive in its amenities, the Sienna does bring home the bacon when safety is concerned. Its laundry list of safety features such as lane-keeping assist and lane-departure alert, automated braking with both pedestrian and cyclist detection, and adaptive cruise control (that even works off the highway). Automatic high-beam control is also standard with the van’s headlights. The car has even received a Top Safety Pick+ award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

The Pacifica certainly doesn’t skim when it comes to its safety features, however, the only ones that are worth getting excited about require spending a little extra doe on its high-ranking Pinnacle model.

The 2021 Pacifica or 2021 Sienna?

The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica and the 2021 Toyota Sienna outrank the competition easily with their dynamic engines, high-quality features, and eye-catching design. However, the Pacifica still takes the cake with its intricate packaging, strategic design, and better overall user-friendliness.

Miami Lakes Chrysler

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Mopar Releases A Slew Of New Accessories For The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica

Last week, Thursday (February, 11) Mopar, parts, service and customer care division, announced accessories for its new and improved 2021 Chrysler Pacifica. Not only do buyers get the rare benefit of having all-wheel-drive in their minivan and hybrid option, but they will get even more games and prizes on the already truckload of amenities that this vehicle has to offer.

“Mopar offers more than 85 quality-tested, factory-backed accessories across Chrysler brand’s award-winning minivan lineup,” said Mark Bosanac, North America Vice President, Mopar Service, Parts & Customer Care. “From roof racks to pet kennels, Mopar offers even more innovative storage options for the new, redesigned Chrysler Pacifica.”

 Underneath, we’ve listed all of Mopar’s accessories that are available not just on the Pacifica but the entry-level Voyager, as well as the price of the accessories, and why they are worth getting excited about.

Rooftop Cargo Boxes

Cost: 13 cubic feet capacity, $565 | 14 cu. ft. capacity, $490 | 17 cu. ft. capacity, $595

It matters very little of the weather condition that you face, as the rooftop cargo boxes are tough, lockage, and even have thermoplastic carriers to aid in keeping your cargo dry. Each box encompasses a gas-cylinder opening system, enabling the lid to open and close. Designed to withstand powerful gusts of wind coming its way, these seek boxes can face just about anything. Use with crossbars and/or side rails (sold separately).

Rooftop Cargo Bags

Cost: 11 cu. ft. capacity, $148 | 16 cu. ft. capacity, $225

Black nylon and flexuous cargo bags are also stormproof, and although the Pacifica has plenty of room, this also provides additional storage space. 

With each cargo bag, you’ll find a concealed zipper opening, lined seams, and sewn-in tie-down straps. Like the boxes, you’ll also need to use crossbars and/or side rails (sold separately).

Ski and Snowboard Carrier 

Cost: $255

For those who are interested in hitting the slopes, this carrier makes the transportation of skiing equipment incredibly convenient. This holder can support up to six sets of skis, four snowboards, or a mixture of both. The carrier has a silver anodized aluminum build and fixed locks that open up from either side to make loading and unloading as seamless as possible. Simply make a separate purchase of crossbars and/or side rails for use.

Upright Bike Carrier 

Cost: $200

The automatic self-adjusting jawbones aids in securing clamming without fail, each and every time. This carrier mounts to the automaker’s Stow ‘n Place Roof Rack Kit or Mopar Roof Rack Kit (sold separately for $410).

Fork-Mount Bike Carrier 

Cost: $175

This bike carrier features a toughened front piece the merges aerodynamics, stability, and style. It also mounts to the Stow ‘n Place Roof Rack Kit or Mopar Roof Rack Kit (sold separately for $410).

Pet Kennel 

Cost: $190

Keep your furry ones safe and secure with Chrysler’s soft-sided portable kennel. This little house is made to be foldaway and stored when not in use.

Stow ‘n Go Cargo Bins

Cost: $139 

This pair of two black bins allows for more storage options from underneath the floor of the second row. These bins are removable and easy to transport, as well as washable.

Foldable Cooler

Cost: $41.25

Another cool portable accessory is the Chrysler-branded cooler. This lightweight freezer has handles and doesn’t have an issue with fitting into most storage spaces.

All-Weather Floor Mats

Cost: Gas and PHEV model, $260

No matter what season, Chrysler’s floor mats provide the utmost protection of your carpet flooring. The mat set is constructed to be molded according to its 5-piece arrangement. They also have ribs that have the ability to capture any debris like snow, mud, or dirt.

Media Screen Protector Film 

Cost: 7-inch, $20 | 8.4-inch, $20 | 10.1-inch, $25 

This scratch-proof and anti-glare protective film keeps fingerprints and blemishes at a minimum and also helps with increasing clarity. Best of all, this added layer doesn’t affect the sensitivity of the touchscreen. It’s also easy to remove and doesn’t cause any damage.

Roadside safety kit

Cost: $116

Last but not least, the roadside safety kit has everything you need for emergencies, such as a flashlight, fleece blanket, six-gauge jumper cables, safety triangle, pliers, gloves, flathead, and Phillips-head screwdrivers, and two bungee cords.

Miami Lakes Chrysler

As great as these accessories are, none of them can compare to the Pacifica itself. Miami Lakes Automall is currently selling the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica minivan, with the lowest price currently going around $25,000, (plus destination fee). Those who are interested in this vehicle or any of our other models can simply view our online new car inventory and chat with a representative for further assistance.

Photo Source: Stellantis Media

The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Gets Some Affection From Car Connection


Best Minivan To Buy For 2021

For the Chrysler Pacifica, the new year is already providing good omens, as car reviewer site, The Car Connection, has recently named the multi-award-winning vehicle as its Best Minivan To Buy for 2021, and for the fifth consecutive year. The family-friendly car was praised for its skillfulness, roominess, elegance, standard features, and top-ranking usefulness compared to other SUVs. Time and time again, the Pacifica proves itself to be a master at practicality, and even more so now that it has all-wheel-drive.

Contrasting previous years, the Pacifica was in a tight race for the spot as top dog in its segment with the 2021 Toyota Sienna. Its competitor added some special brownie points as it became a standard hybrid having the ability to reach 35 mpg combined with all-wheel-drive. However, the Pacifica still outranked its rival since its styling is far more charming, the interior is more refined, has its highlighting Stow ‘n Go second-row seats that fold into the floor, and finally took the cake with a TCC Rating of 7.2 out of 10 against Sienna’s 6.8.

The 2021 Pacifica stands out among other minivans and crossover SUVs with its sleek and lustrous finish. The front nose slopes down to its striking grille and LED daytime running lights. Opting for the available 20-inch wheels and fully-black styling makes creates a level of intensity that is absolutely memorizing.

After opening up those cool sliding doors, the cabin immediately welcomes you with its Nappa leather upholstery. Other nifties you’ll be sure to enjoy include its user-friendly controls, comprehensive infotainment, power front seats, and various storage cubbies.

The rolling lodge can accommodate up to eight people, but that’s if one opts for a model with a 3-person bench as opposed to second-row captain’s chairs. Additionally, the car has a generous 140.5 cubic feet of space with all the seats folded flat and 32.3 when they’re all up.

Selecting all-wheel-drive requires you to cough up $2,995. Contrasting from the Sienna, which has a standard fuel-draining hybrid, the Pacifica’s plug-in hybrid powertrain can get up to 32 miles on electricity alone and has 30 mpg when it switches to its gas power. Regular Pacifica’s still makes use of a highly effective 3.6-liter V-6 that gets up to 287 horsepower, it also has a 9-speed automatic transmission.

Those who are hoping to save a pretty penny won’t miss out on too much for selecting the base Touring trim, this car is known to have one of the most standard features in the automotive industry. Fun gadgets and gizmos include a 10.1-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto/Amazon Alexa compatibility and excellent natural voice commands. At the same time, owners are kept protected with safety features like automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind-spot monitors, adaptive cruise control, and active lane control.

However, for those who prioritize experience, the high-tier Pinnacle model adds quilted Nappa leather upholstery, heated and cooled front seats, a power-folding third-row bench, built-in seatback video screens and DVD player, media hubs with USB ports, 18-speaker Harman Kardon sound system, panoramic sunroof, and far more.

The 2021 Pacifica’s well-crafted design and quality features make it a must have for families. It’s no wonder why it’s Car Connection’s pick as this year’s Best Minivan To Buy.

Miami Lakes Chrysler

Miami Lakes Automall is currently selling the soccer-momtastic minivan for around $40,000, (plus destination fee). Those who are interested in this family-friendly vehicle or any other vehicles from the brand can simply view our online new car inventory and chat with a representative for further assistance.

Photo Source/Copyright: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US Media

Actress Kathryn Hahn Becomes A Game Show Host As Part Of A New Marketing Campaign For The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid


Actress Kathryn Hahn (known for Bad Moms and We’re The Millers) is back at it again for her partnership with the Chrysler brand, specifically for an advertising campaign for their Pacifica Hybrid van. Covering television, digital and social media, as well as the minivan-famous company’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, the message “Drive a Hybrid” shows Hahn as a less than enthused game show host quizzing contestants on the perks of driving the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.

“The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is the only plug-in hybrid minivan on the market, and our “Drive a Hybrid” campaign featuring Kathryn Hahn is a fresh and engaging way to educate people about the benefits of hybrid ownership,” said Marissa Hunter, Head of Marketing, FCA – North America. “With this campaign, we take a direct and light-hearted approach to giving our audiences answers to some of the most asked questions about hybrid ownership, in a way that is unique to the Pacifica Hybrid and to Kathryn’s comedic talents.” 

The new video advertisement titled “Game Show,” shows 30 seconds of Hahn as the questioner in a more of an interrogatory sort of platform rather than inquisitive. As she asks contestants in a matter-of-fact manner “why don’t you drive a hybrid?” Each participant gives unsatisfactory answers as they respond with inaccurate facts and assumptions about the hybrid vehicle. Hahn quickly debunks their notions and explains the large list of features on the eco-friendly minivan and why there is no reason one shouldn’t become an owner.

“I got to realize my dream of being a game show host AND help customers realize the many benefits of owning a hybrid vehicle,” said Kathryn Hahn.

Hahn has worked with Chrysler many times before, especially around June of this year for their social distance campaign.  The video titled “Pacifica Mom on Quarantine” showed the comedian actress making an unusual getaway from her kids in the Pacifica car as she explains relatable confessions of her life as a mom while in Quarantine. 

What was more fascinating was the real-life effort of the automotive brand to social distance practices. These actions involved having only two crew members present on the Los Angeles set, Hahn filming her skit via a remote feed within the featured car, and the use of camera framing to film necessary scenes. 

“Given our production’s top priority was to ensure the health and safety of all involved during the one-day production, we filmed entirely on an iPhone equipped with a remote feed inside the Chrysler Pacifica, and Kathryn worked on set with a small crew of two and relied on a tablet inside the vehicle to allow for directional feedback.” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, FCA.

The Chrysler company also created the campaign as part of their collaboration with Michigan-based agency Doner.

Clearly, the automotive brand still lives up to its reputation for concentrating on putting the safety of others first, and this especially true in regards to its plethora of useful features in the Pacifica.

Miami Lakes Automall is selling 2021 Chrysler Pacifica for just around $40,000, (plus destination fee). Those who are interested in any of these family-friendly models can simply view our online new car inventory and chat with a representative for further assistance.

Photo Source/Copyright: FCA US Media