A Look At Chrysler’s Halcyon Concept

April 19th, 2024 by


Chrysler’s futuristic Halcyon concept has made its rounds sparking both curiosity and fascination. While still a distant idea planned for the future, the electric luxury sedan is laying the groundwork for Chrysler’s future lineup. After bidding farewell to the iconic Chrysler 300, Chrysler is looking toward its next revolutionary model. The Halcyon aims to combine Chrysler’s latest technology with an ambitious and innovative design. The automaker plans to transition toward a fully electric lineup by 2028 so this potential model gives consumers an idea of what to expect. We’ll take a closer look at the prototype and see what consumers can expect from Chrysler’s vision. 

Halcyon Concept Could Redefine Sedan Segment

The Halcyon concept aims to pave the way for Chrysler’s next vision. Dedicated to sustainable mobility solutions, Chrysler hopes to incorporate its latest technology into an immersive user experience. With advanced platforms like STLA Brain, STLA Cockpit, and STLA AutoDrive, Chrysler will offer owners a seamless and connected experience unlike any other. These technologies will work alongside the automaker’s bodywork frames like STLA Large, STLA Medium, and STLA Small. By 2028, Chrysler hopes to offer a wide range of EVs and hybrids created using its new framework and technology.

As for the Halcyon itself, the concept sedan blends an aerodynamic design with advanced features like autonomous driving. The technology is still a work in progress but given enough time, Chrysler hopes to reinvent the driving experience. The Halcyon features a low-body design with wide-open coach doors that open alongside roof-mounted panels. The lack of B-pillars creates an open, airy atmosphere that complements the bucket seats. In the rear, the bottom portion of the seat can retract providing additional storage space. Looking at the Halcyon, it’s safe to say the luxury sedan can comfortably fit four. 

For its infotainment system, the Halcyon concept features a see-through display that spans the length of the dashboard. With the expectation that the luxury sedan will feature self-driving, owners will be able to retract the Halcyon’s steering wheel to provide more legroom. A separate display installed in the center console will also be available along with an AI voice assistant. Adding to the wow factor is an augmented reality display on the windshield and roof for drivers and passengers to enjoy while utilizing the car’s autonomous functions. The Halcyon pushes the boundary of possibility, but the question is whether Chrysler can make it a reality. 2028 is still several years away so for now, we’ll be paying close attention to Chrysler and its Halcyon concept. 


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