A Look Inside The 2021 Chrysler Voyager

Last year, Chrysler a.k.a the minivan company, released its Pacifica-like Voyager model to the dealerships. This entry-level car gets its power from a V6 engine and is accommodating for seven people. For 2021, this vehicle has pretty much mirrored the same specifications except the safety features which have gone through various improvements with gadgets like optional driver assistance with radar and camera sensors

The automaker is offering its Voyager in three different trims, specifically the L, LX, and LXI, which of course, vary in features and prices. Let’s explore more about what this mini-genius has to offer.

Roomy Interior and Ample Cargo

Inward, it’s obvious that the Voyager was made ultimate convenience, as only components that were deemed necessary are included. This concept still applies to the car’s simplistic makeup and uncostliness. The L trim seats seven passengers, but the LX and LXI can make room for 8. The vehicle has a three-row seating arrangement configuration, with more than enough legroom in each area. The front row has a measurement of 40.1 inches of headroom and 41.1 inches of legroom, the middle row has 39.6 and 39 inches, while the third row has 38.7 and 36.5 inches.

The Voyager isn’t just adept in space for its occupants, it’s just as accommodating for their luggage and other items, both big or small. The second row has in-floor storage bins for holding small-scale items. Then, cargo space for the minivan amounts to a total of 140.5 cubic-feet, with 32.3 cubic-feet with the seats up. The LXI trim is geared with the brand’s signature Stow N Go feature, which makes way for bucket seats in the second row and bench seats in the third row to fold for extra cargo room. The driver seat is also powered by an 8-way power adjustment as well as four-way lumbar support. The L model is a bit higher than the LX model, the upholstery encompasses high-quality cloth material, while the LXI Ultra Tex leatherette is found on the seats.

The infotainment system located in the central dashboard is user friendly and virtually seamless. It also comes with a 7-inch touchscreen display that is the hub for the Uconnect 4 system. The infotainment can be controlled through either voice commands or switches. Surplus features involve Bluetooth audio streaming, replying via voice-to-text, and auxiliary USB ports. Additionally, the LX model features a SiriusXM satellite radio, and buyers can even install a DVD player overhead. 

Progressive Safety Features

Although the 2021 Voyager is quite affordable, it acts very expensive. Starting with the safety features, the carmaker has included Blind Spot Monitoring System that alerts drivers about vehicles in blind spots and also has a Rear Cross Path Detection system that alerts drivers if there is an incoming vehicle while they are backing out.

The reason why there is truly nothing like the Voyager is because of its perfect blend of affordability and family-centered features. The L trim has a starting price of $27,860, plus destination fee), the LX trim has a starting price of $30,570, (plus destination fee), and the LXI has a starting price of $33,245, (plus destination fee). One should know that rivals on the market, such as the Kia Sedona, Honda Odyssey, and Chevrolet Express Passenger have a higher starting price ranging from $30,400 to 47,820.

Miami Lakes Chrysler

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The Stellantis Company Has A Promising Future With Its 4 New Electric Platforms

Chrysler’s parent company, Stellantis (sometimes known as STLA) is finally showing what it’s truly made of with its new and improved electrified future. Earlier this month (July 8), the multinational automotive manufacturing corporation provided a great deal of information regarding its new electric vehicle platforms that inclusively are dubbed STLA or “Stella”. In total, there are four platforms, each of which will serve specified vehicles to make sure that the company does well at covering its bases.

From the least to the greatest, the Stellantis company put together STLA Small, STLA Medium, STLA Large, and STLA Frame. Fortunately, these monikers will make out what kinds of electric vehicles the platforms will uphold in the future. STLA will take care of “efficient city mobility,” while STLA Medium will be responsible for “premium vehicles.” Then, STLA Large is might be the most intriguing platform, as it is focused on “All-wheel drive performance and American muscle.” Certainly, all of these platforms will act as the support system for the highly anticipated electric muscle car from Dodge arriving in a few years. Lastly, the STLA Frame will bear future body-on-frame vehicles, like the 2024 Ram electric pickup truck. The other three platforms differ from their unibody framework.

The car company says that the plans for these platforms are for the house industry-leading battery mechanics, and the automaker even wants to start looking into solid-state battery technologies to that end, which is considered the best of the best of EV batteries. For the time being, Stellantis is expecting that ranges will reach up to 500 miles on a single change in the Large and Frame platforms. Additionally, there should be 440 miles for STLA Medium, while the Small architecture may range in 300 miles. Battery packs will have over 200 kilowatts of spirited hours in vehicles still piggybacking on STLA Frame. It’s also worth noting that this energy decreases the smaller the vehicles are, specifically as little as 37 kWh for vehicles on STLA Small.

Carlos Tavares, CEO of the Stellantis company, said during EV Day that the company is aiming for five “gigafactories” to back European and North American production of its future electrics with an astounding $35 billion investment in the next five years. It’s been predicted that 98% of the vehicles sold in the U.S. will have some sort of electrified upgrade by 2025. It’s also being predicted that the first new electric vehicles from Dodge, Ram, Jeep and Chrysler will arrive at dealerships in the next three to five years. Essentially, the automaker thinks its cars will reach arrive at a cost with the internal combustion engine by 2026, 

“This is a wonderful opportunity to reset the clock and start a new race,” commented Taveres regarding the current state of the automotive industry. We love to compete” and the car company is in “full execution mode” to see its transition to electrics through.

Miami Lakes Chrysler

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Chrysler May Reinvent The Wheel With Its New EV Concept

Chrysler’s EV Concept

Those who follow the heavily-branded minivan company, Chrysler, know that despite its popularity with the Pacifica, the company as a whole still isn’t doing as well as it should. If you look at the company’s website, you’ll see that it sells the Chrysler Pacifica, the (entry-level Pacifica) Chrysler Voyager, and the old-timer Chrysler Voyager. Lately, the brand is struggling to capture the hearts and wallets of the public, but in spite of this, the parent company, Stellantis is giving it another decade to reinvent itself and show that it’s still worth keeping around. It’s been said by the global multi-layered company that it’s eager to aid Chrysler to see success and a successful future, while many of the automaker’s previous concept cars haven’t ever become more than that. However, seeing that Stellantis is now flaunting a new Chrysler EV concept that almost appears that it’s ready to hit the streets and zoom across the freeways, its bad luck could change. 

The concept was revealed to the public during Stellantis’s online event, dubbed “EV Day”, and details were few and far between,  but it was also introduced while Ralph Gilles, head of design, was discussing the company’s new vehicle architecture strategy, and suggested that constructing a new Chrysler wouldn’t pose as much as a challenge with modular EV platforms. The headlights are very slender and almost mirror Tesla’s, but apart from that and the LED light bar that is fully wide in the grille, this vehicle looks like it’s set to get dolled up in production with naturalistic wheels and door mirrors. From the exterior, the unusually patterned tires are the only real hint that this is a concept for the meantime.

Inhouse, there are screens here, there, and everywhere. A touch screen hides in the back of the driver’s seat and front passenger’s, while the driver’s seatmate gets a display of their own, this is an addition to the central dashboard getting its own touchscreen. As we discussed before, had it not been for the square-shaped twin-spoke steering wheel and slender headrests, this rolling lodge could act as a new production vehicle. Elements such as a panoramic glass roof, brilliant use of ambient lighting accents, and materials that look posh, the possibility of Chrysler being able to re-establish itself as a luxury brand may turn out to be more than we ever expected. Apart from that, we can determine that the concept will likely have a range reaching up to 500 miles seeing how Stellantis suggested that it’s derived upon the new STLA Large EV platform.

The truth is right in front of us, this concept looks to be ready for production and its appearance on the market would certainly allow Chrysler to establish itself in the luxury EV segment. We have high hopes that it will make its way to dealership lots soon enough.

Miami Lakes Chrysler

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The Stellantis Company Is Finally Getting Its First EV Plant

Stellantis EV Plant

The Stellantis company, which was recently formed due to the merging of FCA and PSA, won’t have to wait too long for the production base reserved solely for electric vehicles, following the footsteps of other European car manufacturers that have made moves in setting up production hubs reserved for battery-EVs. The car company aims to commit its factory in the UK’s Ellesmere Port to electric LCVs (light commercial vehicles) along with passenger electrics. This plant is meant to construct models under the following brands: Opel, Vauxhall, Citroën, and Peugeot.

The car maker intends to invest £100 million ($138 million) in the facility with the first models scheduled to leave the factory later in 2021, with versions for passenger and commercial vehicles on the way. The plant will also get a new body shop, an on-site battery-pack assembly facility, and an augmented general assembly. Additionally, the plant is expected to become carbon-neutral by the middle of the current decade.

“Performance is always the trigger for sustainability, and this £100million investment demonstrates our commitment to the UK and to Ellesmere Port,” said Carlos Tavares, CEO at Stellantis. “I particularly want to thank our highly skilled, dedicated workforce for their patience and contribution; we never let them down. Equally, I want to thank our partners the Unite Union for their open mind set and strong cooperation and, of course, the UK government for their continued support. Producing battery electric vehicles here will support clean, safe, and affordable mobility for the citizens. Since 1903 Vauxhall has manufactured vehicles in Britain and we will continue to do so.”

Stellantis is set to turn to more of PSA’s recent architecture, so it’s certainly plausible that we see varieties of electric models from PSA stateside in the years to come. This is because there are no actual battery-electric offerings from FCA on the automotive consciousness for the time being, while PSA has an expanding lineup of battery-electrics from Peugeot and Citroën. The European part of FCA’s lineup is aimed to benefit from the technologies of the EV rolled out by the two French automakers, with a good deal of models coming to dealership lots soon.

In regards to light commercial vehicles, the Ellesmere Port plant will assemble battery-electric editions of the Opel and Vauxhall Combo-e and its passenger variant, along with the Citroën e-Berlingo, as well as its passenger version, and the Peugeot e-Partner with a passenger model of its own.

The plant, which was launched in 1962, manufactured Vauxhall and Opel vehicles in the early days under the ownership of General Motors, beginning with the Vauxhall Viva in 1964, and was obtained by French automaker PSA only a few years ago alongside the two closely knit brands. Vauxhall itself reaches all the way back to 1903, while Opel is even more ancient and has been owned by General Motors since the late 1920s, making a few showings stateside, while Vauxhall got a bit of limelight in Canada in the previous decades. Opel had been matched closely with Vauxhall for nearly all of its tenure with General Motors, until both were brought on by PSA in 2017.

Miami Lakes Chrysler

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Everything There Is To Know About The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

The Chrysler company has given its family-centered Pacifica minivan a complete refashioning for the 2021 model year. Starting things off with a fresh exterior design that resembles a bit more like an SUV rather than a big ol’ station wagon. Other exterior features like the grille, lighting elements, rear liftgate, and styling on the wheels have also been given revisions of their own. There is also an available all-wheel-drive system. In the same way, some of the older models will have this driving mechanism as an option. In any case, the most considerable change will come from the mechanics. On top of this, the Pacifica’s hybrid powertrain makes moves on the city streets, and shows no signs of slowing down.

The Electric Drive

The Pacifica Hybrid keeps its 3.6-liter V6 but fuses it with dual electric motors. The engine also pairs with a 9-speed automatic ZF transmission. The vehicle produces a total output of 260 horsepower. Owing to the electric motors backed by 16-kWh lithium-ion battery, the total power output reaches up to an excellent 287 horsepower. The almost-SUV can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, and it’s because of these figures, the minivan outranks its predecessor in terms of its speed. Luckily, the eco-friendly makeup of the car doesn’t require that it skimps out of its power.

The Hybrid SUV also prospers with its fuel economy number, as has 30 mpg for the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and then 82 MPe for the highway combined fuel economy. This Chrysler can journey up to 32 miles on electricity alone, before the gasoline engine kicks, providing a total range of 520 miles. However, the automaker has mentioned that these numbers can change with factors like the temperature and humidity levels affecting the numerous aspects of the car.

Convenient Design

From the inside-out, the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid flaunts a new look. From the nose, the grille is enlarged, with the remolded LED headlights including more of a boxy-shaped appearance. The square air inlet slides down a bit and spaced out to make the whole front area appear even boxier, muscular, and even proportional. Then the rear, the taillight extends from edge to edge.

The only downside is that this particular hybrid model is a 7-seater rather than an 8-seater, nevertheless, the vehicle remains one of the most spacious that you’ve ever been in, making it a no-brainer for families. The cargo space also doesn’t disappoint with 32.3 cubic-feet with the seats up and 87.5 the last row down, then even more so with 140.5 cubic-feet with the chairs in the second row collapsed. Moreover, the car has plenty of compartments to work with, including a new one under the center console.

In spite of the extra weight with 7 passengers and cargo, the 121.6-inch wheelbase makes the Pacifica easy to control. The adjustable strut and trailer trailing-arm suspensions at the front and rear wheels further enhance the stability.

Ultra Modern Interior Tech Features

Believe it or not, the interior is much more than its comfort or even its cargo, as it’s well-equipped with a plethora of upscale safety and entertainment technologies. A few fan-favorites include the newest Uconnect 5 infotainment system with restyled 10.1-inch screen. This system has the ability to receive over-the-air updates and has wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

In truth, most of the in-car features can run wirelessly, alongside with Wi-Fi hotspot that adds just a bit more comfort and convenience in the cabin. What’s more, there are 12 USB ports to work with, as well as various C-type ports that have quicker charging times.

Altogether, the Pacifica styling, spaciousness, comfort, and high-tech features make it even more desirable than an SUV, especially with its eco-friendly powertrain. You can get all of these fancy features at the lowest price of $35,045, (plus destination fee). 

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