The Best Guide To Finding Your Ideal Electric Ride


The appeal of electric vehicles is at an all-time high. With the growing push and even enforcement in some countries for businesses to lower their emission levels, many automakers are restructuring their platforms towards fully electric cars. 

On the other hand, there are still plenty of skeptics, particularly in North America over concerns regarding cost, choice, and charging. If you’re a newbie in electric car shopping, the process may seem a bit daunting at first. Here are some tips and tricks to help you understand the right vehicle for you.

Determine What You’re Looking For

Electric vehicles can be fun to drive and don’t necessitate nearly as much maintenance as a gasoline-powered car nor produce as many emissions. However, even in knowing that you want an electric car, it can still be daunting to know which one to choose from. 

“Is it basic transportation? Or is it an expression of yourself and your personality?” said Matt DeLorenzo, senior managing editor for Kelley Blue Book. “Cars are a statement about their buyers. If they weren’t, there wouldn’t be a Mercedes.”

Gasoline or not, cars a statement for anyone, it could be for status and style like with Mercedes-Benz or Tesla or it could be centered around affordability.  Those who prefer luxury EVs will likely involve more avant-garde technologies, but realistically, the general public will prefer more bargain-friendly brands. To put into perspective, non-luxury brands like Nissan typically start their EVs around $30,000, (plus destination fee), while brands like Mercedes-Benz may start around $100,000, (plus destination fee).

Figure Out How and Where You Will Charge

Those who make the first switch towards an electric should first determine the location of where their main charging location will be. For most people, the ideal place is in the comfort of their own home, however, since the newer cars and trucks will have the ability to drive on 200 miles or more with a single charge, some may choose to “refuel” as needed while at work or a public charging station. 

It is worth noting that charging an electric vehicle at home will take much slower…like close to 24 hours slow just to reach a full charge. It is for this reason that many buyers choose available 240-volt outlets, like the ones used by large kitchen appliances, which would usually require hiring an electrician to do the installation.

“You’re basically installing something unique for the electric car — there is a cost associated with that,” said Alistair Weaver, editor in chief of

Another factor to consider is how outside conditions could affect the range of the vehicle, for instance, cold weather can significantly cut down a vehicle’s scope. Nevertheless, while range anxiety is real, experts say that it’s often overblown. According to Jake Fisher, senior director of auto testing for Consumer Reports, many owners of electrics don’t even charge their cars on a daily basis simply because they don’t need to.

Understand What You Can Afford

Yes, believe it or not, it is possible for the average consumer to afford an electric car. While it is true that gasoline vehicles are cheaper, keep in mind that EVs, federal and state breaks, utility grants, among other savings can help to counteract the price.

With electric vehicles, the federal government offers a $7,500 tax credit. Though it doesn’t offer it as much for Tesla’s or GM’s, it is still available for many other brands, such as the Pacifica Hybrid. A new 2021 minivan has a starting price of $40,620, (plus destination fee) but after the federal tax credit, this can drop down to around 33,000. On top of this, states, cities, and some companies even offer incentives for companies for buying EVs or installing chargers at home.

What’s more, it’s cheaper to own an electric car. According to Consumer Reports, the average EV owner will spend 60 percent less to charge their car, no matter if it’s a sedan, truck, or an SUV. Moreover, these types of drivers will spend far less on repairs and maintenance, especially since no oil changes will be needed.

If you’re really looking for a deal, buying a pre-owned EV is an option. However, as with any used car, make sure to make a personal assessment such as the quality of the battery. It could also be a great choice for a second car for short errands or trips.

Consider A Plug-In

With all of that said, fully electric vehicles may not be for everyone…at least not yet. Fisher said it best when he commented “If you’re interested but not really sure you want to commit, these plug-in hybrids are kind of a gateway,”

Many electric vehicles aren’t suitable enough to meet the needs of families, such as not having enough rows or space for equipment. Also, some individuals may not be able to easily charge at or near their hopes. This is another reason why Fisher recommends a plug-in.

Miami Lakes Chrysler

Speaking of plug-ins, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan has the ability to run on 32 miles on a full charge before switching to the gasoline engine. It would work great for those who want to go on long-distance trips without worrying whether or not their charging stations are nearby.

Miami Lakes Automall is selling the stellar 2021 Pacifica minivan in different trims and at different prices. Those who are interested in any of our models can simply view our online new car inventory and chat with a representative for further assistance.

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2021 Chrysler Pacifica Pinnacle Review


The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica is the embodiment of everything you could possibly need in a minivan and more with its posh design, incredibly spacious interior, a comfortable ride and highly capable all-wheel-drive system. 

The fairest of them all is the Pacifica Pinnacle, which involves most of the features that you would get on lesser trims as a standard, it’s also more advanced in its technologies and a bit in its design. This is no SUV, but we dare to say it’s no minivan either.


Starting off, the latest and greatest Pacifica can easily be confused for an SUV because of its incredibly refined and sleek style. This is especially true on the Pinnacle trim that 2 pairs of 20-inch kicks.

The Pacifica Pinnacle model comes exclusively with deluxe caramel pleated leather in each of its three rows, with second-row captain’s chairs having correspondent loose lumbar cushions. It’s also worth noting that the seats in the middle-row are bigger than in the lesser models, however, it is because of this that the brand-famous Stow ‘n Go feature doesn’t apply.

Front-seat passengers will also enjoy their 8-way seat adjustment chair, while drivers will appreciate the lumbar support. The 10-inch touchscreen is very user-friendly, and can even be used to activate the seat heaters. There are also some buttons and knobs like the HVAC controls and rotary knob for the gear selector.


Driving this year’s Pacifica can prove to be quite tranquil, as the minivan is incredibly composed and has a natural steering feel, and this is regardless of driving straight or making sharp turns. At the same time, it somehow manages to engage those who have a preference for a more energetic drive. It has a vigorous throttle response and a powerful delivery than most would expect from a car from this class. Even though it’s technically not the quickest minivan out there, it still commands respect with its AWD, especially when tackling slippery surfaces from difficult weather conditions.


Chrysler’s newest Uconnect 5 infotainment systems has a slew of exciting features, such as Amazon Alexa functionality, over-the-air updates, 4G LTE hotspot, wireless CarPlay and Android Auto, and the FamCAM interior camera. Other available features encompass a rear-seat touch-screen entertainment system with built-in games and a built-in vacuum cleaner. On top of this, it has technologies geared to keep drivers and pedestrians safe, like forward-collision mitigation with emergency braking and pedestrian detection, blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, and a premium Safety Sphere Group.


One advantage that minivans have over SUVs is their low flooring, the same rings true with the Pacifica, and this is despite the recent addition of AWD. As previously mentioned, the Pinnacle trim does not have the highlighting Stow ‘n Go feature, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t hold its own when it comes to maximizing cargo space. With the simple touch of a button, the third row can still be powered up or down. When the seats are up, the amount of cargo volume is at a solid 32.3 cubic feet of space, but when the seats are down, this quickly maximizes to 140.5 cubic feet, which no SUV can even come close to. Though competitors offer similar numbers, it requires taking the seats out. 

Moreover, the tow rating is 3,600 lbs (1,633 kg), which is 220 lbs (100 kg) more than rivals like the Odyssey, Sienna, and Kia Sedona.

Miami Lakes Chrysler

Miami Lakes Automall has an incredible selection of Chrysler vehicles, including that of the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica. Those who are interested in this high-tier minivan or any of our other models can check out all that we have to offer on our website and search in our new car inventory. Once you find something that feeds your fancy, you can chat with one of our online representatives for further assistance.

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Chrysler Pacifica Is Crowned Winner For AutoGuide’s Family Vehicle of the Year for 2021


AutoGuide’s 2021 Family Vehicle of The Year

Car reviewer site, AutoGuide, recently gave the Chrysler Pacifica the honor of naming it as its 2021 Family Vehicle of the Year. This award is just one of many that this minivan has received throughout its short reign on the automotive market and only helps to maintain its status as the most awarded vehicle in its segment over the last five years.

The team at AutoGuide tested over 100 new 2021 models and assessed 34 finalists in six categories based on various capabilities, value, inventiveness, practicality, technology, safety, and more. The main theme in their judging criteria was “fitness for purpose”. The chosen vehicles didn’t just shine in their particular category, they raised the game in terms of what should be expected in a vehicle far beyond their own segment.

Additionally, judges at AutoGuide proclaimed that the Pacifica’s blend of practicality, safety, space, and style was unmatched, and edged it ahead of the other contenders.

“The Pacifica is the latest evolution of the origins of the species. This made-in-Canada people-mover carries the spirit of the original Caravan, loaded with practical, family-friendly features,” remarked AutoGuide Editor Kyle Patrick.

Contributing writer Matthew Guy, added this: “It invented the segment and continues to do so by offering (features) like Stow ‘N Go seating even on the all-wheel-drive model when its competitors can’t even figure out how to make their middle row of seats disappear.”

“All-wheel drive returned to the Pacifica menu this year, giving the Pacifica added foul-weather capability,” said Patrick. “Chrysler also added a lux Pinnacle model this year, which dials up the interior ambiance with creamy caramel leather. This year’s update also introduced a revised Uconnect 5 system. This 10.1-inch infotainment system builds on one of our favorite examples in the market, with crisper graphics, quicker responses, and the ability to create multiple user profiles.”

The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica is has been and continues to be unbeatable with its number of family-oriented features and technologies that encompass:

  • The brand new FamCAM technology is an interior camera that makes it possible for parents to monitor and even zoom in on their child or children in the rear, without even having to turn around.
  • Uconnect Theatre has built-in games and available Wi-Fi to keep their children from asking the dreaded “Are We There Yet” question…Speaking of which, this technology happens to have a game of the same moniker, as well as others like Concentration, chess, Chrysler Says, and backgammon.
  • The latest Uconnect 5 system offers a highlighting 10.1-inch touchscreen, the largest standard touchscreen in its class, along with (many more) connected services and excitements.
  • New and unique to its segment are USB Type C ports that charge devices up to four times faster than standard USB outlets, ensuring that each and every family member stays connected.
  • This vehicle continues to have more standard and available safety features than any vehicle in the automotive universe.
  • The Pacifica has available new all-wheel drive (AWD) to help tackle various types of weather conditions. Then in-house, the car has the fan-favorite Stow ‘n Go seat, which are second-row in-flow storage bins to aid in extra space for small items like toys, sports equipment, school supplies, and more.
  • Finally, the Stow ‘n Vac is the perfect solution for dealing with messes from the tiny-tots, as this small vacuum easily picks up dirt and debris. 

Miami Lakes Chrysler

Don’t just take our word for it, come and see all that the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica has to offer. This rockstar minivan provides comfort and ease for both drivers and passengers alike. 

Miami Lakes Automall has a long list of different Chrysler models to meet and your family’s needs, so feel open to check out our new online car inventory and chat with an online representative for more assistance.

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