Mopar Releases A Slew Of New Accessories For The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica

Last week, Thursday (February, 11) Mopar, parts, service and customer care division, announced accessories for its new and improved 2021 Chrysler Pacifica. Not only do buyers get the rare benefit of having all-wheel-drive in their minivan and hybrid option, but they will get even more games and prizes on the already truckload of amenities that this vehicle has to offer.

“Mopar offers more than 85 quality-tested, factory-backed accessories across Chrysler brand’s award-winning minivan lineup,” said Mark Bosanac, North America Vice President, Mopar Service, Parts & Customer Care. “From roof racks to pet kennels, Mopar offers even more innovative storage options for the new, redesigned Chrysler Pacifica.”

 Underneath, we’ve listed all of Mopar’s accessories that are available not just on the Pacifica but the entry-level Voyager, as well as the price of the accessories, and why they are worth getting excited about.

Rooftop Cargo Boxes

Cost: 13 cubic feet capacity, $565 | 14 cu. ft. capacity, $490 | 17 cu. ft. capacity, $595

It matters very little of the weather condition that you face, as the rooftop cargo boxes are tough, lockage, and even have thermoplastic carriers to aid in keeping your cargo dry. Each box encompasses a gas-cylinder opening system, enabling the lid to open and close. Designed to withstand powerful gusts of wind coming its way, these seek boxes can face just about anything. Use with crossbars and/or side rails (sold separately).

Rooftop Cargo Bags

Cost: 11 cu. ft. capacity, $148 | 16 cu. ft. capacity, $225

Black nylon and flexuous cargo bags are also stormproof, and although the Pacifica has plenty of room, this also provides additional storage space. 

With each cargo bag, you’ll find a concealed zipper opening, lined seams, and sewn-in tie-down straps. Like the boxes, you’ll also need to use crossbars and/or side rails (sold separately).

Ski and Snowboard Carrier 

Cost: $255

For those who are interested in hitting the slopes, this carrier makes the transportation of skiing equipment incredibly convenient. This holder can support up to six sets of skis, four snowboards, or a mixture of both. The carrier has a silver anodized aluminum build and fixed locks that open up from either side to make loading and unloading as seamless as possible. Simply make a separate purchase of crossbars and/or side rails for use.

Upright Bike Carrier 

Cost: $200

The automatic self-adjusting jawbones aids in securing clamming without fail, each and every time. This carrier mounts to the automaker’s Stow ‘n Place Roof Rack Kit or Mopar Roof Rack Kit (sold separately for $410).

Fork-Mount Bike Carrier 

Cost: $175

This bike carrier features a toughened front piece the merges aerodynamics, stability, and style. It also mounts to the Stow ‘n Place Roof Rack Kit or Mopar Roof Rack Kit (sold separately for $410).

Pet Kennel 

Cost: $190

Keep your furry ones safe and secure with Chrysler’s soft-sided portable kennel. This little house is made to be foldaway and stored when not in use.

Stow ‘n Go Cargo Bins

Cost: $139 

This pair of two black bins allows for more storage options from underneath the floor of the second row. These bins are removable and easy to transport, as well as washable.

Foldable Cooler

Cost: $41.25

Another cool portable accessory is the Chrysler-branded cooler. This lightweight freezer has handles and doesn’t have an issue with fitting into most storage spaces.

All-Weather Floor Mats

Cost: Gas and PHEV model, $260

No matter what season, Chrysler’s floor mats provide the utmost protection of your carpet flooring. The mat set is constructed to be molded according to its 5-piece arrangement. They also have ribs that have the ability to capture any debris like snow, mud, or dirt.

Media Screen Protector Film 

Cost: 7-inch, $20 | 8.4-inch, $20 | 10.1-inch, $25 

This scratch-proof and anti-glare protective film keeps fingerprints and blemishes at a minimum and also helps with increasing clarity. Best of all, this added layer doesn’t affect the sensitivity of the touchscreen. It’s also easy to remove and doesn’t cause any damage.

Roadside safety kit

Cost: $116

Last but not least, the roadside safety kit has everything you need for emergencies, such as a flashlight, fleece blanket, six-gauge jumper cables, safety triangle, pliers, gloves, flathead, and Phillips-head screwdrivers, and two bungee cords.

Miami Lakes Chrysler

As great as these accessories are, none of them can compare to the Pacifica itself. Miami Lakes Automall is currently selling the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica minivan, with the lowest price currently going around $25,000, (plus destination fee). Those who are interested in this vehicle or any of our other models can simply view our online new car inventory and chat with a representative for further assistance.

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Fiat Chrysler and Archer Partner Up To Create A Vertical “Flying Car”


Fiat Chrysler and Archer Soar In Their Innovation Pursuits

In order to cut the cost of their electric “flying car,” Minivan-God” a.k.a Chrysler, is joining forces with air mobility company Archer. The automaker’s latest novel venture is better known as an eVTOL aircraft, which has the ability to take off and land vertically.

This agreement involves the Archer company getting access to Fiat Chrysler’s supply chain, high-grade composite material powers, engineering, and craftsmanship experience. So far, the duo has refused to release the financial impact of this alliance.

This aircraft is unlike regular helicopters or jets, which use a massive spinning rotor, as this Jetson car will use electric motors to activate rotating wings or smaller rotors. Since this setup will enable vertical takeoffs and landings, it can easily be compared to a drone…but far more advanced. Overall, the aircraft is intended to be used as air taxis, with the hopes of relieving road congestion.

According to Morgan Stanley, an investment banking company, the market for urban aircrafts could be worth as much as $1.5 trillion by the year 2040.

“Electrification within the transportation sector whether on roads or in the air is the future and with any new and rapidly developing technology, scale is important,” Doug Ostermann, Fiat Chrysler’s head of global business development, said in a statement. “Our partnership with Archer has mutual benefits and will enable innovative, environmentally friendly transportation solutions to be brought to market at an accelerated pace.”

The drone-like aircraft is aimed to carry those on board for 60 miles and at speed to 150 mph, also keeping noise at a minimum. Archer’s airship may be considered quite revolutionary since it’s figured to be the first manned-aircraft with a pilot. The unveiling of the avion, as well as its demonstration, is set for later this year. Following this will be an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certification by 2024, as claimed by the company’s co-founders and co-CEOs Brett Adcock and Adam Goldstein.

“For us, it’s a monumental point in time where we get to partner with a global powerhouse company that enables us to mass manufacture. It really enables us and gives us a lot of the credibility also that we need to be one of the major players in this space,” Goldstein told CNBC.  “We’re super excited about the relationship.”

Marc Lore, Walmart’s e-commerce chief and founder of the e-commerce company,, is Archer’s largest investor. Adcock and Goldstein, have also gotten in on the action, as they’ve built-up and sold an online recruiting marketplace for a bit over $100 million in 2018. In addition to this, Archer has funding from a number of others who have not been revealed. 

“As we think about this business for us, in order to achieve real scale, we have to manufacture our aircraft like the autos manufacture cars today,” Adcock said, referring to safety, mass manufacturing, and other similar attributes.

It’s worth noting that this venture is not a first for an automaker, as Hyundai announced plans to develop electric air taxis with Uber. Other companies like Joby and Wisk (supported by Boeing) have already established themselves. However, if Chrysler is as innovative as they are with their game-changing Pacifica minivan, then we are confident that they will be leading the pack.

Miami Lakes Chrysler

If you want to see some innovation a bit closer to the ground, be sure to check out Chrysler’s 2021 Pacifica minivan. This award-winning vehicle is known for having the latest technology, incredible comfort, and adaptability for families.

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