The Evolution of Chryslers’ Town and Country

1941 Town and Country

As the Chrysler Brand celebrates its 90th year in the automotive industry, lets take a look back throughout the years at one its most successful and celebrated vehicles, the Town and Country.  

From its humble beginnings in 1941 as the steel roofed family “woody wagon” to later becoming Chrysler’s very first minivan, the Town and Country has redefined how American families would travel for almost 75 years now.  

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The 2015 Award Winning Chrysler Town and Country

2015 Town and Country

As the Chrysler Brand celebrates its 90th year, the 2015 Town and Country continues to impress not only its makers, but its drivers and critics alike.

Winning a slew of awards and receiving numerous accolades, the Town and Country has given Chrysler a wonderful gift of continued success and outstanding stature.  

Let’s take a closer look at the 2015 Town and Country and see why your Chrysler dealership in Miami has been saluting this long lasting vehicle and brand name.    

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Most Iconic Chrysler Ad Campaigns


Founded as the Chrysler Corporation in the summer of 1925, Chrysler LLC has had nearly 100 years to perfect their car-selling strategy. Commercials and advertisements are obviously the most prevalent way to get in touch with potential car buyers, so Chrysler understandably has a catalogue full of ads from throughout the years. Among those commercials include cameos, Emmy-winning directing, and some pretty catchy jingles.

We’ve compiled some of the best of the best below. If you’re seeking a used Chrysler for sale, maybe the advertisements below will convince you of which nameplate you should be targeting…

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Why the Chrysler 200 is the Midsize Car of 2015

2015 Chrysler 200C and 2015 Chrysler 200S

2015 wasn’t exactly a banner year for midsize sedans.  (You remember midsize sedans, right?  The cars that aren’t crossovers.)  Sales in the SUV and CUV market have risen so dramatically it feels as though they have taken over the market.

Midsize CUVs have seen an increase of 3.6% from last years sales while midsize SUV’s saw a 23% increase.

This increase of sales in crossovers has unfortunately had a negative impact on the relatively small 16 vehicle midsize car segment.  Sales in this segment have dropped 3.4% from the same period last year.

These numbers mean that competition has become fierce. Miami Chrysler knows all about it.  However, among the competition, one sedan has stood out from its peers and has actually seen an increase in sales.

 The Chrysler 200 has been experiencing an unprecedented rise in sales.  

In just the first seven months of this year, the Chrysler 200 has seen a 128% rise in sales.  Given the competitive climate, why would only one car be experiencing this kind of growth?

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Should I Buy a Discontinued Car?


The Chrysler 300 SRT. The Chrysler 200 Sedan. The Jeep Compass and Patriot.

A number of popular vehicles have been discontinued over the years, and the retirements could be attributed to a variety of factors, whether it’s slumping sales or a company shakeup.

Considering how many cars are produced each year, it’s likely you’ll come across one discontinued vehicle during your search for a new car. While there are some car buyers who will swear off a discontinued vehicle completely, there’s no reason to not make the purchase, especially if the vehicle has caught your eye.

There must be a number of negative factors that accompany a discontinued vehicle, right? Not really. In fact, there can be more positive outcomes when opting for a retired vehicle. Before you head out to your local Miami Chrysler dealer, read our guide to see if you should be going with a discontinued car…

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